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    Full-time restorer and tuner of concertinas, part-time abuser of a 38k Jeffries Anglo. I also arrange for and sing with a 3-part harmony group called Poacher.
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  1. david robertson

    Spring Sale - £500 Off Tenor/treble Aeola

    This instrument has now found a new home in the west country.
  2. david robertson

    Aeola and Boyd extended trebles

    A choice of two top-quality, newly restored extended treble instruments. The first is an ebony-ended Aeola, No.28531(1920). A lovely player, and not quite as strident as the metal-ended variety can be. The second is a Boyd Lachenal, a rare instrument made specially for Harry Boyd, who ran a major music retail outlet in Newcastle. As always, the name "H Boyd" is worked into the fret pattern, and at Mr Boyd's insistence, the instrument is no bigger than a standard 48-key treble. Both have new pads, valves, bushes and straps. The woodwork has been refinished in French polish, and both instruments have been tuned to modern concert pitch. I'm looking for £3000 for the Aeola, and £1750 for the Boyd. As always, you're welcome to try them out in Norwich.
  3. david robertson

    Spring Sale - £500 Off Tenor/treble Aeola

    Inspired by the rising of the sap, the bursting of the bud, and my bank manager's preference that we revert to the customary arrangement where I lend him money, I am now offering this rather lovely 64k Aeola tenor/treble (29691) at just £3250. It has been comprehensively restored, with new pads, valves, bushings, dampers and straps. The ends have been re-plated, the bellows re-bound, and the woodwork stripped and refinished in French polish. Naturally, it has also been tuned to modern concert pitch. In 15 years of restoring concertinas, this is probably the best example of this model that I have seen. And with £500 off the original asking price, there may never be a better time to buy. If you'd like to try it out in Norwich, just send me a PM or call me on 01603 702644.
  4. david robertson

    Jeffries 39 Button Anglo Keyboard Variations

    Another couple of bricks... Here is the existing layout for the rather lovely 38k Jeffries I'm working on at the moment. Anyone spot any logic in the arrangement of the accidentals? Another curiosity is that on the left hand, innermost row, nearly everything has been shifted one place to the right, compared with Geoff's "standard" layout.
  5. david robertson

    Odd Tuning In A C/g Jeffries

    Sorry to bother you again with this David, but if you do get a moment to reveal what notes your 39er has on the "the single button of the extra row (the button exactly on the middle of the fretwork on the RHS)" (Gary's RH 7c), I would be very interested. Cheers, Adrian Sorry to bother you again with this David, but if you do get a moment to reveal what notes your 39er has on the "the single button of the extra row (the button exactly on the middle of the fretwork on the RHS)" (Gary's RH 7c), I would be very interested. Cheers, Adrian My apologies, Adrian - I missed your earlier post. My 39er is set up with an A4 drone on that single button nearest the right hand.David
  6. david robertson

    Odd Tuning In A C/g Jeffries

    For what it's worth, my own 39er has the high F# in the 'normal' position!
  7. david robertson

    Odd Tuning In A C/g Jeffries

    Adrian, John tells me that the wandering F# appears on two of his own Jeffries, and on two more owned by our mutual friend Rod Ward. Here's what he said: "This configuration allows the home position to be held whilst playing a complete RH octave using all 4 fingers of the RH. By home position I mean that when playing in C maj the index finger is on the C/B button, the middle finger is on the E/D button, the ring finger is on the G/F button and the little finger is on the c/A button. Normally I would move all 4 fingers up one place to play the high B (pull with the little finger), but it could be played with the middle finger by dropping down to the G row and pushing instead of pulling. This means that the home position can be retained whilst playing the complete C maj scale.Assuming this were to be your preferred way of playing the scale it might then be also preferred to use this same pattern when playing the G maj scale on the G row. This would mean having the 7th note of this scale (F#) on the push of the single button of the extra row (the button exactly on the middle of the fretwork on the RHS). Quite why though the F# pull on the G row is then replaced with a G# escapes me unless it enables easier playing in the key of A maj." This seems like an eminently plausible explanation, though it can only apply to 39-key instruments. It also demands that the innermost button should be arranged F#/F (press/draw), whereas this one is the other way about. Still, it's an easy switch. Finally, the G#5 in the corner where the F# should be looks perfectly normal, unweighted, and appropriate for its slot (see attached pic).
  8. david robertson

    Odd Tuning In A C/g Jeffries

    I'm quite sure that the layout is original, Adrian. My friend John Warren has pointed out that it occurs more often than you would expect in untouched Jeffries instruments. In this case there is at least an F# available, on the sole button in the 4th (innermost) row. I did come across something similar last year, but in that case the F# was replaced by an E natural, and there was no F# available anywhere. The owner was adamant that I shouldn't change anything!
  9. david robertson

    And Another Thing...

    This rather pretty 38-key Jeffries has, I find, the initials HG stamped into the left hand end only, under the wrist bar where it would never normally be seen. I wonder if they might be the initials of the engraver? After all, if I had done the engraving, I'd have been pretty pleased with myself - wouldn't you?
  10. david robertson

    Exceptional 64-Key Aeola Tenor/treble

    In the 15 years or so since I started restoring concertinas, I have never seen a better one of these. When I bought it, it had spent about 40 years in a cupboard - but it must have been a cupboard that offered just the right environment, because the reeds were in spotless original condition, with absolutely no trace of rust. Like a 56-key tenor/treble, it goes down to tenor C, but at the other end, it carries on up to top G. And throughout the range, it plays with fast response and even tone. It has new pads, valves, dampers, bushings and straps. The woodwork has been stripped and re-finished, the bellows have had a cosmetic re-bind, and it is tuned to modern concert pitch. The original tan leather case is in good condition, save for the missing lock strap, and the serial number is 29691. As always, if you're within striking distance of Norwich, you're more than welcome to come and try it out, or if there's anything else you'd like to know, just send me a PM. I'm asking £3750.
  11. I'm just starting work on a 38k Jeffries with lovely engraved ends, and I've discovered a peculiarity in the tuning. Try to play a scale of G on the right hand, and you find that where the F# should be, there is a G# from the octave below. This is clearly the original arrangement, but can anyone suggest why?
  12. david robertson

    Scam Lachenal?

    The Lachenal trade mark is clearly stamped on the RH wrist bar - see the pic of the instrument in its case.
  13. david robertson

    Scam Lachenal?

    I have now had a response from the seller, who has no idea why my postcode was mentioned. But Mike Rowbotham has kindly suggested that it's because the seller offered a 'click and collect' option, and the eBay system uses the enquirer's postcode to suggest collection points nearby. I did try contacting the seller via his blog, but the email address given there simply doesn't work. So while caution is always advisable, I may have been overcautious in this case, perhaps because my own eBay account has been hijacked in the past.
  14. david robertson

    Scam Lachenal?

    There's currently a 30 button rosewood Lachenal on eBay which seems to have a whiff of scammer's sweat about it. (Item no. 222733729340) The seller claims to be Eric Beharrell, who is a respectable maker of ukuleles and banjos, as well as a melodeon player... in short, someone I would have expected to recognise a Lachenal, rather than attribute it to Albert Silber of Silber and Fleming, the retailers whose label it bears. What's more puzzling is that the listing claims that the instrument can be collected from NR7 0QE, which happens to be my postcode! I have asked for clarification, but so far, no reply. All I'm saying is proceed with caution...
  15. david robertson

    A Remarkable Young Anglo Player

    Absolutely breathtaking! Anyone want to buy my Jeffries? I'm giving up...