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  1. Well, I just put the reed back in its shoe but noticed a space of about a milimeter at the tip so I pushed a little harder to cover the whole shoe and now it seems to be working perfectly! I will put it more to the test later on but it seems that was really the problem. Thanks a million for that, I've got the great "The Concertina Maintenance Manual" but couldn't really make out what the problem was because the sound was a bit weird.
  2. Thanks a lot! I'll try all of your suggestions tomorrow, fingers crossed 😃
  3. Dear C.NET folks, For years when I had a strange sounding note, the fix was easy. Open up, find the reed, pass a small aluminium sheet under the reed to remove the hair or dust. Put things back together and "bang" it's fixed. This time, I can't seem to find the problem. I've tried the alluminium sheet cleanup technique, nothing. I checked the valve and it seems fine. I don't see anything abnormal, visually at least. I was wondering if someone had an idea. I recorded a small video. On my anglo C/G, that's the E on the "C" row on the left side. Thanks for your help!
  4. Yes thank you David, I get the feeling that's exactly what the problem is. It seems to be ghosting notes "everywhere" and I tried to play with a knife to "fluff" the leather but it doesn't move at all so I'm guessing I'm out of options without something more advanced. Anyway I will send it to Paul Read in Toronto as it requires masterful skills I don't possess
  5. I meant two different chambers, not next to each other. I get the feeling the whole thing is warped a bit somehow and leaking "everywhere". I'll take a look at that trianlge tomorrow thanks, haven't noticed any such thing. What's a charmois job? But by the sound of it I'm thinking it's quite possible ?
  6. Thanks for your answer. Actually now it's getting worse and I got the same problem on the right side, two different notes not adjacent that are ghosting. If I were to send it for maintenance, what type of work could be done to try to fix this? It seems to be systemic. I've looked everywhere and I don't see anything abnormal but I'm not very qualified for this sort of thing.
  7. Hello folks, I'm having a weird problem with my C/G concertina. The left hand low B on the pull seems to be leaking (ghost note) but *only* before I play the lower F# also on the pull. When I play the F# right after the B, I can hear the B ghosting a bit. As it happens, both these reeds and pads are next to each other. I replaced the pad for the B but I don't think it made much of a difference. Maybe it's just a series of coincidences and I'll do some testing, but I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on this. Could it be that there's a leak between the pad board and the reed board? I check and didn't see anything obvious. EDIT: I tested some more and yes, if I play the B and then the F# right after, as long as I keep pulling I can hear a faint B... but if I play the F# by itself first, nothing.
  8. I can certify that Paul Read does an amazing job at maintenance, he's fixed my Dipper concertina a few times.
  9. I'd suggest avoiding shipping any concertina to the U.S. Paul Read, based in Toronto, has done tremendous maintenance work on my Dipper concertina over the years. He's my definite choice while in Montreal, but if you ever go at a festival in the U.S. you might have someone around who can do some basic work.
  10. Hello folks, I'm being asked by Karen at Concertina Connection the pad and valves sizes for my concertina (I ordered some parts). I'd have to open my concertina and I'd like to ask here first if by chance anyone knows that specific info already, because I don't really trust my skills at measuring stuff. I got a Dipper concertina, C/G, County Clare model. Maybe one owner of such instrument would happen to have this info? I'm useless. ?
  11. Darn, my third post in like five years and I manage to make someone angry, I have not lost the touch! ? I was just kidding, I own a Dipper concertina and they've always been super nice to me. It's just an "inside joke" and was not meant as an insult.
  12. Yeah, would make a good joke. "Have you heard of the guy who contacted Colin 10 years ago and finally got an answer? He was shocked by such a quick response!" ?
  13. Thanks folks! I'll look into the provided pointers. Very helpful.
  14. I recently had a ghosting note and played around with a pad for a few days to no avail. Today I decided to take the pad out and noticed a spot around the pad that was getting up a bit, thus preventing the middle section of the pad to completely block the air (that's my theory). With pliers, I squeezed the outside rim of the pad tightly and it seems to be doing the trick for now, no more ghosting... but I feel it's just a temporary solution. Does anyone know if someone can sell a few pads ready to be installed? I feel this is something that could be useful in the long run and I certainly don't have the skills to make some, not at the moment anyway! Thanks.
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