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    Repairing instruments normally stringed but taken on the challenge of a Concertina. Films, playing instruments. Canasta.
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  1. Well the wooden skeleton is reassembled but my next problem is where do the reeds go? Bottom row two notes per button and top row is three notes per button. Are they an octave apart or do the form a chord?
  2. Thank you Peter found Gary’s books. At least once I have put it back together I will be able to learn a tune on it. Lol.
  3. Thank you Peter, that is a great help. My next search is for a book of songs/shantys for the 20 button concertina.
  4. Unfortunately they are for 30 key concertinas. Key buttons positioning marked up would be really useful if you might have it. Brian
  5. Hi guys, I picked up a 20 key German Democratic Republic Concertina as a project to rebuild. This is quite a major rebuild as all the reed sets were just floating about inside along with all the wooden framework. Has anyone any layout plans or photographs and button values. It looks as though the push pull are different notes. I think that I have all the necessary accessories i.e. specialist glue, bellows tape and glue, beeswax to attach the reeds, valves. I presume using basic pine to replace the missing woodwork is okay. I have made a blower to test and adjust the notes. Any help would be gratefully received. Thank you in advance. Charlie.
  6. Thank you guys for the useful information. Just awaiting for the valves to turn up from CGM then I will be making a start. List: wood, wood glue, wax resin, valves, valve glue. Maybe refurbish bellows once I have everything else ready.
  7. Thank you Alex. That is a great help. Just need to find out where the reeds go now. Lol.
  8. Retirement project. Never even held one before let alone try to repair one. A 20 key Klingenthal Concertina made in the Republic of Germany. Bought it from a guy who had never used it so it was stored in a garage. Consequently the left hand side internals have all come adrift. The wooden construction not a problem it is the reeds. See picture. It probably wouldnt have been a problen if they were just all vertical but five are horizontal and I havent a scooby do what they are. In a word HELP! I pressume the wood to wood is wood glue and wood to reed is wax but what wax, is it bees wax?
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