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  1. No problem, Robin. I appreciate the positive feedback. That is a lovely little tune, though, and can be phrased in different ways. I am not much of a player in the Irish style though.
  2. I am selling my Stagi W-15-MS which I have had for a few years. Right now it's in great playing condition and tune. When I first obtained it, there were the usual complaints...sticky buttons, some duff notes, etc. I gave it a make-over which included renewing the button retainers, taper-reaming the button holes to smooth and insure easy button travel, replaced the silvery grill 'cloth' with a fabric material, and did a thorough retune and re-set of reeds. I also lowered the button action a bit and enlarged the air button vent. This model features each reed plate being fastened by a screw, rather than waxed in. The instrument is now quite enjoyable to play, has a sweet tone, and has been my travel companion on many trips. . Compression is excellent, has the typical leather covered bellows, all intact, no leaks. Comes with a rather pedestrian, but clean and serviceable hard case. Would be a good instrument for a starter, or a good travel box. I will also offer a limited approval time (TBD), if not satisfied, buyer to pay for return shipping. Asking US$350.00 + shipping. Contact me via PM, and ask for a quote on shipping, or any other questions you may have. I live in the Northwest USA. Donation to the site will be made if sold through this medium.............................................................................................................................................. See photos attached, and sound sample (video link). Reason for selling: I have reached a stage in life where I am compelled to simplify and reduce my herd of instruments significantly. To this end, I have been slowly parting with some melodeons, stringed instruments, and now the Stagi. I also have a very fine hand-made Tedrow that I will retain as my sole concertina. Sound sample here: https://youtu.be/EniUC-BpfdA
  3. Really nice playing, Bruce! That's a great version. Give my regards to Kevin and Laura if you see them! Sorry Bruce.....my brain was not in gear!
  4. Never heard that one before, and I like it! Very nicely played, too. Thanks Jim. I should add this quote from Session.org: .".....It’s starting to become quite a hit around Ireland and rightly so. Pat Crowley composed the tune and recorded it with Johnny McCarthy. He named it after his parents’ pub in Kinsale, Co. Cork." The mustard board also has dots and ABC's.
  5. Here's a little hornpipe called Harp and Shamrock played on my 30 button Stagi anglo
  6. Very interesting little tune...sort of a ragtime klezmer hornpipe with a touch of polska!
  7. I really enjoyed your playing, tona. Especially your accompaniment, which was lovely. The EC really shines on this tune. As far as staccato or legato is concerned, I think the tune works well either way. The concertina is a relatively simple instrument, and part of the appeal is to see what can be accomplished with it.
  8. Here's a version of Halsway I recorded over a year ago....it's a multi-track with two concertinas, melodeon, and cittern. https://soundcloud.com/for-rest-1/new-halsway1
  9. Here's an unlikely couple, played as a duet on a Tedrow concertina in G/D, and a Castagnari Lilly melodeon in D/G. The tunes are: Newcastle (Playford), and Camptown Races. I confess, I haven't figured out how to streamline the link on this forum as yet...any pointers welcome! https://soundcloud.com/for-rest-1/newcastle-camptown-races Hmmm.....maybe I did figure it out(?)
  10. Sold! Donation made!
  11. As for the Stagi, it has some of the attributes you are seeking. It's laid out much like a single row melodeon, with a partial row of buttons on the right that are reversals, to allow smooth scale runs, organetto style. It has bass and chords on the left. It is small, hexagonal, and the right side is voiced with medium and low reeds. But it's.....a Stagi. Here's a link to a demo: http://youtu.be/2KuuXHPYzcg If you are not set on the hexagonal shape, but just looking for a compact instrument, you might consider the Castagnai Giordy. It is miles ahead in build quality from the Stagi, and so easy to play, even a cow can do it: http://youtu.be/pPy3nROxg20 I think bothof these instruments are presently in production and available via mail-order. As for the Franglo arrangement, I have no firsthand knowledge. Cheers!
  12. Stagi makes an Organetto in the hex shape with an 8 note scale, with 4 reversals on the right, and 4 buttons on the left that produce the tonic, fourth and fifth basses and chords, similar to the ""quattro bassi" organetto. There also was the Bandonika, which was basically a two row melodeon layout tucked into a Chemnitzer-style package. I think this was what Hans was playing in "The Book Thief"
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