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  1. So... Here are a few of my favorite things : Edgley G/D Norman miniature D "Banglotina" made by E. Pariselle (I should start a thread about this one... really...) Wheatstone Linota 40b C/G And a few whistles : Jacky proux high D Bleazey low D and G Bolivian G
  2. Hi all It's been a while since I last appeared here... but still playing a lot. I happen to be in London tomorrow night and wonder if there is any gig, session or other concertina-oriented event ? Best David
  3. Update : flying tomorrow and quite excited to discover the other side of the earth ! Will take my beloved Wheatstone and the mini Norman, as well as a few whistles. See you soon kangooroos !
  4. If you want to hear my mini norman in D : Parson's Farewell https://soundcloud.com/erbafdavid
  5. Thanks Chris, Effectively, almost every night ! Still to decide how many concertinas I will take with me. Most likely the wheatstone C/G and the mini norman. Any point in travelling with concertinas as hand luggage ? (I fly with Etihad Airways)
  6. Hi all It's been a while since I last visited this forum... and did not even take time to introduce my christmas present (the so-called banglodeon). Will post about it soon. I'll be moving to Melbourne for a full month in july. Any concertina players there ? Any nice places to play ITM of other kind of traditional music ? See you soon. David
  7. Hi all Here are some news about the "Levitina" project. The project took a little delay because Emmanuel changed his mind regarding the design of the action : He initially planned something in the bandoneon type (as far as I understand) but eventually switched to a concertina-like action. He also asked some help to his great friend Colin for this part of the design. So eventually the levitina will be a Pariselle-Dipper ! Latest news are quite positive, and the achievement of the project is approaching...
  8. Terry, I find this layout quite interesting ! I have also slightly customized my own instruments and I can see some convergence between my own choices and the ones you have here. In particular, I also have : 1/ the pull E on the left in the middle of the outer row, 2/ the bidirectional c# on the first button of outer row on the right, 3/ the extra eb/f# on the additional button on right (except that it's on the outer row on my wheatstone) and 4/ the d of the upper octave on pull on the right upper row (except that for me it's on fourth button, not fifth). I'm very found of all these four options and use them constantly in my playing. The other specificities differ from my own choices, but are certainly handy as well. In particular the bidirectional g#s can be useful if you expect to play regularly in A major. Personally I would not be unhappy with such a layout !
  9. Below is the outline of the CD "patches in your gussets" (the key indications are from me) As you can see, a varied repertoire, including music-hall songs, compositions, jazz classics, a socialist hymn, a french valse-musette, and even a south-african song from Jonny Clegg played in guenuine squashbox style ! Most are solo concertina/singing, a few also include some fiddle. BTW, Harry has been a precursor in collecting and bringing to europe south-african styles ; in particular, is at the origin of the "Zulu & Sotho squash box" compilation mentioned previously in this thread. For the second CD I own (squeeze a little one in), unfortunately, I lost the liners, and my computer does not recognize the tracks. If you want to contact him I can provide his email contact (preferentially PM) ------ Beans, beans, beans © 2:59 Harry Scurfield Patches in your gussets 2 I'd rather be the one in your arms (A) 3:09 Harry Scurfield Patches in your gussets 3 Woza friday (Bb) 3:11 Harry Scurfield Patches in your gussets 4 Make me down a pallet on your floor (A) 4:15 Harry Scurfield Patches in your gussets 4 Do talk to strangers (D-E) 3:25 Harry Scurfield Patches in your gussets 4 Les feuilles mortes (Em ; G/D) 2:49 Harry Scurfield Patches in your gussets 3 The Internationale (D ; G/D) 2:49 Harry Scurfield Patches in your gussets 3 L'accordéoniste (Cm-C) 3:41 Harry Scurfield Patches in your gussets 3 Your feet's too big (A) 3:05 Harry Scurfield Patches in your gussets 3 Jenny Lind (D) 3:25 Harry Scurfield Patches in your gussets 2 Papa's on the housetop (A) 3:28 Harry Scurfield Patches in your gussets 2
  10. Thanks to all ! I've checked the latency time following the suggested methods : 200 ms ! quite deceiving : I'm using a macbookpro and my soundard is supposed to be zero latency Anyway I could correct it as suggested. I should also have a look at reaper. I may post a duet recording in the TOTM someday, but yet I'm not satisfied enough by my first takes.
  11. So, here is the only cowboy tune I've really worked on : https://soundcloud.com/erbafdavid/texas-wheatstone-c-g I learned it from Jody K's CD "poor little liza jane" where is is recorded under the name "Texas". I think it has another name but could not find it. Surely someone here knows.
  12. Maybe I read too fast, but I'm surprised no one has mentionned Harry Scurfield ! I have two CDs of him, featuring songs accompanied with his collection of Dippers (G/D ; standart and baritone C/G) His style is very inventive, and he is not afraid with experimenting in weird keys (Cminor, Emajor,...) You will certainly not find him on itune and should contact him directly ; that's how I purchased the 2 CDs I own.
  13. Hi I'm trying to double-record myself (as a concertina+whistle duet) with audacity. I'm recording the first track and then recording the second one with headers on. The problem is that the two tracks appear to be shifted by a fraction of a second. I beleive there is some way to set the "latency time" to fix this but cannot find how to do that with audacity... can someone help ? NB I'm using a mini-soundcard "Roland Edirol UA-1ex" to do the recoding (with a rode NT2A mike)
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