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  1. Hey Concertinist and concertiners! I take part in traditional Music class with a teacher who plays the violin. He is often trying to get me to play rolls. I discovered from some forum that violin rolls aren't really adapted to the concertina. I did find the video on the two finger roll with Simon Thoumire which i really liked but my teacher feels is closer to a shake.. maybe the way I'm doing it is wrong but anyway, tonight,we did the tune Monasteraden Fancy. In the first part there is a many opportunities for a high G roll. As my teacher started asking me about the rolls, I tried a pull
  2. Interesting..i wouldn't of thought of the difficulty in that regard..do you not think you'd just get used to that ? Not to be boastful but I'm fairly strong.. used to do gym work and all that as a younger fellow. Surly I'd just adapt to the instrument over time
  3. Do you have the button layouts handy? Might give me some ideas !
  4. Hey there, I'm a musician who's been playing a concertina for 5 years. My 30 button is a not so expensive but decent concertina. After this time i feel like an ungrade is due. As i have larger hands i always dreamed of a bigger concertina, in size and more buttons. Something my hands can be comfortable with. So i messaged Steve Dickenson and after explaining my wants he suggested that an 7 1/4 might be more to my liking. And it has 50 buttons which i would be delighted to have. As i play folk music with people who have a preference for f sharp major and all other keys that the 30 can
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