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  1. Updated in main post. I am pushing my budget up to about $200, hoping to get a decent little Stagi or something like that. Thanks for all the help and advice!
  2. I think I would prefer an Anglo. From what I have read it is better suited to more folksy style music, which is what I want. I have already learned a few instruments, mostly piano and saxophone, and I'm okay with a bit of a challenge. I have looked on eBay, but I'm afraid I'll get something practically unusable. But my budget is tight, so I can't afford a new Rochelle for a while, and I'd rather start on something cheaper just to get started. Thanks for the advice though! I'm going to keep looking. It looks like getting one on eBay then trying to repair it myself is unlikely to go well. Are concertinas fairly difficult to repair?
  3. EDIT: okay, I have been convinced that I'm being too cheap. After a little more research it looks like something like a Stagi 20b is probably what I'm looking for, something like that to start out. I can push my budget up to about $200 if anyone has a solid reliable little thing they are trying to upgrade from. Y'all are some pretty helpful people, I have to say. Lots of great advice I really appreciate. I'm trying to be a little more patient so I can find a decent instrument. I am totally new to concertinas, but I want one to play in my history classes for students and to play with family at family gatherings. I am looking for something really cheap - like $100 or less range cheap, something I can get started on. I'm fine with an old Italian or German beater just so I can get started while I learn more and save for a better instrument. As long as it works and I can get started on it. I am in Texas. Thank you!
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