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  1. Leonard

    testing threat link

    In the head of every post with the poster's name and the time of posting you find the 'share' symbol (next to the 'report' flag). This gives you a link to that post you can copy and paste. The 'share' symbol of the first post of a thread gives you a link to the whole thread.
  2. Leonard


    I use this, more simple, one: {::} }}}} }
  3. Leonard

    Keeping instrument dry in rain

    Here is a clearer view of the same band. These bags don't look that sophisticated.
  4. Have you seen this post in the Concertina History forum?
  5. Leonard

    Simon Keegan-Phipps

    Here's the video directly from YouTube:
  6. Leonard

    Case Wanted for Wheatstone 81 Button McCann Aeola

    This is hijacking Stephens original post. Better start a new post about fabrics and leave this one for the question: who want to sell or make a case for Stephens 82b. McCann.
  7. Leonard

    Modern Times ending

  8. Leonard

    Thumb Strap Instructions

    Nice! Good luck with this project.
  9. Leonard

    Thumb Strap Instructions

    What is this concertina you're working on? Are these glass buttons?
  10. Leonard

    Lachenal EC with riveted action

    Yagi, Is your friend's Lachenal also an Edeophone?
  11. It's the batch number. On other places in the ledgers the batch number has it's own column. It's the number that in the production process is used to mark all the parts of a certain concertina.
  12. Leonard

    Heroes gone missing?...

    Yes, Dirge. Please do.
  13. Leonard

    Airflow and reeds

    Win Wakker of Concertina Connection wrote a great explanation about the airflow in our Concertinas: http://www.concertinaconnection.com/about_ airflow.htm