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  1. Noel Ways

    Routine Maintenance

    Here are a few odd points. Keep fingernails trimmed - can damage finish around buttons. Protect from wild changes in environmental humidity - important if the soundboard is not plywood. If I recall from Edgley's web site he will make his concertinas with both "traditional soundboard" or a plywood soundboard, depending upon what the customer requests. Find out what your soundboard is made of. Give Frank Edgley a call with concertina number and ask him for his thoughts. If the finish is really nice, not a bad idea to wash and remove sweat, oil, etc from hands before playing it. Store in a place where is protected BUT readily accessible. If it is hidden away, practice time may go down or even stop as the months wane into years. Seek out all the concertina care threads on this site - there are MANY !! A good resource is https://www.amazon.com/Concertina-Maintenance-Manual-David-Elliott/dp/1899512675 If there is a particular surface where there is more potential for abrasion, such as the surface that is on the lap; rubbing a little bit of beeswax of that particular surface can reduce friction, or at least protect the finish somewhat. Keep away from sunlight and extreme heat as in a car in parking lot. Hope these random points help.
  2. Noel Ways

    Bad Habits

    Your woman friend needs one of these: https://www.cafepress.com/mf/109846944/ask-about-my-concertina-skills_mugs
  3. Noel Ways

    Bad Habits

    Two bad habits that I need to constantly avoid: Practicing too fast. If one practices a piece slowly and correctly, this saves steps. Once mastered slowly the tempo can be increased. Not using a metronome. There is a tendency for me to go slowly during more difficult sections and pick speed for the easier parts. I have found if left unchecked the speed differences may become habits. I think for the listener this can be unnerving. I can think of others, but these are my big two. A metronome is a good investment if you do not already have one. Noel
  4. Scroll down to the end of this link and you will see some very interesting and very small reeds. http://www.philharmonicas.com/philharmonicas.html The accompanying videos by Philharmonicas demonstrate the quality of the reeds. I am curious if concertina makers think that such reeds deserve consideration for use in possibly piccolo concertinas, or otherwise ?!?!
  5. Noel Ways

    Tune Played By Aaron Marcus On Morse Duet

    Aaron wrote this sometime ago for the wedding of a personal friend of his. I had contacted him about it about 5 years ago, and he sent it to me. I had contacted Aaron through: http://www.amarcus.org/marcii/about.php
  6. Noel Ways

    "christmas Concertina Tunes"

    Thanks for all this input: so much more that meets the eye! Thank you Jim for pointing out the CD. I sampled it, and I agree, it is a thing of beauty. I ordered the CD.
  7. This lady is talented and does a nice job weaving Christmas tunes into her playing towards the end. Does anyone know who she is? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JkbJe70jBs Merry Christmas !
  8. Desi Arnaz plays the concertina !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gCyFEk1MhLM Then again, maybe not. But a bit of history anyway ....
  9. Noel Ways

    A Remarkable Young Anglo Player

    Thank you for the historical vignette above, Will. I am still awestruck ... Yes, please do !! And, THANK YOU in advance.
  10. Noel Ways

    A Remarkable Young Anglo Player

    I am certain that the University of Leeds had certain musical parameters that guided Cohens studies and his selection of music for his final recital. The website may still be just fine. Regardless, I cannot help but conclude that whatever the guiding source of music selection, Cohen rose to the occasion, mastered the music, and raised the bar for many of us. I look forward to following this young man and seeing how he develops musically for the next several decades.
  11. Noel Ways

    A Remarkable Young Anglo Player

    Adrian, You had mentioned that Cohen had sent you a few videos of a concert he'd given in Sheffield. Are these available to us ?
  12. Noel Ways

    A Remarkable Young Anglo Player

    Wow. There is a livestream downloader for Chrome at: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/livestream-downloader/abcociiobbpehgklomfdghmbdmclbmgl?hl=en-US if you would like to download this video. Once it is installed in CHROME, click on the menubar icon and then on videos. There you will find this young musicians name and can download this video. A keeper, indeed ...
  13. Noel Ways

    Tuning Precision & Accuracy

    I have been using a desktop strobe tuner for some time to evaluate a reed tone when in question: http://www.katsurashareware.com/strobe/strobe.html More recently, I have questioned the software and found a tone generator to test the above software: http://www.szynalski.com/tone-generator/ To my surprise, the software seems to have been doing a good job. I ask this because I have a bunch of old accordion reeds that I would like to tune (just for FUN), and was considering a lower end Peterson tuner for the project. Does anyone have any experience / thoughts / opinions regarding online strobe tuners?
  14. Noel Ways

    Internal Baffle

    Yes. And staccato on a duet works well so that the volume issues are not even noticed. But the nature of a Hayden Duet is that it can also lend itself very well to chordal accompaniment that is legato with two, sometimes more buttons, pressed at the same time. When one wants to do this, issues surface, and volume reduction comes to mind.