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  1. I made a less elaborated version years ago, which I use as my Whatsapp signature: {::} }}}} }
  2. I see. Thanks. So the left thumb button does play a note? Or two I suppose, one on the push, one on the pull?
  3. Please explain for an ignorant EC player: I see 18+1 buttons on the left and 19+1 on the right side. For me this makes 37 or 39, but never 38. Or am I missing something?
  4. John Kirkpatrick. See C.net event calendar: https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/calendar/event/239-anglo-workshop-weekend-in-shropshire-with-john-kirkpatrick/
  5. Mon epouse = my husband 😋
  6. #28790 is a Baritone (model 20a), not a Tenor-Treble (model 19). See the pricelist from that period: http://www.concertina.com/pricelists/wheatstone-english/Wh-Pricelist-Eng-c1918.pdf
  7. http://www.concertina.com/eydmann/thoumire-technique/index.htm Simon's own comment on the subject in 2005.
  8. This one is coming close isn't it? X:130 T:Tarantella M:6/8 L:1/8 R: K:Amin EAB|c2c dcB|c2c ABc|B2B dcB|A3 EAB| c2c dcB|c2c ABc|B2B dcB|A3:| |:a2a|e2e a2a|e2e ede|f2f fgf|e3 efe| d2d ded|c2c cdc|B2B dcB|A3:| K:C |:GAB|cBc ece|g2g gag|f2f fgf|e3 GAB| cBc ece|g2g gag|bag fed| c3:|
  9. Hi Pierre, Dowright who knows all about manufacturing dates of our Lachenal concertinas is building a database. He will be interested in all the features of your concertina: system, used materials, number of buttons, number of bellow folds, etc. Quid pro quo.
  10. On the far left (with glasses) on is Rob Harbron. Opposite to him is fiddle player Sam Sweeney. Together with Andy Cutting they are "Leveret".
  11. Visible for me. I'm not on Facebook. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Beautiful! Danny, do you mind me using this to congratulate friends of mine?
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