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  1. Hello, I have also been learning (self-taught) using a Wren 2 and I initially experienced the same problem with the hand rest and straps. Then I read in one of Gary Coover’s books that it’s OK to ‘augment’ the hand rests to suit your self. So, I did just that – and experimented with various options to make the concertina more comfortable for me to use and to improve my control of the bellows and the reach to the buttons. I bought some ‘U’ shaped rubber on eBay and cut and fitted it over the existing hand rests. It’s an ‘interference fit’ or to put it another way it’s a
  2. OK Wrightguy, Thanks for the update. I'm pleased to hear that you are enjoying learning, as I am, despite the shortcomings of the instrument. BTW, as a tribute to the sales patter of the man that sells the Wren 2 Concertina, I am learning the tune 'The Blarney Pilgrim' ? Best Wishes, Tony
  3. Hello Wrightguy, I have a Wren 2 concertina from the same supplier as yours, although mine doesn’t have leather bellows (mine appears to be some kind of black plastic coated fabric, with white corner pieces). My concertina sounds exactly as yours does. As you say, it happens mostly on the lower notes when the bellows are changing direction. When I took mine apart (to sort out sticking buttons) I thought I would try to determine the cause of this annoying noise. I saw that there is a piece of plastic covering one side of each reed that serves to prevent the reed from sou
  4. Hello Olderhugh, I also have a Wren Anglo from McNeela in Ireland, which I bought in the summer of 2018 to serve me as my ‘beginners’ instrument. Sadly, it has also suffered from sticking buttons. Here’s what I found – bear with me because I don’t have the correct concertina parts vocabulary. As has been suggested already, you will need to take the end(s) off the concertina. (Be prepared for a disappointment at the standard of workmanship – mine looks as though it has been built by a first year apprentice on Black-Eye Friday!) I found three issue
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