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    Repairing instruments normally stringed but taken on the challenge of a Concertina. Films, playing instruments. Canasta.
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  1. Thank you Alex. That is a great help. Just need to find out where the reeds go now. Lol.
  2. Retirement project. Never even held one before let alone try to repair one. A 20 key Klingenthal Concertina made in the Republic of Germany. Bought it from a guy who had never used it so it was stored in a garage. Consequently the left hand side internals have all come adrift. The wooden construction not a problem it is the reeds. See picture. It probably wouldnt have been a problen if they were just all vertical but five are horizontal and I havent a scooby do what they are. In a word HELP! I pressume the wood to wood is wood glue and wood to reed is wax but what wax, is it bees wax?
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