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  1. That's a useful observation, thankyou. I shall try that.
  2. I have a Wheatstone Aeola EC and a Lachenal EC. It seems that one reed or another on the Wheatstone fails to sound nearly every week, whilst the Lachenal remains largely operational. Does anyone have any ideas why this might be so? I had the Wheatstone re-tuned and re-padded last year by a reputable repairer, but is it feasible that this left microscopic detritus in the works? Disclaimer: having watched a youtube of Simon Thoumire sucking/blowing a stuck reed I confess this is my preferred method....
  3. The last couple of bars remind me very much of Banbury Bill, the Bampton Morris tune.
  4. This is a lovely instrument, David, "prototype" hardly does it justice. Is kangaroo leather common? When I was a child someone gave me a toy koala. I'm pretty sure we were told he was made from kangaroo skin - he was very soft and furry - though this might be apocryphal. He is almost completely bald now but has survived for nearly 70 years.
  5. Go for it, Don. I am 71 and today Nov 5th is exactly 3 years since I bought my first English (chromatic) concertina. I play it every day, no matter how pushed I am for time. I now feel confident to play in folk sessions and even to lead some tunes. (BTW I am in UK and have a cousin in Austin, TX.) Best of luck to you!
  6. Here are my lyrics to the English country dance tune "Shrewsbury Lasses": Let's have a sandwich A jolly, tasty sandwich The tastiest sandwich you've ever, ever seen (repeat) Toast and Marmite Beef and mustard Egg and custard Cheese and tomato Ham and potato Let's have some for our tea! (repeat) Sadly I still can't play it properly.
  7. Some excellent suggestions. I shall certainly give the hat a go. Really embarrassing to start a tune on the wrong row and discover halfway through that everyone else is playing through gritted teeth because they can hear what you cannot.
  8. Has anybody found themselves in a session surrounded by loud instruments, and consequently unable to hear themselves play? (I shall not specify the instruments for fear of giving offence.) I wondered if it's possible to attach a small pickup to a concertina and lead the output to a personal earphone.
  9. My tenor-treble Wheatstone Aeola belonged to music-hall performer Martin Henderson from Cullercoats, who was blind from birth. It's a beautiful instrument and I am sure I will never reach his standard, sighted though I am.
  10. Thankyou for your suggestion, Wolf. It feels chunky and well-used; no duff reeds or anything. I am happy with it for starters.
  11. Hi Have just bought my first English concertina, secondhand. 30 buttons, looks identical to pictures of the Jackie except it has no identifying marks and 8 rather than 6 bellows folds. Any ideas what it could be? Thankyou.
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