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  1. This may be a question that has been answered before on C.net but I have failed (maybe due to not searching properly) to find a relevant thread. I am restoring a mahogany ended 20b Lanchenal Anglo that has needed some heavy TLC on its ends (water damage, lost fretwork, loss of end bolt holes etc). The repairs have been done and the ends are back to bare wood - I now need to finish them. I have experimented with various approaches in the past but never really come up with a method that gives a simple, good looking, durable finis. I would be grateful to hear of any tried and tested methods (sequence from bare wood to final finish) of finishing. Many thanks, Neil
  2. Dear Dowright, Could you please tell me what the highest serial number is in the database for a Lachenal Anglo? many thanks, Neil
  3. Good evening, Can I ask semi miniature owners a couple of questions? - Does the L & Co or other (distributor) initialing occur on both sides of these concertinas. - Do semi-miniatures ALWAYS come with initialing? Could you please post photos illustrating your answers? Many thanks, Neil
  4. Dear Geoff, Your sage comments on this concertina explain the Crabb labelling. Many thanks, Neil
  5. Dear C.netters, I would be interested in your thoughts on this offering on eBay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/H-Crabb-Son-Concertina-musical-instrument/254001470012?hash=item3b23aada3c:g:AMAAAOSwKphb~XxL Yours, confused, Neil
  6. I am reinventing the wheel here as I have just noticed that this same chap appears in a photo in Dan Worrall's 'The Anglo-German Concertina; A Social History' ! Neil
  7. Dear C.netters, Was watching a TV docudrama about the WW1 Armistice and this chap was involved in the subsequent celebrations in Paris. Neil
  8. Mike, It’s interesting that the accidental buttons are offset......another variation on the theme! Neil
  9. Edward, This post may be of interest....
  10. Wes, You are absolutely correct about the street naming and numbering.......see http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C818358 Not sure what the record is but seems to confirm things Neil
  11. 😮 Wow! It would of great interest to see a list these dealers in this thread? cheers, Neil
  12. Dear C.netters, I have just received a rather battered 20b rosewood Anglo with brass reeds, numbered keys and a 'makers' label for Imhof & Mukle, 547 Oxford Street, London. The concertina is #16745 and looks like an early Lachenal (Louis?). I&M seem to have been famous makers of Orchestrions and Barrel Organs but I haven't been able to find anything about their concertina dealing activities. They don't seem to appear in any list of known dealers.......has anyone else seen a concertina with their label? Neil
  13. This 'Jones' recently sold on eBay...........it seems to bear all the hallmarks of a 'Tidder" ?? Neil
  14. Dear C.netters, This concertina (#17642) is in auction at the moment with an invoice from Lachenal dated 11th January 1872 (see photo). I hope that this may be useful for Lachenal dating? Best regards, Neil
  15. Dear C.netters, I was looking at the Imperial war Museum online collection and found this WW1 Anglo........from the bellows papers it looks like a Jones with crudely replaced ends? It is ironic that the description of this exhibit in London are not as well documented as the WW1 concertinas held in the Australian War Museum and previously discussed here. Wishing all a a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Neil
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