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  1. hey this looks great, you certainly have been productive with books lately. When available I will order a copy.
  2. Maybe the player moved to Brighton from CA thinking it was the closest thing in the UK­čść When I was living in Bournemouth I found out that the Arts college in Bournemouth was advertised as the California of the UK to prospective students in China ... they got that a bit wrong somehow.
  3. Best of luck with the sale, I hope the business will long be able to continue offering its good variety of hybrid concertinas. Morse concertinas are one of the only sources of new baritone anglos to my knowledge, which is great.
  4. Oh that is just lovely. I can't really justify it at the moment but if I could I would keep that in my workshop as inspiration! I hope you find someone who values such work - hand engraved onto a beautiful and quite rare pattern design. Really great to see, its this sort of practice that has almost disappeared nowadays - though that's not to say it was even that common in the 19th century on a concertina.
  5. Great to hear he is doing lessons. I have heard good things about his lessons from other people too and its great to see.
  6. That sounds smart, I suppose if there is any debate about your ownership of luggage that was somehow misplaced you can prove it without any shadow of a doubt that way. Thanks for posting what HMRC advised by the way.
  7. I hope I have not missed any details in my research of post Brexit movement of musical instruments but - to my knowledge I cant think of a reason why there would be any problems with travelling with a concertina between EU and UK provided it did not contain any protected or endangered materials and it was declared as luggage. Normally airline tickets allow 1 item of hold luggage and 1 of hand luggage. A concertina would easily fall under hand luggage. Sometimes people have a small screwdriver or other such things in the case - best not to when flying, airlines would tend to confis
  8. I wanted more musical versatility than a two row D/G melodeon but found 3 row melodeons big and heavy. Yes really, that was originally the reason. Playing and making concertinas is now a lifelong obsession.
  9. It looks like it was played quite a lot - the buttons are quite worn on the sides, it must have been well appreciated at some stage.
  10. I must say its quite rare to actually see these, this must be the first that I have ever seen come up for sale.
  11. have you tried a Suttner concertina? They are rather popular in Ireland but made in Germany, you could probably go and try one when lockdown measures are lifted (I am not entirely sure of the rules regarding that in Germany at the moment), I believe Jurgen Suttner keeps display models. Sorry I have not tried the Vintage from the Irish concertina company though.
  12. you could always try kay albrecht, I have noticed some concertinas on his website: https://aaccordion.com/instruments/
  13. I haven't explored this make of reed you are mentioning but I have a warning to make: You have to be a bit careful with taking the accordion reeds out and replacing with other ones - they may be actually a quite different size and not fit into your reed pan. You should be able to get some sort of drawing from the manufacturer to compare. I know that is not really what you were asking about but its something that the accordion reed maker I used to buy from warned me about. (Their Tipo a mano and a mano were actually scaled differently and the plate was a different size, that manufacturer was Vo
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