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  1. The answer's 'yes'. Yes, you could play one chord and hold it. Yes, you could play one chord and let go. Yes, you could play a chord every time there's a beat, or every time there's a note, or on some beats or notes but not others. The important thing is to listen to what yoy play, and play what sounds best to you. If someone suggests something different, try that too. The main difficulty you will find with the English is that both hands are involved with playing the tune, so it's not always easy to play exactly what chord you want, although that comes with practice too.
  2. I am in awe of anybody who can play to a decent standard on different types of concertina (Keith Kendrick is a good example). As for me, I play 80-bass piano accordian and Maccann duet concertina, and even on those two rather different boxes I occasionally get confused, playing completely the wrong note or chord or trying to play something which isn't there.
  3. But some of the tracks were included on CD on 'Anglo International'.
  4. I'm guessing the seller is c-netter 'Sprunghub', who comes from that part of the world, and is an honourable person to deal with.
  5. I must be doing something wrong. They 'play', but all I get is silence. Edited to add: Ignore that. My computer had gone into mute mode, don't know why. And great music by the way!
  6. Loved it! I was particularly struck by the mellow tone, almost clarinet-like.
  7. Hopefully Kettle Bridge Concertinas are still going strong.
  8. Brilliant. That's what I call multi-tasking!
  9. Then of course there is my avatar (though I'm not the first to have put that picture up on this site).
  10. I'm no scientist, but I find myself wondering about the longevity of a carbon fibre reed. I'm remembering the problems Rolls Royce had with carbon fibre aero engine blades, which basically vibrated themselves to bits.
  11. Forgive me if I'm talking rubbish here, but the problem could also be a wonky or delaminating pad, right?
  12. As promised, here's a couple of links to myself playing my previous concertina (a 64-button Lachenal maccann). http://www.nonce.dk/4C.net/Maccannic/TG2-MP3-003 Maruxa.mp3 http://www.nonce.dk/4C.net/Maccannic/TG2-MP3-001 Argeers,Christina.mp3 I hope they still work. I'm not claiming they're great, but they give an idea of what can be done (I'd been playing about 10 years when they were done, but I didn't used to practice much). (I still don't).
  13. I sent in a few first-pass recordings for Duet International. The response from Alan was not altogether positive, but he suggested I re-do a couple of them. I must admit, at this point I rather lost heart and didn't take it any further. There are a couple of recordings of myself playing on this forum somewhere, in case you (or anybody) is interested. I'll have to see if I can find them. But I've got a bigger concertina now, and my playing is not the same.
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