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  1. Pete Dunk

    Something For The Weekend?

    Interesting, the version in Nick's book has the low G's and although the key signature doesn't change, all of the B's in the C music are marked as flat.
  2. Pete Dunk

    Something For The Weekend?

    Here's a great tune I've just transcribed from a mid-19th-century manuscript, the change of key adds a lot of interest. X:0616 T:Feathers. Roose. 0616, The T:Cotillon M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:3/8=110 K:G |:D|G2G G2g|gfe d3|c2B A2G|FGA D3| G2G G2g|gfe d2c|BAG DGF|G3G,2:| |:D|D2D D2d|dcB c2A|D2D D2d|cBA B2G| G2G G2g|gfe d2c|BAG DGF|G3G,2:| K:Bb |:A|BAB G2A|BAB G2A|BAG BAG|A2D D2A| BAB G2A|BAB G2d|dcB AGF|G3G,2:|
  3. Pete Dunk

    Jig for Bellows Repair?

    Oops, sorry, you say for internal repair? Make two U shaped bits of timber that will slide into the valley of the two outer folds next to the bellows frames. Cut two bits of timber to wedge between the frames you have fitted, long enough to hold the bellows at full stretch without undue stress.
  4. Pete Dunk

    Jig for Bellows Repair?

    I'm not a pro but a carefully cut piece of timber will fit snuggly inside the bellows and prevent them from closing.
  5. Pete Dunk

    Something For The Weekend?

    Thanks Wolf, I hope you enjoy it!
  6. Pete Dunk

    Something For The Weekend?

    Hi Jody, I'm really pleased you like the tune, thank you. I'm not at all precious about the arrangement as written, the chords were added to suit the D/G melodeon player in the morris side. Please feel free to change the chords and/or arrange in anyway you see fit, I can't wait to see what you do with it!
  7. Pete Dunk

    Something For The Weekend?

    I don't write many tunes but here is one I'm quite pleased with. The tune is dedicated to a young boy, son of one of the dancers in the morris side I play for, who had a rare disease which proved fatal. Young Evan was an honorary member of the side and the Squire wrote a new dance in the Lichfield style to celebrate his life, I was very pleased to dedicate the tune to him. Once the dance is established and well-rehearsed I'll post a link to a video of the side dancing it, in the meantime here's the tune. X:1 T:Evan Maguire C:Pete Dunk M:4/4 L:1/8 %%titlefont Helvetica, 22 %%subtitlefont Helvetica,16 %%composerfont Helvetica %%partsfont Arial, 20 %%partsbox %%gchordfont Arial, 16 %%barnumbers 0 %%MIDI program 73 % flute %%MIDI chordprog 1 % piano P:A.(AB)4.AAB V:1 gchord=down V:2 Q:1/4=140 K:G P:A "G"B2 cB "D"A2d2|"C"cBAG "Em"GF"Am"ED|"G"G2 AB "C"cBAG|"D"A2 .d2 dcBA| "G"B2 cB "D"A2d2|"C"cBAG "Em"GF"Am"ED|"Em"GFGA "C"d2 "D"cA|"G"B2 .G2 GABc|| P:B "G".d2 dB "D".c2 cA|"G".B2 BG "D"AFED|"Em"EFGA "Bm"Bcde|"Am"e2 .A2 "D7"AcBc| "G".d2 dB "D".c2 cA|"Em".B2 BG "C"AF"D"ED|"C"EDEF "Em"GF"C"Gc|"G"B2.G2 G2 z2|]
  8. Pete Dunk

    Frank Butler, Concertina Mini-Tunes

    Hi Aldon, I'm pleased you like the look of the arrangements and I hope you enjoy playing them. Sorry for the slow reply but I don't drop in here as often as I should.
  9. Pete Dunk

    Name of this tune from the Hebrides?

    Here's a link to Vin Garbutt singing My Love's in Germany, fast forward to 2:12 to hear the song, Vinny's intro is good but he was from Teesside with a very strong accent which may be difficult for non-native UK English speakers to understand.
  10. Pete Dunk

    Something For The Weekend?

