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  1. The G appears to have been done properly. Looks like someone has modified the other letter.
  2. My first suggestion would be to talk to the dancers, or more usefully their musicians, who will be delighted to tell you about the type of Morris they dance, and talk about the tunes. They are almost always very approachable. If you find a tune you like in a key you don't, try searching (or asking here, of course) including places such as https://thesession.org/ where you may very often find versions in other keys, most notably G, D and E min. Also, the very same Lester Bailey who posted above, a man almost as well known for his modesty as for the high quality of his all too frequent
  3. Charlie does seem to manage most things. I'll have another look round his buttons section. PS what did you use to glue them?
  4. The ones I've looked at seem to have a base of dowel for half to 2/3 of their length, roughly, then the final piece typically plastic or sometimes ceramic. I've been looking around and at present there are two likely candidates. One is artificial ivory, which is polyester based so I suspect may not glue. The other is casein (you have to fight your way past the dietary supplement ads) which is probably what was originally used so should work. I didn't realise that you can still get it, but it's not hard to find once you know to look. I have ordered rods of each (20mm so rather wastefu
  5. Hi, I have a some German concertinas of varying age and construction but with a common problem - they are missing one or more buttons. I am planning, wisely or otherwise, to get them working again and I need a material to make some buttons, either as replacements if I can get a match, or as a complete set. The buttons are (or were) glued to short pieces of dowel, in turn glued to the action lever. I'm looking for a plastic material that I can turn and shape on a small lathe, that I can glue reliably to wood. I have some Delrin but I don't think that can be glued. Any suggesti
  6. Not entirely sure that's not the same box, Judith's? Or perhaps previously hers. PS vague memories of it getting dropped, too, and damaging the frame.
  7. Cheers - going past there on Saturday so maybe I'll drop in.
  8. Anyone know if Pittards shop is open Saturdays? Looked on the web site but couldn't find the hours Edit - found elsewhere - 10 to 4, but not sure if that includes the leather shop.
  9. I am sharing the sad news that Chris Mason, morris dancer, mummer, singer and concertina player, has recently suddenly passed away. I don't know that Chris was a member here, but I am sure that some will have known him. He played for Dorset Buttons Rapper and Bourne River Morris, and travelled widely with his concertina. He was also a well known member of Ringwood folk club. No further details at present.
  10. There is a whole bunch of separate skills that one has to learn, but are often not highlighted. I am learning, on a slightly different shaped box, to play for Morris. Learning to play with other people, and in front of other people, are two examples that players are usually just expected to "pick up along the way" but can be absolute blocks to progress. Workshops on how to do ornamentation and snazzy bits are quite common, and beginners workshops increasingly so, but intermediate/improvers/"soft skills" seems IMO much more scarce.
  11. Never really thought about tempering for reeds. Do you quench in water or oil - or does it make much difference for something that small?
  12. I imagine that most of the reprobates candidates interested in this would have met it on Melnet, but just in case there are a few cross-squeezers or dabblers on the dark side who haven't, here is the lowdown. Melodeon Playgroup is an event aimed at absolute beginner to basic intermediate melodeon players, primarily D/G but we're broad minded. It is loosely split into two groups, beginner and intermediate, and it's an informal get together for newbies and former newbies to meet each other (and learn that they really aren't that weird, after all. At least, not in that sense) and get a bit o
  13. I tried a number of boxes on a Barleycorn stall, and kept coming back to the Marcus boxes, because I liked the action. Only had a quick go on a Norman box, but I have positive memories of it.
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