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  1. Thank you Greg! I also keep a humidified room, as I have fretted instruments. My wife calls it The Jungle, as it is warm and humid...though perhaps she is also referring to the happy absence of tidiness. This creates another question-worthy scenario, as many room-humidifiers blow out a fine white dust, even when using distilled water. The distraught musician seems to do less practicing than he/she does cleaning-up. But those old British concertinas certainly sound best when they remember the damp of London, where they breathed in fog as they were played. Robert
  2. I use these for my Lachenal Edeophone 56 keys...ebony ends. I keep two of the humidity packs inside a flight case from Button Box, one for each side of the concertina...but not touching the instrument. They seem to work well in the rapid variaions of humidity and temperature in West Virginia. RJ
  3. this morning (EST) it looks as if the listing(s) have been pulled from Ebay
  4. 224293402899 is the new fake auction on Ebay, for that same old concertina that has been offered many times from different hacked accounts. and further fake auction for a set of uiileann pipes in B is also running from the same scammer. Sadly people appear to have been bidding already on both items. Be very wary.... Unless you were looking for Lip Gloss. RJ
  5. hmm...I meant to say a "new listing", and did not mean a new Lachenal concertina...sorry for any confusion thereby. Robert
  6. See first in the list, a new Lachenal English offered on US Ebay today. Does it look oh so familiar? Buy it now only...of course best wishes (and don't try to buy it!) Robert
  7. Does that look like a metal end plate on the LHS? And do some of the other pics show a metal edge on the LHS?
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/353204139890 Looks like a fabulous instrument, made by Steve Dickinson. But wait...what do you notice that is odd about some of the photographs? I do not want to give any hints, but I think something looks strange... best wishes to all, Robert
  9. The pine (?) baffles are interesting...has anyone every compared such wooden baffles in older concertinas to the Virzi toneplate and similar secondary soundboards found in stringed instruments? While cloth or leather baffles in a concertina will have a muting or damping effect, baffles of tone wood, even fairly rough, may act as soundboards for certain overtones. Having restored several fretted instruments that had such secondary soundboards inside, typically just below the main sound hole, I wonder about a "lost" soundboard technology when I see instruments with such boards. The prime example
  10. There is surely a story here..."E Lachenal" and her warehouse...so she was a member of the family, and presumably it was the Lachenal warehouse? Then there is Rt (presumably Robert?) Carter of "E Division"...is that military or police? (on a dark and stormy night, international concertina thieves climb the roof of the Lachenal warehouse, then rappel down to kick through a high window. They are seeking high end concertinas to bury in a time capsule, and then wait for the prices to rise. But they reckoned without trusty Robert Carter, a concertina lover, and unrequited admirer of Ms Lachenal.
  11. Here's a question for the wood experts: is "thuya" or thuja, as in the Lachenal listing, the same as Lignum Vitae? I worked on tuning a set of uilleann pipes made from Lignum Vitae some years ago...a very hard aromatic wood that cracked easily as it was curing...but was good thereafter. thank you, RJ
  12. Hmmm. A number of Music Hall/Variety or possibly Arthur Askey style verses might be cautiously composed on the theme: "I once dated a concertina but she wouldn't let me squeeze her... Robert
  13. This may be an obvious thought that you have considered already. Do you have a ceiling fan or other kind of fan running when you play and notice the vibrato/tremulo? That frequently causes a tremulo effect for concertinas. Which is not there, of course, when any fans are off. best wishes, Robert
  14. Zoom has caused many concerns about hacking, spying, infiltration, etc. I recently used Go To Meeting for a group class, and that successfully broadcast a lady singing live, which everyone said was good quality. Good thing that a concertina cannot be hacked, only a computer good luck! Robert
  15. Should this short thread be amalgamated with the substantial thread on dating Lachenal's? That seems to be where it belongs. Perhaps a moderator could do this? best wishes, Robert
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