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  1. Thank you all for your help, I have now emailed Geoffrey Crabb and spoke to Mike Accott yesterday so will see where we go from here. Rachel
  2. Hi Chris, Thanks for the fast response, I am in Dunstable Bedfordshire if you can reccomend anyone near,. There is one key missing on one end of it which you can see in one of the pictures and it has wear and tear signs and it is now being very well looked after, my Dad bought it at an auction for about a fiver by my Mum s reccolection so all the family are feeling quite happy right now, sadly he is no longer ith us to enjoy the ride. Any help would be great Rachel
  3. Hi Everyone, wonder if you can help, we have had a concertina for about 20+ years just sitting looking pretty and by chance saw one at a local auction that was a C Jeffries that went for a lot of money last week so we went home and looked at ours and it says "C Jeffries Maker" on the ends and has 19 keys at each end plus an seperate key on each end away from the main batch. We are obviously excited at the prospect of having something valuable and want to know the best way to sell it, is ebay the best way or can you reccomend something better? Also can anyone help to verify whether it is the real deal or not. Any advice would be gratefully received Many thanks Rachel
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