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  1. They are in a Jeffries as replacement lever. Not 100 percent sure who made them. They are very solid.
  2. Yes I’ve seen people say both things. Maybe it’s worth a test on some scrap wood to see. I stick with plain shellac when it comes to concertinas as well.
  3. Yes Sandarac goes nicely in spirit varnishes but it makes the varnish a little softer. They often add it to fiddle varnish. It depends on the end result you want.
  4. Are more photos out of the question? Fretwork etc?
  5. Wow! that is interesting! Thank you so much for the info Geoff. I wonder why that key was so popular? Anyone have an idea? I'm way too far out of my comfort zone to speculate.
  6. But which one…. 😂 the underside of a few reeds….
  7. Would anyone like to have a guess as to who made this concertina? It is stamped J. Booth all over but I think he might have been a dealer….
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