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  1. What knows Blackie from Upstate NY about this duet, offered for sale by Ampico from Lancashire. Both being longtime C.net-ters...
  2. I'm not a FB member. The link works in my browser Brave for Android (based upon Chrome), but not in Firefox for Android.
  3. This is not an Anglo. It's a 32 button English concertina.
  4. I looked it up myself. Aluminium is about 2½ times heavier than ebony. That considerable....
  5. I like that tough and sturdy look, thick as wooden ends and not so shiny. Is aluminium much heavier than rosewood or ebony?
  6. I read C.net on my telephone. No noticeable change in loading speed this last few days. OS: Android 11 Browser: Brave 1.48.164
  7. 2 Days late, but whatever..... Another tune by Alan Day: Bonjour Mazurka Waltz. I learned it in 2009 from C.net. Alan did an update in 2017.
  8. This is a Chemnitzer concertina. Theodore Kloba used to post on C.net, but he hasn't been seen here since 2019....
  9. HALLO! I not a performer and play mostly to myself, for my own pleasure. My instrument is an English extended treble Wheatstone Aeola (nr. 30848, from 1926) I became a member on C.net in december 2005, when I was waiting for my first concertina to arrive from Chris Algar. I've seen them come and go (Ratface, Boney, Peter Dunk, Peter Trimming, M3838, Dick Miles, Geoffrey Crabb, and all the others) and enjoyed (and borrowed) their tunes and conversations about music and concertinas. Sometimes I joined in with the conversations, but I never have shown any of my own music. I felt invited by Alan's request. So I joined in on the Tunes/Songs forum and learned, recorded and uploaded my rendition of the Croissants and Coffee Waltz. I hadn't recorded myself for a long time. But here is another recording of mine, from 2011: a Swedish tune "Mormors Speldosa" by Göthe Wahlén. https://on.soundcloud.com/Hp6Ca
  10. Here's my rendition of Alan's tune. Happy WCD!
  11. https://leonardvdl.stack.storage/s/ELyjujQo9xCV4zDx Better off with an upload to Soundcloud, I think...
  12. https://leonardvdl.stack.storage/s/ELyjujQo9xCV4zDx
  13. I have no acces to the photos. No Facebook account.
  14. Great plan! Here is an ABC version of your Steve's scores for myself and others who prefer this format. I took the liberty to change a bit in the notation of the first and second repeats, for readability. And now I'm off to play the tune, and to find a way to record it in time....
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