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  1. Leonard

    Lachenal EC with riveted action

    Yagi, Is your friend's Lachenal also an Edeophone?
  2. It's the batch number. On other places in the ledgers the batch number has it's own column. It's the number that in the production process is used to mark all the parts of a certain concertina.
  3. Leonard

    Heroes gone missing?...

    Yes, Dirge. Please do.
  4. Leonard

    Airflow and reeds

    Win Wakker of Concertina Connection wrote a great explanation about the airflow in our Concertinas: http://www.concertinaconnection.com/about_ airflow.htm
  5. Leonard

    making a 40 button anglo

    This question by Accordian is posted twice. I suggest to concentrate all reactions to the other "making a 40 button Anglo". So this one can be deleted when it's discovered by Paul or Ken.
  6. Great to see so much practical knowledge gathered here, over and over again....
  7. Leonard

    20-Year Anniversary of Concertina.net

    In the member section I found 282 posts by Göran. That's gives me the impression that none of his posts are deleted. But you're right, enough said about this...
  8. Leonard

    20-Year Anniversary of Concertina.net

    No. I mean these arguments stopped the moment Göran was no longer a C.net member, and all that's was written is to be read in the archives.
  9. Leonard

    20-Year Anniversary of Concertina.net

    Not true. Anyone can read all arguments. So no sides excluded.
  10. Do you have a so called 'Mallet finger'? I had that once. See my reply to a comparable question in 2009: https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/8921-now-is-the-winter-of-my-discontent/&do=findComment&comment=88386
  11. Leonard

    The “MoConcertina”

    English system, 40 buttons... Leaving out the higher notes, compared to the standard 48 buttons?
  12. This video was uploaded to YouTube in May 2013. https://youtu.be/T15Yjz9hRJM
  13. Alex, you forgot tot add a link. Did you mean this one?