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  1. https://leonardvdl.stack.storage/s/ELyjujQo9xCV4zDx Better off with an upload to Soundcloud, I think...
  2. https://leonardvdl.stack.storage/s/ELyjujQo9xCV4zDx
  3. Great plan! Here is an ABC version of your Steve's scores for myself and others who prefer this format. I took the liberty to change a bit in the notation of the first and second repeats, for readability. And now I'm off to play the tune, and to find a way to record it in time....
  4. The world might be bigger than you think. At this very moment, under "Who's on line", there are 4 members but also 48 guests! And for myself I am a daily visitor here and member since 2005. Every now and then I give my reaction to posts of others, but never showed much of myself. I do feel invited by Alan's initiative. I'll try to record some of my music to say hello for the 2nd WCD.
  5. Thomas posted more bagpipe-concertina-tunes here:
  6. Who are you talking about? I'm not pleased with the contradistinction (is this the right word in English?) you suggest. I love my instrument for the music it let me play. That's what I do at home, with and without people around me. But I also love my tina for its looks, for its history, for its construction, for its place in its family of instruments. And I am fond of this community of experts and enthusiasts who share their love for and their knowledge of our concertinas in all its aspects. That's not fretting! And now I turn off my computer and go and play me a tune.
  7. Both links work for me, in the Netherlands...
  8. Cannot see you video. It's marked 'private'...
  9. It was Dave Elliott's bench, not David Robertson's.
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