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  1. Chris Ghent

    Highs and Lows of concertina playing

    It is a myth, 20 seconds of googling will turn up good scientific sources declaring altitude makes no difference to pitch.
  2. There is no intrinsic reason a note should sound different in an EC/Anglo/Duet. A passage of notes could also be played to sound the same. In practise one can often pick the difference between a Duet/EC player and an Anglo player but I doubt you could easily pick between the EC and Duet players, and never by tone. The better the players the harder it would get. Instruments can be produced to enhance particular tone colourings and a run of one style of instrument by a particular maker could all be similar but it will not be a colouring a maker of different instruments could not emulate given a reasonable level of skill. Tone is best evaluated in person.
  3. Chris Ghent

    Reed making a rattling sound.

    Temporarily tape the valve next to the reed shut with a tiny scrap of the weakest tape you can find. If the noise disappears replace the valve.
  4. Chris Ghent

    making a 40 button anglo

    Hey, go for it. One word of caution, in regard to using parts from a traditional concertina to make one with accordion reeds. I can't think of a single accordion reeded anglo concertina with more than 30 keys. (Happy to be corrected, anyone?) My understanding is the reeds take up more room than traditional concertina reeds and it is not possible to fit them into the same size carcass. This would mean not being able to use parts from your Lachenal and having to make a larger concertina.
  5. The numbers seem large, could the instrument be in a different pitch? Also, the state and nature of the valves will affect the offset size. Any offset that large and I would change the valve first.
  6. Chris Ghent

    New British £50 note.

    Sorry to hear that Nick... Chris
  7. I have chambers on my tuning device but they do not create a situation similar to being in the instrument. I still need to do offset tuning.
  8. Chris Ghent

    left hand c draw is flat and muffled

    Humidity seems unlikely to cause the same issues in a waxed on accordion reed as it does in a dovetailed concertina reed. If Ceilis are dropped and the wax cracked, or if dust has caught in the reed then either ofthese things could result in muffled sound and flat pitch. Your concertina is not far from home and a call to the BB might be all that is needed.
  9. Jody, it is and always was a 44 key anglo, stamped C. Jeffries. The unusual veneer is also original, I discussed it with Stephen Chambers once and he said he had seen that veneer before on later Jeffries.
  10. From the owner " Just a short backstory just in case its helpful.I bought it at the Brisbane Antique Centre, Annerley on the way to a job. It was in a glass display case in its leather square box with the label ‘Victorian Accordion, $350”. I had a look and it was obvious it was a basket case, its hazy now but I think it was even in two pieces. The Jeffries endplate with the double stamped F had my attention. So, haggled for 300 cash and got it. I was familiar with Jeffries from listening to Cathy Custy when she was in Melbourne years ago and always had the hankering, concertinas were on my radar for years but such rare birds. That was a lucky day, I’ve never seen another one! Probably doesn’t happen much anymore with the interwebs and Ebay, though I did see a Rudall and Rose flute on Gumtree once, so who knows whats under peoples beds." He sent it to Richard Evans, who gave it a new set of reed tongues, new bellows, reattached the veneer (which is original in that wood) and gave the ends a redo. " I think there was more work in the restoration than building one of his own Concertinas from scratch.. I remember when I collected it he was a little philosophical about all the work gone into voicing and tuning some of those reeds that he knew would more than likely never, ever get used. Richard wasn’t sure on a date of manufacture, possibly around WW1."
  11. There is a story, it is not really mine to tell, I'll write and ask the owner if they mind. I can tell you the concertina is now in one piece and plays well. Chris
  12. Or this might happen
  13. Chris Ghent

    How to remove/replace 'rusted-in' screws?

    Only cheap vintage concertina bolts screw into wood, all others screw into what is termed a captive nut, usually made of steel. So yes rusted in is a reasonable term. Heating them with a soldering might help, have to be for much more tha a few seconds though. No sudden movements.
  14. Chris Ghent

    20-Year Anniversary of Concertina.net

    Paul, thanks for the fun..! Chris
  15. Chris Ghent

    Bellows Card Depth

    My recollection of measuring Jeffries a long time ago was they were more like 30mm. I pulled back from that depth some time ago because instruments I had played with shallower folds seemed inherently more stable. I ended up at 27mm and they do seem less floppy.