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  1. I must be doing something wrong. They 'play', but all I get is silence. Edited to add: Ignore that. My computer had gone into mute mode, don't know why. And great music by the way!
  2. Loved it! I was particularly struck by the mellow tone, almost clarinet-like.
  3. Hopefully Kettle Bridge Concertinas are still going strong.
  4. Brilliant. That's what I call multi-tasking!
  5. Then of course there is my avatar (though I'm not the first to have put that picture up on this site).
  6. I'm no scientist, but I find myself wondering about the longevity of a carbon fibre reed. I'm remembering the problems Rolls Royce had with carbon fibre aero engine blades, which basically vibrated themselves to bits.
  7. Forgive me if I'm talking rubbish here, but the problem could also be a wonky or delaminating pad, right?
  8. As promised, here's a couple of links to myself playing my previous concertina (a 64-button Lachenal maccann). http://www.nonce.dk/4C.net/Maccannic/TG2-MP3-003 Maruxa.mp3 http://www.nonce.dk/4C.net/Maccannic/TG2-MP3-001 Argeers,Christina.mp3 I hope they still work. I'm not claiming they're great, but they give an idea of what can be done (I'd been playing about 10 years when they were done, but I didn't used to practice much). (I still don't).
  9. I sent in a few first-pass recordings for Duet International. The response from Alan was not altogether positive, but he suggested I re-do a couple of them. I must admit, at this point I rather lost heart and didn't take it any further. There are a couple of recordings of myself playing on this forum somewhere, in case you (or anybody) is interested. I'll have to see if I can find them. But I've got a bigger concertina now, and my playing is not the same.
  10. A maccann duet version, with different sounds for left and right hand ends, would be my idea of heaven!
  11. I didn't know whether to put this in the Construction forum or the History forum, so I'll just put it here instead. I've got a Wheatstone Aeola Maccann duet made in 1914. It's got a little white bit at the end of each handrest where the strap attaches. Are these ivory, or just bone? Or something else? Grateful for any info.
  12. I seem to remember Tim Laycock singing an ironic song called 'The Accordian's the Instrument to Play', which was about how much better the accordian was than the concertina. He accompanied himself on the concertina of course.
  13. Excellent purchases. Of course, if 'Duet International' ever comes out that'll be the last Christmas I'll ever need. (It's been a long time coming).
  14. I play for pleasure (mine; I'm not sure about other peoples'), by myself, or accompanying my or, more likely, my wife's singing, or in 'English' tune sessions, which round here tends to mean anything which isn't Irish. On my own I play anything I can find which I can make to fit on the Maccann. I love Morris tunes and English dance tunes, but will also try Celtic and European (esp. Swedish and French), and the odd Beatles number etc. Sidney Bechet's 'Petit Fleur' works brilliantly in A minor on the Maccann. Also a few classical tunes. One or two novelty items, like playing Michael Turner's Waltz in 5/4 time. Contradance tends to be a bit fast for me. And my wife plays English treble, so we've worked out a few tune arrangements together. Really the only limit is ones imagination (and ability).
  15. Here in UK most sessions play major-key tunes in G or D. We have a chap at our session who plays a 20b C/G, and plays it very nicely, but he has to put it down when the session goes into D.
  16. Exactly. So 7 ridges would mean that someone has had to construct 8 folds to make 8 valleys, leaving 7 ridges between them. That's why I always thought that meant 8 folds, not 7. But I bow to the general usage, however misconceived.
  17. Yes, well done for that. I too was aware of that bit of film, as Ian Anderson put it up on Mudcat a few years ago, but I wouldn't have been able to come up with a link to it.
  18. "The number of ridges is the number of folds." I've always found that a bit puzzling. For example, to my way of thinking, 7 'ridges' would mean 8 'valleys', which means 8 folds. But I suppose if the concertina fraternity calls that 7 folds, it's too late to change now.
  19. Four more years have gone past. My hair is now white, my beard is salt-and -pepper grey, my fingers increasingly arthritic. But still no Duet International. Will it ever happen?
  20. Yes, I was the seller last year (and it's me playing in the two sound files, generously hosted by Jim as I'm too technically clueless to set that up by myself). I can confirm that this is a lovely and interesting instrument. It was eyeballed some years ago by Colin Dipper, who was highly impressed and valued it at £2000 retail. I have since moved on to something rather larger and more in keeping with what I'm trying to do, but I spent 10 or so very happy years with this concertina. I might add that it was a pleasure dealing with 'Sprunghub' (and Mrs. S.), and I wish them success.
  21. As a joke (I hope!) for my birthday I was given a book called 'Concertina: the Life and Loves of a Dominatrix', by Susan Winemaker. Basically as far as I can see it's just a smutty sex novel with a female lead who calls herself Concertina, and I don't suppose I'll even read it (oh all right then, maybe I will), but it sort of got me thinking to what extent playing the concertina can take over your life and colour your waking thoughts. Anybody know what I mean? Or am I in a bad way?
  22. Play jazz. There's no wrong notes in jazz.
  23. It depends on what sort of music you want to play, of course, but you might start with getting some simple folk dance tunes (jigs, reels, waltzes etc.) with the chords given. Then if you can figure out the common chords (G, C, D, A minor, E minor) and learn to play them and move from one to another, you should be able to play many of the common tunes, especially if you don't try and go too fast.
  24. I'm salivating over that photo. Serial numbers would be useful.
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