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    Concertina, Uilleann Pipes, Maths
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    Co. Wexford, Ireland

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  1. John, Wexford

    Anyone Have a Verb?

    "I'll just go and pump the concertina" just doesn't have the same ring to it as some of the other verbs.
  2. John, Wexford

    how do i make a song playable on concertina?

    You could try here:
  3. John, Wexford

    how do i make a song playable on concertina?

    Have you considered an introductory course in music theory.
  4. John, Wexford


    As the road sign says, "Speed kills, kills, kills ... "
  5. John, Wexford

    miniature figures playing concertina or accordion

    I have two of these.
  6. John, Wexford

    synonym for "concertina player"

    Cortina driver?
  7. John, Wexford

    Lessons Perth WA

    afaik Ormonde is on Facebook.
  8. John, Wexford

    Wanted: A/E Anglo

    Eskin, I knew of somebody selling one, a few months back. I'm not sure if the seller, he, still has it, but it's possibly worth checking out. It was a Jefferies 30 key, and it sounded gorgeous. DM me if you'd like to check it out. I only hold a mobile number, unfortunately, but you're welcome to it, if you wish. John.
  9. John, Wexford

    B to C#

    In short, never, but that could just be me.
  10. ... but if you have a problem, you can take it back to the maker ...
  11. John, Wexford

    Stagi ws-40

    Try Google.