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    I play English Concertina and Hayden Duet. I play solo at local folk clubs, and play in the band with Kettle Bridge Clogs, a ladies North West Morris side. More recently I have begun playing in a small ensemble of about 12 concertina players, mixed ability levels, many of them connected with Kettle Bridge Clogs.
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  1. John Wild

    How many concertina songs are there?

    Thanks to Jim for pointing to the older thread. I had made a few postings there but had forgotten it.
  2. John Wild

    How many concertina songs are there?

    I may be wrong, but I believe that was part of a show he did called the concertina man.
  3. John Wild

    How many concertina songs are there?

    All I want for Christmas is a concertina. Christmas_concertina.pdf
  4. John Wild

    Desert island concertinas

    The island does seem to have a seagull population on the version played weekly on the radio, though not in this recording. I would be torn between my aeola tenor and my baritone.
  5. The last time I checked, there would be import duty of 3.8% and VAT at 20%. $2050 would become $2553.48, converted to pounds at whatever the exchange rate is at the time of the transaction.
  6. John Wild

    On EC how best to learn accompaniment?

    There are more tunes in book 2 which would be recognised by more people, eg Liberty bell.
  7. John Wild

    What's on your Christmas list?

  8. John Wild

    What's on your Christmas list?

    Members of the ICA may recall a few years ago, a complete music supplement to Concertina World was devoted to the music of Jimmy Shand.
  9. John Wild

    On EC how best to learn accompaniment?

    If you search these forums for English Concertina Melodist Book 1 and book 2, you should find a link to a site from where they can be downloaded. Hopefully, the links are still active.
  10. West Country concertina Players have weekend events in March and October. They also run workshops at Sidmouth folk festival in August. There will be the Witney supersqueeze in November - check Dave Townsend's website. https://www.davetownsendmusic.com If you are interested in concertina bands, there is Hawkwood in January and Banding Together in June. Sorry I do not know a link. Other folk festivals may have events featuring concertinas. www.ukfolkfestivals.co.uk
  11. John Wild

    Why Give Up

    I am not a regular singer, but I have found that my singing seems to improve greatly after a few pints of west country cider! 😊
  12. John Wild

    Buttons (keys) replacements

    You could try: Mark Lloyd- Adey - concertina-spares <mark@concertina-spares.com>
  13. I am reminded of the story I heard some years ago on how to tell if there is woodworm in the ends of a wooden ended concertina. It seems you have to count the number of holes in the fretwork. If it is an odd number, there is a woodworm in there. If it is an even number, it has left already! 🙂
  14. John Wild

    New British £50 note.

    I expect that is right. We can only try.
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-46063097 So there is a new £50 note planned, though I expect I would rarely see one. The plan is to feature an image of a British scientist. I plan to suggest Sir Charles Wheatstone. Any others going to follow?