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    Arranging music for the English concertina from the Renaissance period to modern day. Finder of forgotten history -- obscure bits of useless information.
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    Southern California U.S.A.

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  1. Not really. I felt I could write arrangements that fit well into the range of a treble without the added weight of a bigger box. It is a bit of a trade-off like many choices.
  2. I just play the standard treble instrument with the addition of a low F.
  3. Thank you. The instrument is a Wheatstone Model 5a treble from 1918, restored by me several years ago including new bellows.
  4. This is a once-through video I made years back but never published. Nevertheless, I thought there might be some interest here in what these rare instruments sound like. Only about 130 were ever made. The instrument has since returned to the UK.
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