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    I play English Concertina and Hayden Duet. I play solo at local folk clubs, and play in the band with Kettle Bridge Concertinas, a local small ensemble in Mid Kent. Members have mixed ability levels, some very experienced players, and some beginners.
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    Gillingham, Kent. U.K.

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  1. I received that correspondence from Michael Piercall in the U.S. The total was 123, between serial Nos.29678 and 35450, covering 1923-1943. The breakdown was: -model 14 - 42 -model 15 - 18 -model 16 - 64 Plus 1 "miscellaneous" , a 52 button instrument
  2. So presumably the Queen (of Scotland) was not in residence when he visied Glasgow. 🙂
  3. I recall The Seekers, with Judith Durham as lead singer. It was a broken-heart love song. Edited to add: a later post has shown that I obviously had a false memory.
  4. Does the 56-key instrument have extra notes at the higher end or the lower end of the note range when compared to the 48?
  5. In "South", the story of the loss of the Endurance:- "The whole of the after part of the ship had been crushed concertina fashion."
  6. Thank you Jody. I have been in contact and my interest is registered. A ticket cannot be sold, but if I confirm my interest, a place will be reserved for me. Regards, John.
  7. Look a bit farther down the posts in the buy & sell forum. Concertina .net member Sunbeamer posted one for sale recently.
  8. Thanks Jody. It may (or not) be the case that I know who they are. Could you please pass on my expression of interest? Thanks.
  9. Hi Jody. The Faversham date is described as a house concert. Is that a private function, not open to the public in general?
  10. Playford volumes 1 - 3 are available to download as abc files or PDF files. http://www.cpartington.plus.com/Links/Playford/Playford Info.html
  11. I got my copy many years ago. It is not in frequent use now, as I have many other books. However, often if I am searching for a particular tune, this is a place where it is found when other sources do not have it. And every book comes off the shelf for a browse from time to time. It is arranged in sections - the titles of the sections may help to give you a flavour of the contents:- -Tunes published before 1730 -The English dancing master 1651 (a facsimile reprint, difficlt to read in places) -The Beggar's Opera 1729 (also a facsimile reprint) -Morris, sword dance and ceremonial tunes -The Lichfield morris dances (another facsimile reprint) -Five Northumbrian pipe tunes (from "A tutor for Northumbrian small pipes" by J.W.Fenwick, published late 19th century) -Country dance tunes in 6/8, 9/8, and 3/4 -Country dance tunes in 2/4, 2/2, and 4/4 -Tunes written by Michael Raven -Some tunes from the editor's notebook. You find tunes which are also included in other publications, but altogether well worth having.
  12. Connecting to your computer via a cable is one way, but not the only way of transferring files. You can also remove the SD card and plug it into the SD card reader socket in your computer, which most computers have.
  13. I had a shoulder pain some years ago, not due to playing as that pattern had not changed. The diagnosis was rheumatism, and one cortisone injection seemed to clear. I'm always alert for a recurrence, but so far so good. - John Wild.
  14. http://ukfolkfestivals.co.uk/index.php This is website is a good reference point for what happens during the year.
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