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  1. The hand straps say Lachanel, and as this appears to be the only marking from the pictures, it is being sold as such (not by me). However, the fretted ends, parallel reed-pan layout, serial number markings,etc. remind me more of a Jones concertina. Maybe the more experienced eyes could weigh in. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Anglo-Vintage-English-Concertina-by-Lachenal-Co-Collectible/153023942496?hash=item23a0f00f60:g:iqEAAOSwoKFa-isb
  2. nicx66

    Tricks To Cover Up Mistakes

    Two things that I have noticed: 1 : flat topped keys VS. domed tops can change the way that you transition between notes and 2 : The keyboard position on a Lachenal/Wheatstone VS. the position on a Crabb/Jeffries is tilted in a different manner per the hand rests. The Lachenal type with flat buttons is more comfortable for me and I have smaller hands
  3. nicx66

    Jeffries English Concertina For Sale

    A 48 key tenor at that! Boy O boy, Oh I would love to hear John Roberts with this instrument. I feel that, with his vocal range and style, this tenor would sound amazing
  4. nicx66

    Irish Music On Wheatstone System?

    Cormac Begley plays a Baritone Bb/F Lachenal as well, as evidenced in this set, Bold Dohertys > P Joe Hayes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84s5W6Dygfg&t=7s
  5. This Ebay listing looks to be an oddball instrument. It does not appear to be a McCann, Crane, nor Jeffries style duet. The keyboard layout utilizes mirror-image-symettry, though the left hand and right hand are different. I did not explain that very well, oh well. The description says its anglo-german? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-WHEATSTONE-DUET-AEOLA-72-Keys-AG-1926/173268894906?hash=item2857a184ba:g:qcMAAOSwDCxa0K-h
  6. nicx66

    Amusing Carpentry Capers

    This is an excellent idea! I may have to steal it (the idea) for sourcing wooden fipples for my tin whistles! Nice work
  7. nicx66

    German 20 Key With Switchable Second Voice

    That sounds beautiful YAGI! The tune reminds me of "The Minstrel Boy"
  8. nicx66

    Sea Of Thieves Sighting

    A brass-reeded beast, no doubt, given the tropical climate!
  9. nicx66

    Cuteness Overload

    Finbar Furey uses the tune as his intro and instrumental break in the version of 'New York Girls' he recorded for Gangs of New York.
  10. nicx66

    Cuteness Overload

    Ha! Variation on a theme. I recall Sharon Shannon posting a similar video, though the tune was different. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgYd089Ouz4
  11. Water-thin glue would be best for a hairline crack "along the grain" On a flat, thin piece like an action board, I would tape over the back-side of the crack and the front- side surrounding the area where you plan to apply the glue, for a cleaner-looking repair. Three inches is a good bit of area to cover, so best to gently clean out the crack and surrounding areas first, ensuring that you only have to do the repair once. I find that using glue to fill in a hairline crack can be messier than I anticipate, which is why I always try to have tape and solvent handy to clean any glue that finds its way onto the flat surface.
  12. nicx66

    Odd Tuning In A C/g Jeffries

    I always find that interesting, especially when the suggested change is reversible, meaning there is NO change to the original fabric of the reed-pan, merely a practical solution.
  13. nicx66

    Lachenal 74 Key Duet Concertina For Sale.

    This is an amazing concertina! Unfortunately, one of the scammers on Ebay uses images of a very similar box. While said scammer never posts on here, to my knowledge, he has flooded Ebay with a half dozen or so scams in the last couple of days. Make no mistake, I am not confusing this (Ebay) link with the scammers post, I just wanted to warn the seller about it. I do not like telling others what to do, but perhaps a quick e-mail to Ebay, informing them that these scams are affecting your sale and their % $, would get them to take a closer look at it. Good luck with your sale. Edit: I do not see the scammer stuff on eBay.co.uk, so maybe they are more vigilant. The flood of scam posts I saw was on the US eBay.com and originated (this time) from Canada
  14. nicx66

    John Connor Rebuild Naming

    Mine, which is a standard model Connor anglo in C/G, has 'CONNOR' marked between the top and middle row of buttons on both ends.
  15. These are all excellent and well-thought considerations. Another may be that steel manufacturing, while an ancient craft, underwent constant changes from 1870-1920 in the UK. Despite advances in manufacturing in the US, the british model for steel production was un-matched for high-end, top quality material. This raises many more questions than it answers, i.e: What properties were desired by reed-makers? How much stock did they purchase per order? Where did they source their material? Per brass manufacturing, the material itself was less crucial to armament manufacturing, the one exception being cannon and/or naval armaments. The only reason I mention weapon manufacturing is that this may be the best-documented source for steel and brass production in the era. It may, however, be of little use in regards to the concertina. The last thing that I will mention will be machines. While the UK excelled in brass and steel production, by 1920, American machining was far ahead of anything in the world and the British were well aware of this, being their main competitor. I would imagine that UK reed-makers were employing American machinery (from rollers to shears) and high-end British steel to manufacture their reed tongues. This is largely a guess, on my part, as to why 1920s concertinas are considered the 'high-water-mark' of reed quality.