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  1. @Don Taylor : Hmmmm, you don't happen to have someone named Alexa living in your house, do you? ;-) I suspect this third party dreaded ad banner under the top line when you open the forum. I don't like what I see there at all, mostly because it appears to be data mined ads tailored to what someone thinks is my scheme of pray. A geeky thing to do would be to run wireshark and process explorer to see what process actually attempts to establish the internet connection.
  2. Another issue to consider is bank transaction fees when shipping money across continents. Sometimes you'll lose obscene amounts disappearing among the institutions involved in the transaction. In terms of where to sell, I'd second Mike. Selling via c.net is generally a very safe and trustworthy thing to do, in particular if the buyer is someone with a high number of postings and a respected contributor.
  3. Hi there, for an upcoming Scottish Ceilidh we're playing at, I'm looking into Scottish tunes and found this here video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSEBdX4d0QM The first tune in the set is listed as Jock McCalum of Rodel. I couldn't find any other reference to that title anywhere on the net. Does anyone know about alternative names of the tune; if there are none, is this a copyrighted piece of music? Thanks!
  4. Having grown up in Hamburg myself, Wolf, I can understand your confusion. Now that I live in Southern Germany, the picture is different. Have a look at this: https://www.mv-messstetten.de/weinfest-heinstetten.html This is a performance of a music club of a 10.000 inhabitant town not too far away from where I live. My town (2000 inhabitants) has a musical society as well, and so have a perceived 80% of towns and villages (even still smaller ones than mine) . They are everywhere, and there hardly is any public event in which there is none of those bands performing. It's a rather old and thriving tradition. Fortunately the music is not quite as traditional anymore; these days there is a good share of jazz and pop music in the repertoire of those societies. However they still dress up in uniform most of the time (never seen any of the plumage though).
  5. let's not split hairs in two here - of course I meant to write "untraceable to the community." I guess this was clear enough. Admins may also be able to monitor private conversations which does not change anything about the fact that users do engage in those private conversations, relying on the concept that those will remain invisible to the community public. When I do add a visual comment via a like, a thanks or whatever, of course it does make a difference to me whether I know that the person whose contrib I commented upon will know it was me or not. I'm NOT bringing up the issue (again) whether anonymous commenting is good or not. All I object to is that all of the visual comments that have been made under the assumption of inattributability have been made publicly traceable afterwards without asking for consent. That would been somehwat similar to making all private conversations public without asking those involved for permission. The correct strategy would have been to simply leave everything in the past as is, make an announcement that all visual comments will from now an be attributable to the source and make the change then. That said, I personally don't think it's too big an issue either, so this will be my last comment here. I just don't want to let the statement stay unchallenged that it is ok to make a change like that without asking those involved.
  6. Thanks Danny, naturally I'm aware of the readahead streaming strategy. Still it happens quite frequently that videos I watch suffer from hickups - my connection isn't cutting edge, but it isn't terrible either. As far as I understand it (I'm sure your background gives you much more authority to comment though), there are several bottlenecks in bandwidth along the path from the server to my browser client, and the best bandwidth you can expect is the worst bottleneck.
  7. The only thing is that up to this point, all visual comments have been made under the assumption that they can not be traced back to the originator. Making them traceable in retrospect may be viewed as a severe breach of trust.
  8. well, that would defeat the purpose, I guess. Folks, the issue of the anonymous votes had been discussed vehemently with the introduction of the new forum software (which was when? Two years ago?) with at least one person leaving the forum because of it. The feature has since been around, used (more heavily over time as far as I can tell) and silently accepted by pretty much everybody else, so there does not appear to be a big need for a new debate here, does there?
  9. I don't have a tool suggestion but a word of caution: Whatever you pick, it better be something you can download and use offline. Rhythm tracks of any type you want to have precise timing which by definition doesn't work when a network (in particular the internet) is in between your device and the source. The delays may be barely audible, but if they're there, they'll throw off your timing...
  10. valid point. The reason why we do is that we can feed them our garbage which (depending on how you look at it) may qualify as a win-win situation, no?
  11. Wolf, my remark was never intended as a personal attack towards you or any real person. I'm sure you share my sentiments about this atrocity, and I do not doubt that there is no need for you to rely on a translation for either yourself or the forum! Thanks for providing an opportunity to bring up a pet peeve of mine!
  12. Will ebay keep the prices of sold items? I suspect not; otherwise parasitic software could comb those listings and try to establish market values of frequently traded products, which would sort of undermine the idea of an auction (and thereby minimize ebays profits). btw, I know why I hate, loathe, abhor and despise (any order is fine) automated translations. What an insult to the ear, eye and brain. Then again, if humans are so stupid to delegate something as inherently human as language to computers, they (humans) do not deserve anything better.
  13. Added a rendition of Jenny Lind Polka (arrangement courtesy Chris Jewell, played on Holden#3, all mistakes and shortcomings are my own) to my Soundcloud presence:



  14. Hi there Dissonance, are you aware of Alex's Mullering work? One of his conversions actually involved replacing metal ends with wooden ones (https://www.holdenconcertinas.com/?p=1480). On his instagram presence, Alex did comparisons between the two and found the sound changes to be minimal. The customer and Hendrik also commented on the effect of the different materials. Of course, there are a number of factors that make the comparison difficult (such as the ratio of open against closed space that may affect the differences in sound as well). It would be interesting to compare your results with Alex's! I had contemplated asking him for both metal and wooden ends on my #3 but abandoned the idea when it appeared that the audible difference would be rather small.
  15. Hi Mikael, it's impossible to make a serious assessment by looking at just one picture. You may want to post a video of someone playing every note on push and pull and rotating the instrument towards the camera, that'll be helpful for an overall idea of the condition of the instrument. The one thing that strikes me funny is that as far as I can tell, Salvation Army members (at least in Germany) typically played Crane Duet concertinas (Triumph in their terminology). Where does the information about the Salvation Army come from anyways? I coudln't find it in the original post.
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