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  1. tony

    summer sale

    I could be interested in an English. What do you have?
  2. Now that's a strange looking EC. It only seems to have three columns of button plus an odd one at the top and it has a full hand strap as opposed to thumb straps.
  3. What Dirge said. I play a lot of melody only on my 46 key Maccann and there is very little I can’t play providing I have the dots.
  4. Popup menues don't work in IE9, they used to. Is this down to C.net or MS?

  5. You can verify from the pics of the concertina for sale that it has no low E in the LH. To make it easy, the names of the notes are on the heads of the keys, the LH end is shown in pic no 12 (only). Diagrams of 39-key Maccann key layouts in Maccan's own New Instruction Method and Gaskins chording book on concertina.com show no E, though Gaskins' wording gives some indication that this may not apply to every specific instrument. Every 46-key I have seen has this E, and it is shown in the diagrams in the same books mentioned above, though I think some early models may lack it. Yes Ivan, I think you are right. The attachments are not very good but you can probably see there is no low E in either the 39 or 47 Key.
  6. Why on earth would someone "mainly interested in playing single line tunes" buy a duet concertina? Why not? It has a number of advantages over an EC or an anglo and the Maccann goes a good way to having the best of both.
  7. I couldn’t possibly agree with you Ivan. The “white keys” as you call them are identical on the 39 key as are on the 46 key with the exception that the high notes E,F and G in the right hand of the 39 key are missing. The 39 key plays very well in the keys of G and D, so if you are into Irish music and are not happy with the anglo then this could be the instrument for you.
  8. Hey, you could pour your hot chocolate into your cup, pot and all. Or how about a chocolate-covered manhole cover? But seriously, with 30 % more notes than the Elise Hayden duet from Concertina Connection, including G#'s and D#'s, I'd say it's at least as useful and should be worth at least as much if it's in good condition. More, since it's a Lachenal, with typical "vintage" construction and "concertina-type" reeds. It's also smaller, and I suspect lighter. And though there aren't any internal pictures, the external appearance and that of the case suggest that it's been well cared for and quite possibly needs no restorative work. (Are any of our members located where they could easily visit the seller and report back?) While it doesn't go down to middle C in the right hand, as the Elise does, its top in that hand is a fifth higher than on the Elise, giving it enough range for (among other things) nearly all Irish tunes. And occasional crossing between the hands for particular notes will likely be a necessity on the Elise as well as on this Maccann. Both have limited overlap... 5 buttons on the Maccann, and 7 on the Elise, though the overlaps cover different ranges. Make no mistake, I'm not knocking the Elise, but I do think it's seriously unfair to deride even a 39-button Maccann, at least as a starter instrument. Edited to add: And for the Maccann, the upgrade options are still much more varied and even generally less expensive than for a Hayden/Wicki. My thoughts exactly Jim
  9. Noooo! Not for English music. That's one opinion I suppose. Remember it is chromatic and, if like me, one likes to play from the written music, without having to transpose, blah, blah, blah.
  10. Hi halimium, I have a B/C box you can have a look at if you're anywhere near Birmingham. I don't use it these days since I went over to a CBA.
  11. That's not the way I'd play the piano either... Neither would I. Many do though. How would you play a PA or CBA or even a melodeon?
  12. Another factor is that a 48-button Crane is quite useful, while I believe that Maccann players don't usually recommend a Maccann with less than 57 buttons. Now that’s not true Daniel, some may but they are probably the ones attempting to play it like a piano, that is to say harmony in the left hand and melody in the right hand. Some of us, especially when we play the smaller instruments, play it the way it was designed to be played.
  13. The contact details at the bottom are given as: William Stamp Unit 1 Avalon Park Bancombe Road Business Park Somerton Somerset TA11 6SB United Kingdom Phone: 01458273813 Email: sales@gbcyclesltd.co.uk Has anyone tried contacting them to see what they say about it?
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