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  1. Hi there, I found this (see attachment) on another concertina discussion forum, and to my best knowledge, it hasn't been published here yet (I don't know why, but I certainly hope I'm not stirring up controversials about platforms and preferences). Apologies if I just missed it here.
  2. Hi David, thanks for asking, no, it's not a secret, rather a lockdown project (the kind to prevent me from commiting Harmonicides on suicycles or something). A Crane MIDI to spare my beloved endless hours of having to listen to my memorizing ragtime pieces (no commercial interests whatsoever). I haven't documented it in full yet, I plan on doing that around May 1 when I hope to have a working "prototype." I sneaked the first part of the documentation in here: (not an April fool's joke). The truth of the matter is that the electronics/programming part of mak
  3. Hi there, sorry if this is a dupe but I found none of it on this site: Harmonicade Conincidentally, the electronics are a lot like the ones I use for my project.
  4. Hi David, I believe you can scan any written piece of music to MusicXML and go from there, eg here: https://www.playscore.co/blog/scanning-music-into-finale-2/ Edit: There are many commercial and "free" software packets out there that appear to do what you want, you might want to search the net for music +ocr . From what I've heard, some of these have become really good at deciphering handwritten scores, sorry I can't pinpoint a particular one.
  5. Hi everybody - for a follow-up, I present my solution for making small cone springs. Though it looks fairly organic and straightforward, the price for this construction were a perceived kilometer of wasted spring wire, about a dozen attempted solutions for the bin on the way and many many scratches, scars and dents in my hands (as you can guess from some of the close ups in the video). It's here. I'm quite satisfied with this solution (which is important because the springs are in the critical path for the project). Hopefully someone else can draw useful hin
  6. actually, in terms of button arrangement, a conversion wouldn't be too hard, "simply" relocate the leftmost lowest button to the top of the column. Of course this doesn't consider issues like sloped pans. EDIT: Actually you'd need to relocate three buttons. Oh well. Spoiler: I currently work on a custom MIDI crane. If I'd known about the 5CC layout before I started the design, I would have added an additional button space, so switching from one layout to the other would be a no brainer. Oh well...
  7. The layout is fairly intriguing. I'll give it a go on my "soft concertina" vnoizepad application once I can shell out a few cycles. One of the things I like about it is that (as opposed to the traditional Crane layout in which it doesn't work for Bb and B) ALL power chords can be fingered by flattening a finger to play the two notes in consecutive columns together.
  8. well, I don't know. To me it is more like the app can select any sound font resident on the device via Bluetooth. But I'll be happy for Kurt if I'm wrong!
  9. But on that same page, if you scroll down to the bottom there'll be a list of Roland Synthesizers to which you can download the Axial fonts ("select your synthesizer"), and as far as I can tell, the Ae-10 is not among them.
  10. I wouldn't hold my breath (pun intended, though the gadget seems to be very nice) that it's possible to change the sound fonts, at least with respect to the internal synthesizer (ie everything that is output through the internal speakers of the instrument). This list here implies that the sound fonts are hardcoded in the firmware. Yet the rules change when the flute is used as a MIDI instrument over USB, because in that case the instrument code is just a number sent to the recipient of the MIDI data (usually some PC based software). That software is free to reinterpret the instrume
  11. Be as it may, does that vindicate the practice of data mining by private companies or make it any less opposable? I still don't see why you brought governmental privacy issues into the discussion.
  12. True, but it's also worth pointing out a few other things: 1. Governmental access requires permission of the disclosure by a judge (at least in all western democracies), so there is control over who gets access and who doesn't. 2. There is a significant difference between the interest of the government in the data and the interest of private companies (such as escrow companies). 3. The government normally doesn't resell the data for profit once they were able to gather it 4. (at least in Europe) a government is not allowed to reassemble unrelated
  13. well, we can only speculate why Steve is hesitant to use PP. I don't mind PP being profit oriented (again, it's the basic right and reason for existence of any business, as long as the profit isn't generated through immoral or criminal activity), and I don't mind if they're a PITA, and I don't mind them freezing your funds at their own descretion (rather on the opposite), and they're as entitled to an occasional mistake and inconvenience as is any company. Here's my major gripe about PP: They're data miners. They'll strip you naked and sell your nude pictures to anyone
  14. That's not what I meant. A business must make profit, otherwise it wouldn't be a business. I don't have any problems with that.
  15. I hate to become political, Paul, but I must disagree. Nobody should have a Paypal account. Their business model is immoral and inacceptable. Steve to me becomes so much more respectable for refusing to become part of that big mistake.
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