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  1. Hey Concertinist and concertiners! I take part in traditional Music class with a teacher who plays the violin. He is often trying to get me to play rolls. I discovered from some forum that violin rolls aren't really adapted to the concertina. I did find the video on the two finger roll with Simon Thoumire which i really liked but my teacher feels is closer to a shake.. maybe the way I'm doing it is wrong but anyway, tonight,we did the tune Monasteraden Fancy. In the first part there is a many opportunities for a high G roll. As my teacher started asking me about the rolls, I tried a pull G while dabing in the high A and high f sharp to copy the violin. He seemed to like this although to me it seems bizarre! My question is, should i keep practicing this or is there much better ornaments that i should practice and master? Thank you
  2. Interesting..i wouldn't of thought of the difficulty in that regard..do you not think you'd just get used to that ? Not to be boastful but I'm fairly strong.. used to do gym work and all that as a younger fellow. Surly I'd just adapt to the instrument over time
  3. Do you have the button layouts handy? Might give me some ideas !
  4. Hey there, I'm a musician who's been playing a concertina for 5 years. My 30 button is a not so expensive but decent concertina. After this time i feel like an ungrade is due. As i have larger hands i always dreamed of a bigger concertina, in size and more buttons. Something my hands can be comfortable with. So i messaged Steve Dickenson and after explaining my wants he suggested that an 7 1/4 might be more to my liking. And it has 50 buttons which i would be delighted to have. As i play folk music with people who have a preference for f sharp major and all other keys that the 30 can obviously do but just lacks the bass for when I'm comping. So with these buttons im hoping to have a bass note for each chord and pump up my mids and highs aswell. That's why I'm here, for choosing the placement of the notes. Can anyone please help me with this? Ive done out many diagrams already but I immagine that someone on this sight knows how to help me. I'm trying to keep my current c/g and just add around that to make it even more comfortable in different keys with melodies and chords. Send me an email and I'll send images of the instrument that has been proposed. Thank you
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