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  1. Despite what it says on the website a wait of three to four years is not uncommon, and I have heard this from more than one source.
  2. Unfortunately, JΓΌrgen does not update his website very regularly, and wait times of up to 3 to 4 years are not uncommon.
  3. It is very often played one key up in B minor.
  4. You could try Alistair Anderson's own website.
  5. Have you asked Jody, who is also a member of concertina.net.
  6. JackJ, That is just fantastic news, and I hope you are keeping well. I was at one of Tony's CD launches in 2017, and I have to say it was the gig of the year for me, and I said as much to him on the day. I am Facebook friends with Tony, and if you'd like, I could share this thread with him. I know he has Wally Carroll concertinas too. Regards, John.
  7. From 2017, Tony O'Connell's CD, 'live and well is astonishing. Brilliant repertoire and selection of tunes, ornamentation, accompaniment and lovely chording throughout. Your friend won't be disappointed!
  8. I have a gorgeous one, and it will be for sale, when I get my new one.
  9. David, You beat me to it. Ctrl + sliding two fingers on the touchpad is the same as pressing Ctrl and using the wheel, on a wheel mouse. Here is a screenshot from Microsoft, which gives some other actions (or gestures) which can be performed with a touchpad:
  10. Could it be this one: If you have a wheel mouse, keep the Ctrl key depressed, and scroll up or down, using the wheel in the mouse. This should have the effect of changing the size of the displayed tune in the top right hand window. It works in most MS Office applications too.
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