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    I play English Concertina and Hayden Duet. I play solo at local folk clubs, and play in the band with Kettle Bridge Clogs, a ladies North West Morris side. More recently I have begun playing in a small ensemble of about 12 concertina players, mixed ability levels, many of them connected with Kettle Bridge Clogs.
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  1. Definitely worth listening to. Thank you for sharing it.
  2. John Wild

    What is folk music today? UK and USA

    I have come across some musicians who declare themselves "Traditional" musicians with a capital 'T'. For those in that category, the traditional music content was something that could not be added to by newly written "contemporary" tunes. My response generally was to comment that everything they now call traditional was contemporary to someone once. Another feature I have observed is that there is a significant regional variation in the tunes that crop up in sessions. That may mean tunes that are rarely played outside a particular area, or it may mean the same tunes with local variations, or played in different keys.
  3. John Wild

    What is folk music today? UK and USA

    That sounds very plausible, especially the beer.
  4. John Wild

    What is folk music today? UK and USA

    Maybe what you call old time music IS your traditional folk music?
  5. John Wild

    DNA of Concertinas

    Someone once asked me "How come all your concertinas play Jamie Allen?" 🙂
  6. If you look at the concertina.info website, makers and repairers page, there are several in Australia listed, but I'm not sure if they are in your part of Australia. http://www.concertina.info
  7. John Wild

    Videos of LOTR Tunes

    I could not find a recording or video involving concertina. You may have to settle for this link to May it be sung by Enya. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7MLT4MmAK8
  8. You might find it might be useful to describe the note range outside the standard 48-button treble. Are the extra notes all extended upwards, or are there any lower notes?
  9. May I ask what extra notes this has over a standard 48-button instrument?
  10. John Wild

    ABC - Problem with Q: field

    I have EasyABC version 1.3.5, running on Windows 10 home. I pasted the ABC text above into a file and exported a PDF without changing anything. The score displayed correctly with Q=150. Newcastle.pdf I can offer no explanation of why your program produced a different result. You could try entering Q:150instead of Q:1/4=150. It may not make a difference but anything is worth trying.
  11. John Wild

    For Folk's Sake: Morris Dancing and Me

    "Scotch" is Whisky! The people are Scots. 🙂
  12. John Wild

    For Folk's Sake: Morris Dancing and Me

    Thank you. I will pass on that comment.
  13. John Wild

    For Folk's Sake: Morris Dancing and Me

    Kettle Bridge Clogs have been dancing for 35 years. They are a ladies' side based in Kent, and have always set a high standard in their dancing. Last year, with a few more dancers retiring, there was a major recruitment drive, utilising all the advice available from the Morris Federation and other sources. While some people expressed an interest, at the end of the year the number of new recruits form this campaign was zero. This year we shall be dancing with the minimum number of dancers, and have reworked some dances to be performed with 6 instead of 8, or 4 instead of 6. So we are starting a new dancing season with no new recruits, and a low probability of recruiting more during the year. The bottom line is that the side has decided that this year will be Kettle Bridge Clogs' last season as a performing side. Very sad, but there seems no other way to go. - John Wild, band member for Kettle Bridge Clogs.
  14. I second Alex' comment. Best wishes, John Wild.