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  1. thanks for all the advice. i'm in sandusky ohio, up by cedar point. when i get some time i'll spend an hour you tubing. that sounds like the way to go. my main concern at the moment is monetary, and then ease of play.- looking forward to starting. been watching craigslist & ebay. if i don't find anything in a few weeks i'll actually hit a music store.-dave
  2. hi all- total newbie here. the more old posts i read the more confused i get. i'm a mediocre guitar/bass/mandolin/ukulele guy. playing with 4 other guitarists and things are getting redundant. looking to add a squeezebox sound. i guess it would be like what sheryl crow, bryds etc....do. just a little coloring in the backround. who knows though, maybe i'll actually get proficient and do some writing with it. but, that's the type of music i play. i just don't know what to get. i can't tell if their playing concertina,s , accordians, melodians???????. looking for some advice. i have no keyboard experience.-what do you folk think???? dave in ohio
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