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  1. nicx66

    concertinas in the movies

    Roy Rogers in The Trail of Robin Hood, Home Town Jubilee
  2. nicx66

    Sterling Melodeon on Ebay

    Don't see these come up for sale too often, at least not on eBay. I have no connection with the sale, I just thought I would post it for any interested parties. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sterling-Accordion-Key-Of-D-Cajun-Zydeco/153358575216?hash=item23b4e22670:g:NPIAAOSwlfNcN-2R:rk:2:pf:0
  3. nicx66

    Jeffries in B/F# (really!)

    There was a high-end George Jones B/F# for sale here few years back.
  4. Roy Rogers 'Trail of Robin Hood' looks like a Lachenal English though it is not clear if thats whats being played in the song. It is clearly used as a prop in the scene.
  5. I suspect that this offering is, indeed, a 'Tidder', though not certain without pictures of the internals. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Antique-30-Key-Anglo-Concertina-Probably-By-Lachenal-C1870/173713164481?hash=item28721c88c1:g:1k0AAOSwVcVcJ358:rk:4:pf:0
  6. nicx66

    Wooden Ended Tenor Treble Wtb

    Barleycorn has at least 3 that I see in their current stock selection.
  7. Perhaps related, I would argue that the lowest quality vintage concertinas are superior in sound and construction when comparing them to the lowest quality modern concertinas. Also, this opinion is less likely to ruffle any feathers.
  8. nicx66

    Thanksgiving thank yous

    Thank YOU! Greg, for your advice, patience, and workmanship. These old instruments need a craftsman to bring out the best in them. The price-point too! I know that it is tacky to talk about the money, but your service is so far above and beyond the $15 that I paid you. Those F# reeds are so very important.
  9. speaker foam is ambient and works great
  10. I have a vintage brass reed anglo and I love the tone. It dates from around 1901 and has reeds similar to the type that Jones used. The original tuning was 70 cents sharp of C/G so I had it professionally serviced and tuned to C#/G#. Brass reeds are sensitive to any drastic changes from the original tuning, so bringing it to C/G was not an option. I have had 2 reed tongues crack and need to be replaced. The issues were related in my case. A cracked reed caused it to go out of tune by about 30 cents. Replacing it was easy and painless, thanks to Greg Jowaisas. The response on the brass reeds is great and for a band setting, the volume is perfect and it blends beautifully with other instruments. It would be interesting to see a modern maker do a brass reed anglo. I have heard only good things about Chris Algar. While I have not bought an instrument from him, he has been helpful in answering some inquiries and always very knowledgeable. Good luck on your purchase.
  11. nicx66

    Bb /F Crab anglo 21 button

    Does it have steel or brass reeds?
  12. nicx66

    Christmas songs... in Yiddish

    Fairytale of New York would be fantastic!
  13. nicx66

    Wanted to buy: 40-key anglo concertina

    There was an early 50's Wheatstone, 40 key, C/G on Ebay recently with a buy it now price of $900! No one bought it and it was relisted as a regular auction and with a better heading, and it went for a good bit more. But deals are still out there, depending on how long you are willing to wait. That listing was from an estate sale and the seller was likely trying to move it.
  14. I think that this observation is the most accurate. The same can be said of the tin-whistle, which is an affordable flageolet, and came around the same time in the mid 19th century
  15. nicx66

    Not Gone Yet!

    17th Century tunes sounding fantastic on these modern 19th century instruments!