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  1. I got a Lachenal Anglo which has a crowsfoot stamped into the case near to one of the Mechine screws and the the back of the hand rail is stamped C & S 1253 in to wood work.. Tried to research it but to nio avail.. Any help would be greatly appreciated..
  2. Just obtained an old Lachenal in bad condition for restoration as i am disabled and was an instrument restorer and now use my time up as a hobby. Am really confused by the part label.. Can anyone shed any light on it.. In case it helps all internal parts including bellows are numbered 108244.. Thanks in advance for any help offered.. chris.
  3. Hi all, new here but have aquired a Barnet Samuel 48 button Concertina which internally is very good but both the fretted end plate covers are beyond repair due to fretwork damage (most missing).. I am sure its a Lachenal and am looking for a pair of covers to replace them but cant find any suppliers of these second hand.. Can anyone suggest where i can get them from.. Its number is 28746.. Thanks for any help... chris..
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