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  1. One 'a' too much. Should be: http://www.thefolkmusicacademy.com/robharbron
  2. For some people knowledge is not based on theory, but mostly on experience. For people whose knowledge is based on theory it can be hard to believe there isn't a hidden theory. But that's just my experience....
  3. There is no instrument for sale. OP said he wants to buy a Kensington C/G.
  4. This might partly be caused by your own development: after these 2 month your body, your fingers got somewhat used to playing concertina, and so became more relaxed, less convulsive.
  5. Alan, I'm a bit worried though about what looks like a bodrhán so close to your left ear.....
  6. Found it on google maps: In front of The Cage Wine Bar https://maps.app.goo.gl/SokjHRNyQT3nwX8X7
  7. And now you have a serial number. Is it 52783?
  8. Do you mean a sheng? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheng_(instrument)
  9. What knows Blackie from Upstate NY about this duet, offered for sale by Ampico from Lancashire. Both being longtime C.net-ters...
  10. I'm not a FB member. The link works in my browser Brave for Android (based upon Chrome), but not in Firefox for Android.
  11. This is not an Anglo. It's a 32 button English concertina.
  12. I looked it up myself. Aluminium is about 2½ times heavier than ebony. That considerable....
  13. I like that tough and sturdy look, thick as wooden ends and not so shiny. Is aluminium much heavier than rosewood or ebony?
  14. I read C.net on my telephone. No noticeable change in loading speed this last few days. OS: Android 11 Browser: Brave 1.48.164
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