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  1. Glad you're freed from your splint, Alan. Otherwise it wouldn't have been more than just wig wog jig...
  2. Ouch, a mallet finger. I had that once. How did it happen? At least 2 members of C.net got it by taking their sock off...
  3. That 2 D#'s looks a bit odd to me. Better call them Eb's?
  4. Fred explained what he's after: It's about the nature of the contact between fingers and keys. Henrik Muller's article Fred refers to states about his shorter buttons: "Having shorter buttons that depress all the way, flush with the end plate, had more impact than I could have expected. Traditional Irish music has a lot of repeated notes, and to preserve the flow of the tune, they need to be performed by switching fingers; deep buttons go a long way in facilitating this."
  5. Not accesable for non-facebook-member. Is this the same version as on Soundcloud? https://soundcloud.com/concertinist/march-of-the-concertinas-feb2
  6. If you're interested in concertina pricelists through the years, Chris Algar has collected a lot of them. See http://www.concertina.com/pricelists/index.htm
  7. Not so mysterious. Of every page in the ledgers there is a small and a large representation. In this case their addresses are: .../PAGES/D3P0910S.HTM .../PAGES/D3P0910L.HTM
  8. Theo and Malcolm refer to the same page in the ledger. Serial number 36532 is a amboyna ended model 5E, dated 16-2-1959. (Not 1859)
  9. This confusion about bi- and unidirectional was spoken about before in this topic:
  10. Harry Geuns does bandoneons and concertinas. He lives in Molenbeersel, just over the Belgian border, south of Weert. www.bandoneon-maker.com
  11. Don't forget to take a look at his footbass! https://bandoneon-maker.com/foot-bass/
  12. Stephen, do you mean that that the models 1 to 10 all have bone buttons?
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