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  1. Keep your dog!! Perhaps this thread will provide some encouragement:
  2. There are several videos by this group which are sweet. This one boasts a concertina. I suspect that this group is new to most of us, so thought it worth sharing. Best
  3. I agree with Saguar-squeezer. You are onto something. I don't think this portative organ project should be given up but rather developed.
  4. I love this instrument. Many years ago, before I took up the concertina, I endeavored to build a small pipe organ, and in the process made about 20-30 pipes. Eventually, the project was abandoned, but not because of it's doability. Now the smaller pipes have been made into Christmas ornaments and the larger ones may someday become bases for lamps. But with this said, I have often wondered if this was possible, but usually push it out of mind as a silly "pipe-dream". I would really like to hear this play, if possible. Great innovation. congrat
  5. When I first starting playing concertina I used binocular straps. They worked surprisingly well. I would not hesitate to use them again, if and when I decide to play standing up. They are very adaptable, and there is no neck strain (which is the main reason they are designed in the first place). Here is an exploratory link: https://www.google.com/search?q=binocular+straps&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg:CTefivmOCstLImBC8FOl4acGozmeXAYVn_1p6fJRAexvV3c1RmKwnxnE5mcQdd_1xb5azBTgqIYIDIhXQIe6vbvws2NmMfdbwKtIEXBrPFuBnCho5kN76sxi_10n812yTy0hEuakxB8K
  6. Welcome! And thank you for the introduction. When my son texted me the clip, he added the comment, "summer job for Dad". It was, of course, a tease. But your dexterity and command of the instrument got my attention
  7. You are right. I'll correct the first posting. Thanks!
  8. The link is fixed. For some reason when uploaded it was designated "private". It's now "public". Sorry about that. (The clip is ont14 seconds long) https://youtu.be/95vtkmQd12c
  9. My son is visiting Quebec and texted me a very short video clip of a fellow playing an English Concertina is some square. Does anyone know who he is? Thanks!! https://youtu.be/95vtkmQd12c
  10. I found an impressive video by Simon Keegan-Phipps. I would like to view more of his playing, but cannot find any online. Does anyone know where I might find more examples of his playing? Thanks! https://ruslar.pro/video/YrM45PT9nRE
  11. A question about the ledger. Just yesterday I had looked up my Wheatstone, likewise made in 1912. I see the Date, model number, description, and serial number, but could someone fill me in on what the number in parenthesis refers to? Thanks in advance!
  12. Sounds like a humidity issue to me (the seasons are changing). Don't do anything until you know that this is not the issue. Also, your Ceili is still under warrantee (I think) so you may also want to contact them, but I would rule out humidity first. Perhaps this "Concertina Care" thread might help:
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