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  1. It looks like it was played quite a lot - the buttons are quite worn on the sides, it must have been well appreciated at some stage.
  2. I must say its quite rare to actually see these, this must be the first that I have ever seen come up for sale.
  3. have you tried a Suttner concertina? They are rather popular in Ireland but made in Germany, you could probably go and try one when lockdown measures are lifted (I am not entirely sure of the rules regarding that in Germany at the moment), I believe Jurgen Suttner keeps display models. Sorry I have not tried the Vintage from the Irish concertina company though.
  4. you could always try kay albrecht, I have noticed some concertinas on his website: https://aaccordion.com/instruments/
  5. I haven't explored this make of reed you are mentioning but I have a warning to make: You have to be a bit careful with taking the accordion reeds out and replacing with other ones - they may be actually a quite different size and not fit into your reed pan. You should be able to get some sort of drawing from the manufacturer to compare. I know that is not really what you were asking about but its something that the accordion reed maker I used to buy from warned me about. (Their Tipo a mano and a mano were actually scaled differently and the plate was a different size, that manufacturer was Vo
  6. there are three things going on here: 1 the tune is very well played played. 2: the tune is very well written. 3: Dipper concertinas are very well made.
  7. yes, I found the sage link someone posted earlier somewhat easier to understand. https://www.sage.com/en-gb/blog/eori-number-trade-brexit/#gate-b1a63862-3fa0-4a5e-bb67-c76b88bbc6b8
  8. Well I can't think of a better candidate for "made in Britain" than Dipper or Wheatstone, I would love to watch it! Only go for it if you are comfortable with the whole thing of course, sounds like a pretty hard decision.
  9. Awarded "for services to folk music"! Brilliant. Certainly he has always been an inspiration to me.
  10. beautiful playing. How nice to hear such a well studied arrangement
  11. special 2 degree taper reeds by Colin Dipper, that sounds interesting. Those Dippers are ever so good with their innovations.
  12. I think I might have misunderstood what you were originally saying about the experimental reeds, sorry. Ah Geoff is great, I sometimes have a new idea or want to try something different but encounter a problem or obstacle and he would say something like "well actually we tried that in the 60s and xyz was the best way.."
  13. Its a practice I picked up from an older concertina maker over here, Geoff Crabb. I believe the thinking is that when the edges are rounded underneath you are creating clearance which will not help the response of the reed, but all I was told is "square edges on underside of reed tongue is good for response". It stands to reason that rounded edges on the underside of the reed tongue would just make a wider gap for air to get through before the reed starts and make the response slower. I do de-burr the underside edges and top edges very lightly with probably 800 grit paper after they are filed
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