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    I play English Concertina and Hayden Duet. I play solo at local folk clubs, and play in the band with Kettle Bridge Clogs, a ladies North West Morris side. More recently I have begun playing in a small ensemble of about 12 concertina players, mixed ability levels, many of them connected with Kettle Bridge Clogs.
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  1. There us an excellent book of Welsh tunes called Blodau'r Grug. I'm never sure of how to pronounce it. It has single line melodies with suggested chords. https://cerddystwyth.co.uk/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=8910 Regarding Robin's post, I can't help wondering what the men of Devon would be doing marching through Wales. 🙂
  2. I think you are right - my mistake.
  3. Bidders need to remember the hammer price does not include the auctioneer's mark up nor VAT. VAT at 20% is calculated on the total price including the markup.
  4. I'm not sure of journey times, but Dave Elliott is in Sheffield.
  5. I'm not sure it is a compulsorary requirement.
  6. Do a google search for online file sharing or online storage. The most common free ones are Dropbox, google onedrive or box.com. There are others.
  7. There are 2 ways to enter that text: with or without a capital 'P' Quote: Highland Bagpipe notation is also catered for : K:HP puts no key signature on the music but implies the bagpipe scale, while K:Hp puts F sharp, C sharp and G natural. From the ABC tutorial written by Steve Mansfield.
  8. This is a set of 3 tunes for all instruments. The chords are those generated by the program ABC Explorer. They were called "First practice set" by my music teacher who put together a set of tunes that everyone could play together. 1st practice set.pdf
  9. Check out Ringing Strings. Published by The Shetland Times Ltd, Prince Alfred street, Lerwick, on behlf of Shetland's Young Heritage. ISBN 0 900662 40 9
  10. My hard copy is orange but not as bright as this appears.
  11. Kettle Bridge Clogs and Kettle Bridge Concertinas are based in Kent, South East England. The Clogs dance side have been going since 1984, but sadly this is the final year. Older members have been retiring and despite lots of effort, there is a lack of younger dancers coming in to carry on the tradition. "Kettle" is a medieval form of cattle, and the name refers to an actual bridge, now a footbridge only.
  12. http://www.concertina.info/tina.faq/images/finger6.htm This is a link to a chart for a standard 48-button treble. The tenor treble has one extra button at the lower end of each row. On the left, across the 4 rows, these would be D#, D, F, F# On the right, across the 4 rows, these would be C#, C, E, Eb
  13. I heard a fiddle player who was one of a duo giving a concert performance at a folk festival last year. While it was technically brilliant, I came away feeling I could have been listening to a robot. The bouzouki player accompanying him only ever strummed chords. I am sure he could have done much more.
  14. The dancer & musician seem attuned to each other (I'm unsure if my choice of words convey what I mean). The music sessions I was thinking of are just that - music sessions with no dancers to take account of.
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