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    Arranging music for the English concertina from the Renaissance period to modern day. Finder of forgotten history -- obscure bits of useless information.
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  1. Mike Pierceall

    Si Bheag Si Mhor

  2. These instruments are rare. Rarer still are recordings. This is one I did several years ago that was lost in the ethers of time and rediscovered.
  3. Mike Pierceall

    Miss Lindsay Barker

  4. Mike Pierceall

    The Sweetness of Mary

  5. Mike Pierceall

    Deep River - an American Spiritual

    Cool tip! Thanks.
  6. Mike Pierceall

    Variations on The Abbess

    Glad you liked it. Thanks for the kind words.
  7. Mike Pierceall

    Variations on The Abbess

    Thank you, Greg.
  8. Mike Pierceall

    O'Carolan's Cup

    Sometimes when I combine photos with music files I get distortion of the audio. Only a guess as to why, but I switched to a MKV extension (Matroska video file). MKV is more inclusive. I only know that it worked.
  9. Mike Pierceall

    O'Carolan's Cup

    Performed here: and here also on an Aeola with better audio settings.
  10. Mike Pierceall

    Video: Making a Set of Bellows

    Time will tell. I've never used butterfly end papers before, but the material I used is very thin with cross bonded fibers. The adhesive is very flexible, and there is very little bulk. The 8-fold bellows, minus the end frames, is less than 3 cm thick when compressed. The butterflies also took about half the time of installing than with conventional end papers. Thanks for watching and commenting.