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  1. Hi There, Sorry to delay in responding, the Elise is sold and now in Germany ! I am trying to work out how to make a donation to the forum !! Kind regards Karl
  2. Hi Peter, Just to let you know that I will make a donation to Concertina.net Also my father was from Cologne ! regards Karl
  3. Hi Peter, Yes, no problem with posting to Germany where abouts are you in Germany ? Kind regards Karl
  4. Hi All, I do love the idea of the Hayden system, but I just haven't the time to learn a new system. I bought this a couple of years ago, it has just been sitting in it's box making me feel guilty !! I am looking for what I paid for it, which was £230 plus a few pounds towards postage costs. I am based in Suffolk in the UK, Regards Karl
  5. I also have an Elise for sale. I am based in the UK regards Karl
  6. Hi All, Sometime ago, I downloaded a great little excel file that contains the layout of a 30 button G/D Anglo. You can input different types of chords and it shows where they are on the push and pull. I could really use the same chart made out for a C/G layout, but I cannot find the original file on Concertina. net Does anyone have any ideas where it is ? it states that it was by created by Jacques Saly in 2011 Cheers Karl
  7. Hi Jim, The Sherringham Potties Day of Dance is normally the first weekend in July, Ely Folk Festival is normally the second weekend in July. We ( Bury Fair Women's Morris ) normally dance at both, They both involve a processional dance with about 30 other morris sides ! regards Karl
  8. Hi Andrew, Welcome, I also play a Jeffries G/D. Don't they have a nice growl !! I am not far away in Suffolk, I play anglo in a Ceilidh band and for morris Karl
  9. Hi Ceemonster, I play the anglo in the full english style and so have been looking at playing similarly on the Duet, I now think this is not a good idea, As you say, playing a few chords and counter melody on the left, is what the Duet, I believe is designed for I just need to put in the hours !! regards Karl
  10. Hi John, What you say makes a lot of sense, I won't now feel so guilty about not picking up the Anglo !! Although we have a couple of Burn's night gigs in the next few weeks, so will have to practise the tunes, as we only do them a couple of times a year and I haven't as yet played them on the Anglo, so back to the melodeon, it feels a big beats after the Tina ! kind regards Karl
  11. Hi Ceemonster, Thanks for your advice. I have looked at Kurt's website and searched for some of his posts on this site, It has been a help. Do many people use his system of fingering ? regards Karl
  12. Hi Mary, Thanks for your reply, Yes I really loving the crane, I end up scratching my head a lot, trying to think of solutions ! The problem that I really struggle with is, that I am really a melodeon and Anglo player, I try to practise for about .5 to 1 hour a day, but which instrument ?? I have not practised or learn any new tunes on the melodeon for about 6 months, the Anglo has been away for repairs, so I have concentrated on the Crane, but now my lovely Jefferies is back, I am really torn !! I have had a couple of offers of some Skype chats with more experienced Crane players on this site, and i am hoping that this will shed some light on the areas I am struggling with Kind regards Karl
  13. Hi Jim, I feel such a fool !!. Looking at the button layout and the octave numbers, i realise that I am playing in octaves most of the time, So I am no way as good as you thought !! One thing i cannot work out, I have a 48 button instrument, is that playing melody on both sides, I run out of higher buttons on the left, apart from buying a 55 button instrument, which i am thinking about doing sometime, what is the solution, if there is one ? regards Karl
  14. Hi Jody, Happy New Year to you, Will you be touring the UK in 2015 ? Best wishes Karl and Liz
  15. Hi All, I have now had a Crane for about 6 months, I can play tunes in C,G,D. I can play tunes on the right, with basic 2 or 3 button chords on the left, or I play the tune on both side for a little more volume. I have just realised ( a little thick ! ) that i am mainly playing in the same octave on both sides when playing the melody. Should i be aiming to play the melody on the left, an octave lower than the right ? Is there any Crane player out there, who would be willing to give some more guidance ? possibly have a chat on Skype ? Kind regards Karl
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