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  1. Stiffness is a known side effect of folded strips, which were introduced when the industry was in financial strife as a way to cut costs rather than a way to raise standards. I have used three different glues with no change in bellows stiffness.
  2. Seth, when you say “cards only” in the second set, what did you use in the first set?
  3. Well done, there is still time to run before it takes over your life... Not sure I would accept the change of glue as a primary reason for the bellows being less stiff. It sometimes depends where you put it. And often when people say their bellows are stiff it is inefficient reeds to blame.
  4. Chris Ghent

    Sources of Bushing Felt

    Don’t use snooker table baize, it is inclined to become fuzzy. Any piano restoration supplies business will have good quality baize in several thicknesses. They call it bushing cloth.
  5. Valve issues like this can often be played around by double fingering the button rather than changing direction with the button held down.
  6. Chris Ghent


    I have a few cast frames here, they were done in phosphor bronze in silicone moulds for a fellow from Queensland. They are relatively easy to reed, needing little file work, and it seems a valid method to me.
  7. Chris Ghent

    Lachenal replacement plates

    Post a picture of the cracks. It may be they are easily repairable. Replacing the ends is a much bigger job.
  8. Chris Ghent

    Australian Bush Music 1909

    Photo taken 1909 at Newmeralla, Victoria, Australia. The dwelling is a bark hut belonging to a logger. That’s him slugging it out with the preacher, and his three kids looking on. Not sure about the guy playing the dog... Photo via Karlie Robbie of the logger’s family.
  9. Interesting interview, good to see pictures... https://blog.mcneelamusic.com/2019/05/22/interview-with-chris-algar-of-barleycorn-concertinas/?fbclid=IwAR3Xeu3ZjBIdG1-xZDlPxkSrWm29wPuXLm3AuwwwFGCTFgLnCLEll5NJpUc
  10. Chris Ghent

    Looking for a Replacement Button

    Ask a modelmaker with a lathe to make you one.
  11. Not the best reason for a recommendation..! There are others who give advice here who know their stuff but for my money if you want great advice ask Theo. In all the time I have been reading his posts here I have not seen him put a foot wrong.
  12. Your instinct sound about right to me, though not sure what “ crazy” glue is. Thicker consistency super glue would be OK. If the post seems quite loose in the hole a sliver of wood (this sort of thing was a great use for matches in the old days) placed in the hole first will take up the slack. When you hammer it back in (if it will push in by hand I think it is too loose) be careful as a spurt of superglue could be forced out under pressure and it could end up anywhere ( remember the golden rule of OH&S, “first cover remaining eye”). Next thing to think about is why the post is coming out. It could be the wood has shrunk from being too dry or it might be that the spring pressure for that lever or the whole instrument is a bit high. It is common to find post issues when a broken spring is replaced with a safety pin, which has the benefit of looking a little like a concertina spring but they are usually made of much stronger materials and will lift the post out over time. Your fix is not irreversible because you can always drill the damaged material out and epoxy in a dowel of the same size and redrill.
  13. Chris Ghent

    Lachenal Maccann Tuning

    Just when you think you have heard everything...
  14. Chris Ghent

    Snapped off end bolts

    If you do end up replacing one bolt with another with a non-standard thread there is some merit in making the bolt head look different to the others as it is a clue to anyone reassembling the concertina at a later point to be careful which hole the non-standard one goes into.
  15. Chris Ghent

    Peterson Strobosoft Tuning Software

    That is what I do, I think it is good to be consistent. I have come across a couple of concertinas I was told were tuned to the initial reading. They did not sound in tune to me. There are other inconsistencies; bellows pressure if you are not using a constant -air source and also how much force is used to hold the frame down in the tuning jig can change the tuning. If you are using a mechanical clip it will be consistent but if you are using hand pressure the reading can vary a lot and you need to develop a “standard touch”. Edited to add, sorry I did not answer your direct question. All of the tuners I have used show the bounce. I understand the great legacy and affection for Peterson Strobes but don’t use Strobosoft because I find it fussy. I currently use APTuner because it supplies a large analogue style needle and a cents reading. I have checked it against my Korg Orchestral and also Cleartune and there is no difference. Hey, it is also free.