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  1. Thanks for posting that, Daniel. Now I can just about make out the words of the verse. (On the record they only sing the refrain.)
  2. I must admit I tend to avoid the flat keys. Prof. Maccann found sensible places for 11 of the 12 notes, but D#/Eb obviously was the sacrifice.
  3. No Maccann group that I know of - we plough a lonely furrow. And please spell it Maccann, it makes searches more reliable. The late David Cornell used to run a website for Maccann players, but I don't know if it's still going. And I play with 4 fingers. 4 note chords sometimes. Also, shocking habit, I tend to jump between two buttons in the same column, as quickly and smoothly as I can. Good luck with it. The world needs every Maccann player it can get.
  4. Mine is a photo of an angel playing a concertina (actually a stone carving in Bath Abbey, UK).
  5. When my wife acquired her first (English) concertina, after showing her where the C major scale went, I started her on 'Parsons Farewell' in A minor. After about an hour she was sight reading it, slowly but error free.
  6. The other evening (actually World Concertina Day) a pad came off the end of its lever inside my Wheatstone. I stuck it back on with Loctite super glue and it seems to be OK now. But I'm wondering if such a 'modern' material is the correct thing to use. What are your thoughts? And why would this happen after 109 years?
  7. I'm afraid I don't do recordings or videos, but to mark World Concertina Day I went along to our local tune session as usual, but after a while my box had a 'mechanical' so I had to abort early. At home the next morning I took it apart to find that a pad had dropped off the end of its lever. So I've glued it back on and it seems to be OK now.
  8. Some Swedish tunes sound lovely with organ accompaniment, preferably a church organ sound.
  9. Yes, both systems are perfectly playable, but both need a bit of work to get the hang of them, the Maccann possibly more so than the Crane. Small hands might find the Maccann with its six columns of buttons a problem - for example the chord of F-sharp minor stretches across all six columns. But then, I should imagine the Crane with only five columns makes you reach up and down the rows more, which despite my fairly large hands I would find awkward. Also, on the Maccann, and despite nearly 25 years of playing (I wouldn't go so far as to call it practice), I can't get my head round the illogical position of the D-sharp/E-flat button. So I mostly stick to the sharp keys, and forget about anything 'flatter' than F major.
  10. Does a chromatic Duet concertina exist? Just to put another spanner in, my Maccann duet is fully chromatic over 4-and-a-half octaves. You just have to try and find one.
  11. Oh well. Ralph Jordan was also part of Patterson Jordan Dipper, and much or all of their 'Flat Earth' CD can be heard on Youtube even if you can't get a physical copy. Ralph mostly plays Maccann throughout.
  12. Ralph Jordan played Maccann. Look for his 'Eloise' CD.
  13. Agreed, Alan. And by the way, I enjoy hearing anglos (and melodeons) playing in a smooth legato way, e.g. on slow airs, just not for dance music.
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