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  1. It downloads fine here (England). Can't figure out the system though!
  2. Stig Bubblecard

    Pentangle.....concertina !

    I also saw Pentangle at Newcastle City Hall on more than one occasion and once in the (then) University Theatre in the Haymarket as a solo performer. Not once did I spot a concertina! Dave
  3. Stig Bubblecard

    I Wish I Was Single Again

    Hi Gary - thanks for the new post. I think that in the first 2 quavers of the piece there should be a line (pull) above the 7 (a) rather than the 6 (g). As I'm already making adjustments to fit my Jeffries layout I could be wrong but that's how it needs to be done on my Morse anyway!! Thanks again and all the best. Dave
  4. Stig Bubblecard

    Wanted Mccann Duet 39K Or 46K Concertina Uk

    You might want to look at www.instrumentspast.co.uk/instruments/PS/P224S.html I've tried pasting the link but I can't get it to work so apologies if it doesn't take you straight there but you get the idea. I have no connection with the seller etc. Dave
  5. Stig Bubblecard

    Lachenal Label Scan

    Thanks Pete - I won't hold my breath on that one! Dave
  6. Stig Bubblecard

    Lachenal Label Scan

    Did you ever find a Rock Chidley label scan? Dave