    It's been a long time since I last posted. Here's a fun tune with chords for the duet players to vamp. If you don't like chords names under the staff just deleted the two V: fields in the body text. X:40 T:Pterodactyl Two-Step/Drowsy Dragon %%titlefont Helvetica, 22 %%subtitlefont Helvetica,16 %%partsfont Arial, 20 %%partsbox %%gchordfont Arial, 16 %%barnumbers 1 %%MIDI program 73 % flute %%MIDI chordprog 1 % piano P:I.(ABCDE)3 M:6/8 Q:3/8=100 L:1/8 K:Treble K:G V:1 gchord=down V:2 P:I "Pre-Intro"E2e E2 e|E2 e E2 e|"Intro" B3 A3|G3 F3|| P:A |:"Em" EFG B2 e|"C7" _B2 e "B7"=B3|"D7"ABc "G"BAG|"A" A2 _B "B7"=B3| "Em"EFG B2 e|"C7"_B2 e "G"d2 e|dcB "B7"AGF|"Em"E2 e E3:| P:B |:"Em"E2 e "C"E2 e|"G"dcB "D"AGF|"Em"EFG "D"FGA|"C"Ac_B "B7"=B2 G| "Em"E2 e "C"E2 e|"G"dcB "D"AGF|1"Em"EFG "D"FGA|"A"E3 "B7"F3:|2 "Em"E3 "D"F3|"C7"A_BA G2 F| P:C |:"G"GBG [_B2e2] "C7"[Be ]|"G"GBG [_B2e2] "C7"[Be ]|"G"dBG "A/F#"^C2 E|"D"DEF "D/F#"B2 A| "G"GBG [_B2e2] "C7"[Be ]|"G"GBG [_B2e2] "C7"[Be ]|"G"dBG "D7"ABA|"G"G2 "D"B "G"G3:| P:D |:"C"Ace "D"^dec|"G"BGD "G/B"BGD|"C"Ace "D"^dec|"G"B3 "G/B"B3| "C"Ace "D"^dec|"G"BGD "G/B"BGD|"Em"EFG "D"F2 D|"A"E6:| P:E "Em"EFG B2 e|"C7"_B2 e "B7"=B3|"D7"ABc "G"BAG|"A" A2 _B =B3| "Em"EFG B2 e|"C7"_B2 e"G"d3/2 z/ e|dcB "B7"AGF|"Em"E2 z e2 z||
  11. Pete Dunk

    Klingonian Galopede

    Dinkeldorfed, Hmm. Is that like being "hoist by your own petard" I wonder?
  12. Pete Dunk

    Tricks Or Tips To Learn To Read Music

    I agree with Don, whereas the Coursera course assumes no prior knowledge of music theory, it does expect an undergraduate level of comprehension and learning ability, this is after all a university offering free tuition and it takes no prisoners. I'm a fair to middling reader and would expect to play most straight forward folk type tunes up to four sharps and three flats at three quarter speed first time through, but I only made it just over halfway through the Coursera thing before I gave up. Horses for courses I guess. The music theory section of the 8notes website is helpful and free, it's a good place to start.
  13. Pete Dunk

    Something For The Weekend?

    This is one of the prettiest tunes I've heard for some time and here we have a recording of the composer inviting us to enjoy the tune, do so! X:1 T:Fée des dents T:Avec la persmission du compositeur C:André Brunet S:http://mustrad.udenap.org/tounes/TQ449_la_fee_des_dents.html N:TQ449 N:http://www.mustrad.udenap.org/lerepertoire.html O:Québec M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:3/8=100 Z:Éric Lortie/Peter Dunk. Projet Identitairs. 2017 K:G P:A |:B2D2 GA|Bdc BAG|c2E2 FG|FAG FED|B2D2 GA| Bdc Bgf|eg d2 cB|ABF G3::[P:B]e4 dB|ced BcB| d2B2 AG|Bdc BAG| e2e2 fg|af d2 cB|ced cBA|AGF G3:| Here is the tune played by the composer as I understand it: Fée des dents
  14. Pete Dunk

    A Remarkable Young Anglo Player

    Unless I'm mistaken I had the pleasure of playing alongside Cohen some years ago when he was just a boy but already a remarkably good violinist. This was a weekend workshop with Alistair Anderson, learning to play the Steel Skies suite at The Elephant in Lewes. His talent was formidible then and it would seem it has continued to grow, wonderful to see!
  15. Pete Dunk

    Québécois Tune Collection

    Thanks Wolf, a Merry Christmas to you and yours too!