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    I play English Concertina and Hayden Duet. I play solo at local folk clubs, and play in the band with Kettle Bridge Concertinas, a local small ensemble in Mid Kent. Members have mixed ability levels, some very experienced players, and some beginners.
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    Gillingham, Kent. U.K.

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  1. https://youtu.be/dSxrH8yYI_E This is a link to one of the many song versions.
  2. I have an ABC notation for a tune called Lord Moira's Welcome To Scotland. This apparently originates from Lancashire. The tune is different but has similarities to suggest they may have a common origin. X:578 T:Lord Moira's Welcome To Scotland. HSJJ.185 M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:120 S:HSJ Jackson,Wyresdale,Lancs.1823 R:Strathspey O:England A:Lancashire H:1823 Z:Chris Partington K:G G<GG<G B<dd2|cA c/B/A/G/ A>G FD|G<GG<G B<dd2|e>gf>ag4:|! |b>ga>gf2d2|e<eg>e d>cBG|g<gb>g a>gfd|eg f/g/a/f/g2ga/b/|! c'>ab>g a>geg|d>Bg>B c/B/A/G/ A>B|G<GG<G c<ee2|dg f/g/a/f/g2|]
  3. Mike is a member in these forums. You should be able to search his name and send him a message.
  4. You could consider Edward Jay's 3-D printed instruments. They use real reeds sourced from Italy. http://edwardjay.net/paragraphsView.aspx?siteid=61&headerid=85&siteHeader=Home
  5. In Simon's case, you might also need a brain transplant.😁 Simon's technique is unique.
  6. 1787 Type: Poem A Rose-bud by my early walk, Adown a corn-enclosed bawk, Sae gently bent its thorny stalk, All on a dewy morning. Ere twice the shades o' dawn are fled, In a' its crimson glory spread, And drooping rich the dewy head, It scents the early morning. Within the bush her covert nest A little linnet fondly prest; The dew sat chilly on her breast, Sae early in the morning. She soon shall see her tender brood, The pride, the pleasure o' the wood, Amang the fresh green leaves bedew'd, Awake the early morning. So thou, dear bird, young Jeany fair, On trembling string or vocal air, Shall sweetly pay the tender care That tents thy early morning. So thou, sweet Rose-bud, young and gay, Shalt beauteous blaze upon the day, And bless the parent's evening ray That watch'd thy early morning.
  7. Thanks for the link to the TTA. I had been trying to think which song it reminded me of, and it is given there - the Haughs of Cromdale.
  8. My music teacher liked to say there were no such things as wrong notes - only variations.🙂
  9. One of the rare national anthems (is it still?) which has a good tune. Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika -treble.pdf nkosi_sikele.pdf
  10. I came across this tune, written by Phil Cunningham, recently. I have added it to my small Soundcloud account, if anyone is minded to listen. Thanks, John Wild
  11. The principle could be extended to tunes beginning with "A" or "An"
  12. The photo shows it is an English concertina. From a chart published by Geoffrey Crabb, the serial number 18537 indicates it was made in 1978.
  13. This appears in Broken Ground by Val McDermid: His breath wheezed like a grim concertina and he looked twenty years older than he was. Earlier in the book a Northumbrian piper is mentioned.
  14. Just a quick responses, based on a visual reading of the music. Try playing the B flat with the 3rd finger, followed by the F with the 2nd finger. The 1st finger is then ready to go to the D. Keep the 2nd finger anchored on F for the first 2 bars. That is as far as I have gone so far. Others may offer better suggestions, but I hope this may help.
  15. You can also look uo the various regional playing groups, as found on the clubs page of concertina.info however, some of the contact details are not up to date, paricularly the Chiltinas, who meet in Maulden, Bedfordshire. There is also a Midlands group and the West country Concertina players.
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