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  1. I'd suggest avoiding shipping any concertina to the U.S. Paul Read, based in Toronto, has done tremendous maintenance work on my Dipper concertina over the years. He's my definite choice while in Montreal, but if you ever go at a festival in the U.S. you might have someone around who can do some basic work.
  2. Hello folks, I'm being asked by Karen at Concertina Connection the pad and valves sizes for my concertina (I ordered some parts). I'd have to open my concertina and I'd like to ask here first if by chance anyone knows that specific info already, because I don't really trust my skills at measuring stuff. I got a Dipper concertina, C/G, County Clare model. Maybe one owner of such instrument would happen to have this info? I'm useless. 😅
  3. Darn, my third post in like five years and I manage to make someone angry, I have not lost the touch! 😁 I was just kidding, I own a Dipper concertina and they've always been super nice to me. It's just an "inside joke" and was not meant as an insult.
  4. Yeah, would make a good joke. "Have you heard of the guy who contacted Colin 10 years ago and finally got an answer? He was shocked by such a quick response!" 😁
  5. Thanks folks! I'll look into the provided pointers. Very helpful.
  6. I recently had a ghosting note and played around with a pad for a few days to no avail. Today I decided to take the pad out and noticed a spot around the pad that was getting up a bit, thus preventing the middle section of the pad to completely block the air (that's my theory). With pliers, I squeezed the outside rim of the pad tightly and it seems to be doing the trick for now, no more ghosting... but I feel it's just a temporary solution. Does anyone know if someone can sell a few pads ready to be installed? I feel this is something that could be useful in the long run and I certainly don't have the skills to make some, not at the moment anyway! Thanks.
  7. I personally think buying new is a much better option when prices are similar. The argument that an older instrument might be "better" when broken in has some value, but I bought a used concertina before that had lots of issues so the "safety" of buying new straight from the maker would trump anything else, but it's just my personal opinion. As always, the market will speak and have the last word.
  8. Cool version of "Haste to the Wedding" I think
  9. Thanks for the tips Chris. The thing with the Carroll is, since it's Bb/F and not the "standard" key for Irish Music, I tend to play it at home the most, in a very relaxed environment, so it's not as if I needed a performance optimization. So readjusting the pressure of all springs on it might be a bit overkill for my needs, and feels like it would a lazy way of dealing with this. I'll try to spend more time playing the Carroll (which is always a great experience, the sound is amazing) and try to adjust. Thanks again!
  10. Wow thanks Chris could not ask for a more detailed post! Yes my Bb/F is actually an amazing Carroll concertina and I remember when I got it I was amazed at how easy it was to play, as if it was already "broken in". That's why I really need to ponder if it's worth changing the resistance or not, but I'm very happy to finally know about the technical requirements for changing the resistance. I actually have very good experience with Paul Read from Toronto, he's always done amazing jobs on my Dipper concertina. I try to avoid cross-border shipping with concertinas as it's a bit stressful. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks Geoff. I actually would like more resistance on my Bb/F to get it closer to my C/G. What kind of work/technique would be involved to increase the pressure of a spring? I'm not very good with that kind of manual work usually, but might be able to send it to someone who could do the work.
  12. Hello dear concertina folks, After seeing that other thread from Eskin I thought of asking a question I've had for a long time but never thought of posting it. I've got two concertinas, my "main" one in C/G and the other one in Bb/F. I first got used to the button/spring pressure of my C/G concertina, and then after receiving my Bb/F I've always had this minor issue where the button resistance on the Bb/F is much lower than the C/G, and sometimes my fingers lazily lay on some buttons and it will actually make the button go down and play random notes on the Bb/F. I realize that I might have a "bad" technique and I should not let some fingers lay down on some buttons I'm not playing, maybe changing my habit and always making sure all my unused fingers are lifted at all times is the best option, but I was wondering what type of work would be needed to make all the buttons on my Bb/F to have more resistance and make it closer to my C/G. After knowing what would be involved, I could then debate if having some modifications made to the Bb/F versus readapting my technique would be the easiest solution, knowing that I'm definitely lazy and I don't have as much time as I used to have for practice, although one hour a day should be enough if needs be.
  13. Was he talking about the RH top row? Because from what I can see for Jeffries C/G 30 buttons, Suttner has the same layout as Carroll (beside Carroll's extra C# instead of Eb on the first button), and the same layout as my Dipper concertina... I'm really curious about these "wrong" notes...
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