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  1. This immediately reminded me of the Peter Bellamy CD set "Wake the Vaulted Echoes" which is just like that. I don't think there is any video, but the sound files are RealAudio format! This is a well known story in the UK, but maybe not beyond. https://timharford.com/2023/11/cautionary-tales-laser-versus-parchment-doomsday-for-the-disc/
  2. Perhaps something is clearing your cookies. Some privacy addon or app? Is it a mobile device?
  3. For the past few years many browsers will not use the file:/// protocol, which means they cannot display a website on a local disk. Firefox is one. Is that what the problem is? There are several solutions - there may be a configuration switch, or use a different browser. You could also copy it to a webserver. Edit: I think that's wrong, I was thinking of browsers on mobile devices where I had this problem. I think PC browsers still allow file:/// Edit 2: It is html and does run in a browser - see the comments at the bottom of here.
  4. Indeed, Expecially as the pause icon is a 'media control symbol', understood to mean 'click or tap me to stop the video/sound'. From https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_control_symbols
  5. By 'background' I mean the tab is not in the foreground - you can't see it. Either it was opened in the background, or another tab was opened over it in the foreground. (You can configure new tabs from links to open in either; I'm not sure what the default is now.) A background tab can be active or inactive, depending what it's doing and other factors - eg memory. Here on Firefox for Android tabs can quickly become inactive. The community site says "When you have automatic polling turned on and the tab has been inactive for a while it shows the paused icon." "Yes, the icon indicates that the page is no longer polling for new notifications." If not push alerts, what are these notifications?
  6. So this happens if - you have push notifications on in your c.net account settings (I don't) - you have allowed notifications for c.net in the browser (I haven't) - you background the tab(s) Is that right? That screenshot on the community site is not Firefox, so presumably any browser.
  7. If you right-click on that tab, is there a relevant option - eg Play - which toggles it? If not, can you play something in that tab - eg a YT video - and see if that makes any tab controls operable. You have 2 c.net tabs on your screenshot. What's the difference between them? Is the 'Big list' one bookmarked? Pinned? Cached? Try unpinning, or clearing the browser cache. Failing all that what OS and Fx version?
  8. I play the 2-voice version - #5 on that page - on my Peacock (42 buttons). Maybe the Dm version of that is playable, or the left hand can be adapted to fit. (I often have to do that.)
  9. A piece of board and four dowels: It expands a few millimetres after lowering it in. Always available to pick up and play.
  10. Yes, I was only referring to Stagi-made ones and their evolving branding. I'd call yours a 'genuine' Bastari. Here's the description of that wiki photo I suspect that (the branding) is inaccurate.
  11. Like on this Hayden? https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/23226-stagi-hayden-duet-concertina/&do=findComment&comment=212202 As you see that had 'Stagi' cut into the fretwork (I bought it 2 years ago). Earlier ones had 'Bastari' there see picture on wikipedia and Stagi in huge white letters on the side.
  12. Perhaps they've taken David's advice here: https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/25812-a-video-visit-to-concertine-italia-the-successor-to-bastari-and-stagi/&do=findComment&comment=224476
  13. As well as Das Neue Museum Biel (the Getty photo) there is one of his concertinas in the Musee Imaginaire Suisse (which I think is in Zurich but I'm not sure) https://www.mi-s.ch/de/objektsammlung/objekt/1174
  14. This piece (in German) has more about that: https://www.nzz.ch/nzzas/nzz-am-sonntag/abgruende-eines-clowns-der-mann-der-hitler-zum-lachen-brachte-ld.1736831 [Depths of a Clown: The Man Who Made Hitler Laugh Grock was the greatest Swiss artist of his time - and a favorite of the Nazis. Now his estate is going to the museum. How should we remember him?] A concertina-related extract (Google translate): * Handorgel
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