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  1. Eh Up Don. I thought that you were from Lesta Me Duck. Best Wishes Old Nic
  2. My Factory stands on land once owned by Ada Lovelaces family. Just a coincidence that in 1983/4 we made the first mouldings for Bruno Moreau and Andre Nacatch for their invention of the Smart Card. I had great difficulty understanding how you could download Notional cash on to this micro chip. What was he talking about !. I have a certain respect for the Hawking proposal as I to have the dreaded M N D. I a,m unable to even get a scale of C from my Tina
  3. Good Mike we are on the same side singing to the same sheet. I only wish that I could come and enjoy the Afternoon. Interesting that the Church Hall was financed by a contribution from a Levy on Rubbish Best Wishes Old Nic
  4. I am not happy with the term "Heathen". Just because we do not believe in the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus. Keep Bloody Religion out of it . This is a wonderful afternoon and I would love to come but as the dreaded M N D has struck me I am unable to play now
  5. DO NOT BUY A CHEAPO CONCERTINA You will live to regret it. It will
  6. I am not surprised that there are "No Marks " who would own up to making this?
  7. I made a 4 or a 5 mm core drill for this nasty problem when all else failed. Then replaced the hole with a matching dowel and then re-drilled. I cheated as I used a hardened sleeve ejector for the blank for the drill and ground teeth on to it
  8. I once went to see a Chair Bodger in the woods around High Wycombe. He made Windsor Chair Legs on a Pole Lathe in less than 2 minutes
  9. Come on Dave "Tricks" they are Bodges. Or may be they are Prostitutes "Tricks" and they "F====d" the Concertina. At least it is not as bad as the lovely Wheatstone Duet 60 odd keys that had been glued together with Araldite that I was offered
  10. Try different polymer such as 30% Glass filled Nylon 66 if you can. For the ends try C Z 101 or "Admirality Brass, you can get them from U K Model Engineering Suppliers you could try Nickel Silver Cooksons or Betts in Birmingham England may help.You appear to be using Poly Prop, this will not pray paint or glue
  11. Do not make the shim too tight or the reed will cease to sound
  12. Well Done M'Duck. Have you not come a long way. Lovely to hear , Nic
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