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    cleaning brass reeds.

    As I showed David Leese a Scratch Pen I think that I can take the credit for this. You can get one from Proops Bros
  2. DO NOT TRY TO GLUE DELRIN /ACETAL / P O M You need acid at 150 degrees C . Nuff said. It's a cheapo Tina , get some 10 mm dowel , if you don't have access to a lathe put the bits in your drill to profile the ends

    Need some help, Pairing a tune with Scarborough Fair

    We ,collectively, are the carriers of our oral and aural traditions. It therefore behoves , each and everyone of us, to nuture and foster the knowledge and respect for that History. Like any language whether it be English, French, German or Urdu it is a Grade One A Star listed Building. It is incumbent on us to help with the education of Musically semi-literate audiences. It is Music not Bloody Muzak Don The Cash is in the Post( Will it get through Canadian Customs though M'Duck?) Pounds 5 Pounds is a good song and well worth a look and a listen

    Need some help, Pairing a tune with Scarborough Fair

    Scarborough Fair is an ENGLISH TUNE. Why on Earth mix it with Irish tunes. Look at English Country Dance Tunes or Playford or even some of the tunes in Folk Songs from Florida. Please respect the Tradition and do not merge it into an amorphous World Music Mush

    3 videos

    Lovely playing M'Duck. Haven't you come a long way. Well Done
  6. Best place is ABEBOOKS if it ain't there you have a problem

    1. lachenal74693


      > Best place is ABEBOOKS if it ain't there you have a problem
      1st (or maybe 2nd) place I tried - you are correct - I have a problem!
      Thanks. Roger.


    Who Made These Reedpans

    From the quality of the Timber ,being quarter sawn , I would hazard a guess at Chidley. He was in a previous life a Timber Merchant. Wheatstone did not stamp reed pans in this fashion
  8. Oh I do wish that I could still play my Tina, but M N D precludes this I did so enjoy these meetings. Lovely playing Keep up the Good Work Chaps and Chapesses

    Amusing Carpentry Capers

    It is not in the O E D

    Amusing Carpentry Capers

    I am at a loss as to how you would use a Donkey to repair a Tina The Burro hide would be far too thick and the bone not suitable for buttons. Only Joking but watch the spelling The Hand rests look good

    Improvers Concertina. Recommendations Please.

    See your personal messages, litlle red icon at the top of the page
  12. I remember recording myself playing my first Duet, 'ORRIBLE Then someone pointed out that the Left hand was in Old Pitch and the Right in New Pitch. UGH I had it re-tuned and sold it to help finance a Tenor Treble from Hamish Bayne, much better
  13. Why re-invent the wheel ? This is nothing but a wool-gathering of Academics. It reminds me of the Cretins at our Local University who got £500,000 to develop a polymer from Salt Flour and pulverised egg shells.. We offered to mould some for them. I told them that it was hygroscopic and would absorb water from the atmosphere. "O No, you don't know what you are talking about" said the Prof. 48 hours later the mouldings had reverted and had become a gooey blob
  14. I am still of the opinion that the Reed-pan has a far greater influence than spring hardness and temper. Jefferies pans have the annual rings closer than say Lachenal, and are of Sycamore Chidley pans are harder and closer as well. If you have seen the Documentary on Steinway Pianos ,they put tremendous importance on the quality of the sound-board Spruce, and the reed-pan is in effect the sound-board
  15. Just where on this Planet are you going to find a Mill to supply lets say 20 K g s of spring steel to a specific analysis. This would make around 250,000 reeds. I reckon that this would be more than enough for 10 years use. Make the best of what we can get