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  1. Really interested, but I can't figure out the PM system... Email ok? polacheckdavid@gmail.com
  2. I'm looking at an international purchase of a vintage Wheatstone from a private party-I live in the USA. The instrument is 90+ years old but not 100. How do I find out about possible customs duty charges? How do I deal with CITES regulations if the wood ends are or resemble ebony? I would appreciate info and/or sources of information-thanks.
  3. I'm finally ready to upgrade from my Bastari and have decided what I want: a 56 metal button, wood ended, Wheatstone Aeola tenor-treble-riveted action, brass reed pans, A=440, preferably from the period 1910-1930 or so. Playability and tone more important than appearance. Any leads/help on this project greatly appreciated. I'm monitoring online the Button Box, Concertina Connection, Hobgoblin UK and Barleycorn Concertinas. Any others out there?
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