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  1. Relisted again, price down to £1200 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384459205201
  2. There is also a hefty crack on both left and right sides.
  3. At best it's a seller who is not knowledgeable about concertinas. At worst it's a scam, but it doesn't have any of the usual features of a scam, apart from the zero feedback. The seller has relisted this item numerous times with the same Buy it Now price but gradually dropping the opening bid.
  4. The only way I know of to get spare parts, like buttons, for this sort of concertina is to find another one you can take them from.
  5. If those reeds are all next to each other on the reed pan then it could be a reed pan support has failed in that part of the reed pan.
  6. Yes both valve and height of reed tip are important to getting a good sound. A few days ago I investigated a similar situation on an EC where a push A sounded weak and tended to go flat and the draw note was fine. The valve behind the push reed had been badly fitted and was glued down all along one edge. All returned to normal after cleaning off surplus dried glue and fitting a new valve There are other possibilities too. How well the reed frame is fitted to the reed pan, and air leaks round the edge of the reed pan or between reed chambers. Or if it is in draw only it could be a loose pad which is helped to open by airflow on push, but not on draw.
  7. I've only seen staples on 20 key anglos that may or may not be Lachenal.
  8. Photos of the action and reed pans could be more diagnostic of the maker.
  9. My guess would be that on a new Stagi an air leak is more likely to be from a badly fitted pad, than from a defect in the bellows. Listen for leaks as Chris has suggested, but also listen for leaks from each end. A leaking pad is usually fairly easy to hear while closing the bellows, though not while opening.
  10. And there are more kinds of concertina than just anglo. Your friend might be happier with an English or a Duet.
  11. I think that is the most likely interpretation. I’ve previously seen a basic Lachenal English with a paper label for H Boyd Newcastle.
  12. Ive had three 38 key anglos pass through my workshop in recent years. A metal ended one in Aflat/Eflat shown here. I have photos of the internals if you need reference material for a rebuild. The two others were CG rosewood ended, one with metal buttons was as good a player as any Lachenal anglo I've tried, the other had bone buttons and was very average.
  13. I’ve seen reeds that had the pitch raised by adding solder near the fixed end. It completely ruins the performance of the reed. It still makes a sound but the volume is drastically reduced. Removing the solder restored the reeds performance in the examples are be seen.
  14. Looks like a raised ended Jeffries. Could be an anglo?
  15. I have a very similar Lachenal pierced sides, but wooden rather than metal ends. It’s a very good quality instrument with very good reeds.
  16. There are a few basic steps that can help, but not guaranteed to eliminate the smell: 1 thoroughly clean the whole instrument inside and out. Remove dust from external bellows folds, action box, reed pans, internal bellows folds. My usual tools for this are a variety of paintbrushes, used dry, and a blow out with low pressure compressed air. 2 wipe over external surfaces with a soft rag moistened with household detergent. Bathroom cleaners are quite good for this because they are designed to remove residues of perspiration among other things. Follow with a wipe over with a clean rag dampened with clean water to remove any detergent. 3 wax polish external wood and leather
  17. This, which can also be caused by something raised on the inside of the end plate: lump of glue, projecting screw etc.
  18. Spray mount is good for sticking the template in place prior to sawing
  19. £2500 for a 63 Wheatstone that needs repair isn't a gamble, it's a looser for the buyer.
  20. eBay sellers can be very very unrealistic about prices. This one sound seriously overpriced. Much better to buy from somebody who understands what they are selling
  21. The ends are rosewood, doesn't look like a Lachenal pattern. It's common for early EC's like this one to have 4 fold green bellows.
  22. Leaking pads are very likely if this is an old concertina, sometimes even in a new one. Hold one end of the concertina near your ear and press gently without pressing a button. If you can hear air escaping it's likely to be leaking pad, or pads.
  23. Thanks for your message Annelie. I already have several interested buyers. I will let you know if all those drop out.
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