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    I play English Concertina and Hayden Duet. I play solo at local folk clubs, and play in the band with Kettle Bridge Concertinas, a local small ensemble in Mid Kent. Members have mixed ability levels, some very experienced players, and some beginners.
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  1. I expect you will know something of the history of Sid Ive?
  2. Is that correct or is it one octave higher?
  3. Where you say you never expect to see the larger one on order, was your expectation the reality or did you actually get it?
  4. Well if George Bolliger is not listed at all, it would seem so. If he is reading this, perhaps Chris Timson will take note.
  5. Richard Evans is still listed there along with Chris Ghent and your good self, Malcolm.
  6. One present day player who has concentrated on classical music is Douglas Rogers. If you search for him you find links to what you are looking for.
  7. The first tune is also known as Garry Owen - slightly different rhythm but essentially the same tune. If you believe Hollywood scripts it was General Custer's marching song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m7RPjQxjmA
  8. I can read bass clef, but not with great fluency. For English concertina arrangements, or for both parts in duet concertina arrangements, I prefer to read treble clef.
  9. And this post refers to a 64-button instrument, while many (most?)tenor-trebles would be 56.
  10. The dragon emblem gives a clue towards Marcus Music in Wales. They have a model named the traveller. http://www.marcusmusic.co.uk/concertinas.html
  11. I have a photo which was taken at the West Country Concertina Players' annual weekend at Kilve Court in (I think) 2009. It shows Colin Dipper demonstratinga symphonium. Those looking on are Brian Hayden, John Kirkpatrick, Stephen Rowley, and Alistair Anderson.
  12. Re-reading the earlier posts in this topic, I am curious to know if anything came of this. A Cd of Mr.Gladstone's bag wold be worth having I think. But it is nearly 11 years ago, so I suppose we would have known before now if there was one available.
  13. I have a file of music in ABC notation, which has 38 tunes under the names of Paddy Fahy's or Paddy Fahey's. Some are separately identified with a number, and some have a key signature noted in the title. Apart from that I have not been through playing them alll to see if there are duplicates.
  14. Look out for Valmai Goodyear's workshops at Lewes - when they are allowed to resume! They cover a broad range of interests but anglos do get featured, and it is not too far from you.
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