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    I play English Concertina and Hayden Duet. I play solo at local folk clubs, and play in the band with Kettle Bridge Clogs, a ladies North West Morris side. More recently I have begun playing in a small ensemble of about 12 concertina players, mixed ability levels, many of them connected with Kettle Bridge Clogs.
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    Gillingham, Kent. U.K.

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  1. John Wild

    Anglo teaching at Witney November 16-18th

    I shall be there, but I'm not an anglo player, so sorry but i will be in other workshops. - John Wild
  2. John Wild

    20-Year Anniversary of Concertina.net

    And it has developed into a major resource for concertina players. Well done.
  3. John Wild

    Concertina Bow Arm

    Must be a sinister plot! 😄
  4. John Wild

    been away for a while

    Thank you.
  5. John Wild

    been away for a while

    I play neither anglo nor bandonion, but out of curiousity:- does that mean the relative minor keys (Gmajor -> Eminor; Cmajor -> Aminor), or is it all in the major keys?
  6. If any do not find a home with an individual player, you could consider donating to the library of the International Concertina Association.
  7. John Wild

    Jamie Allen

    It does appear in the first Northumbrian Pipers' Tune Book. There the spelling Jimmy Allen is used in preference to Jamie.
  8. John Wild

    Anglo players: great left hand exercise

    I have heard it played on piano accordion.
  9. John Wild

    Jamie Allen

    I am failing to notice retirement seriously improving my playing ☺️
  10. John Wild

    Wheatstone Jeffries Pattern Duet #32045

    I should have said that - sorry.
  11. John Wild

    Wheatstone Jeffries Pattern Duet #32045

    From December 1928, Ledger SD02. It reads N.P. flat 53 keys. Before that is what appears to read Duet Tex, but might be Duet Hex (for hexagonal). The words duet t(h)ex are written in stronger ink over an original text, which may be the same or there could be an alteration. In the column with serial numbers if you read sideways, there are the words Oval labels.
  12. John Wild

    FIrst timer

    Check out the playing of Harry Scurfield. He plays some blues on Anglo.
  13. John Wild

    Halsway Carol

    Thank you. I have a copy of Paul's book, but not the latest edition, so I missed it. I'll look for an update to download. Thanks to you for the reference and to Paul for creating the source. Regards John.
  14. John Wild

    Halsway Carol

    Report post Posted 8 hours ago Scottish by Nigel Eaton played by duo Lenormand - Restoin. 1 Quote Playing Custom Dipper Duet Concertinas. Very poor english speaking... You do not need to speak any language - the concertina speaks for itself! :-) Excellent rendition. Are the dots available anywhere?