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  1. Pete Dunk

    Name of this tune from the Hebrides?

    Here's a link to Vin Garbutt singing My Love's in Germany, fast forward to 2:12 to hear the song, Vinny's intro is good but he was from Teesside with a very strong accent which may be difficult for non-native UK English speakers to understand.
  2. Pete Dunk

    Something For The Weekend?

    It's been a long time since I last posted. Here's a fun tune with chords for the duet players to vamp. If you don't like chords names under the staff just deleted the two V: fields in the body text. X:40 T:Pterodactyl Two-Step/Drowsy Dragon %%titlefont Helvetica, 22 %%subtitlefont Helvetica,16 %%partsfont Arial, 20 %%partsbox %%gchordfont Arial, 16 %%barnumbers 1 %%MIDI program 73 % flute %%MIDI chordprog 1 % piano P:I.(ABCDE)3 M:6/8 Q:3/8=100 L:1/8 K:Treble K:G V:1 gchord=down V:2 P:I "Pre-Intro"E2e E2 e|E2 e E2 e|"Intro" B3 A3|G3 F3|| P:A |:"Em" EFG B2 e|"C7" _B2 e "B7"=B3|"D7"ABc "G"BAG|"A" A2 _B "B7"=B3| "Em"EFG B2 e|"C7"_B2 e "G"d2 e|dcB "B7"AGF|"Em"E2 e E3:| P:B |:"Em"E2 e "C"E2 e|"G"dcB "D"AGF|"Em"EFG "D"FGA|"C"Ac_B "B7"=B2 G| "Em"E2 e "C"E2 e|"G"dcB "D"AGF|1"Em"EFG "D"FGA|"A"E3 "B7"F3:|2 "Em"E3 "D"F3|"C7"A_BA G2 F| P:C |:"G"GBG [_B2e2] "C7"[Be ]|"G"GBG [_B2e2] "C7"[Be ]|"G"dBG "A/F#"^C2 E|"D"DEF "D/F#"B2 A| "G"GBG [_B2e2] "C7"[Be ]|"G"GBG [_B2e2] "C7"[Be ]|"G"dBG "D7"ABA|"G"G2 "D"B "G"G3:| P:D |:"C"Ace "D"^dec|"G"BGD "G/B"BGD|"C"Ace "D"^dec|"G"B3 "G/B"B3| "C"Ace "D"^dec|"G"BGD "G/B"BGD|"Em"EFG "D"F2 D|"A"E6:| P:E "Em"EFG B2 e|"C7"_B2 e "B7"=B3|"D7"ABc "G"BAG|"A" A2 _B =B3| "Em"EFG B2 e|"C7"_B2 e"G"d3/2 z/ e|dcB "B7"AGF|"Em"E2 z e2 z||
  3. Pete Dunk

    Klingonian Galopede

    Dinkeldorfed, Hmm. Is that like being "hoist by your own petard" I wonder?
  4. Pete Dunk

    Tricks Or Tips To Learn To Read Music

    I agree with Don, whereas the Coursera course assumes no prior knowledge of music theory, it does expect an undergraduate level of comprehension and learning ability, this is after all a university offering free tuition and it takes no prisoners. I'm a fair to middling reader and would expect to play most straight forward folk type tunes up to four sharps and three flats at three quarter speed first time through, but I only made it just over halfway through the Coursera thing before I gave up. Horses for courses I guess. The music theory section of the 8notes website is helpful and free, it's a good place to start.
  5. Pete Dunk

    Something For The Weekend?

    This is one of the prettiest tunes I've heard for some time and here we have a recording of the composer inviting us to enjoy the tune, do so! X:1 T:Fée des dents T:Avec la persmission du compositeur C:André Brunet S:http://mustrad.udenap.org/tounes/TQ449_la_fee_des_dents.html N:TQ449 N:http://www.mustrad.udenap.org/lerepertoire.html O:Québec M:6/8 L:1/8 Q:3/8=100 Z:Éric Lortie/Peter Dunk. Projet Identitairs. 2017 K:G P:A |:B2D2 GA|Bdc BAG|c2E2 FG|FAG FED|B2D2 GA| Bdc Bgf|eg d2 cB|ABF G3::[P:B]e4 dB|ced BcB| d2B2 AG|Bdc BAG| e2e2 fg|af d2 cB|ced cBA|AGF G3:| Here is the tune played by the composer as I understand it: Fée des dents
  6. Pete Dunk

    A Remarkable Young Anglo Player

    Unless I'm mistaken I had the pleasure of playing alongside Cohen some years ago when he was just a boy but already a remarkably good violinist. This was a weekend workshop with Alistair Anderson, learning to play the Steel Skies suite at The Elephant in Lewes. His talent was formidible then and it would seem it has continued to grow, wonderful to see!
  7. Pete Dunk

    Québécois Tune Collection

    Thanks Wolf, a Merry Christmas to you and yours too!
  8. Pete Dunk

    Québécois Tune Collection

    Hot off the press is a collection of 381 québécois tunes originally noted down by Isidore Soucy (1899 - 1962) and here transcribed by Jean Duval in PDF format. There is also an alphabetical list of the tunes which link to a page with information about the tune and more importantly in most cases a link to a video of the tune being played. Enjoy!
  9. Pete Dunk

    Something For The Weekend?

    My new earworm is a Playford tune, a wonderful triple time hornpipe called Well Hall. Skip straight to the tune now if you have no interest in the vagaries abc notation itself! [abc geek] I came across it reading a post about ABC software being unable to play an accompanyment using the guitar chords in the tune if the time signature is one of the less common ones. It can handle all of the simple time beats plus the common compound time signatures 6/8 and 9/8 but anything top heavy 3/2, 6/4, 12/8, or that won't make groups of equal length notes per beat like 5/4 or 7/8 cannot be played back unless the program is given more information. The final directive in the file header - %%MIDI gchord fcc - gives the software the rythmn, fcc meaning fundamental, chord, chord, with emphasis on the fundamental. Not ideal for a 3/2 hornpipe but at least you get the chords playing [abc geek/] X:69 T:Well Hall C:Playford, 1679 Q:1/2=120 M:3/2 L:1/8 %R:hornpipe % leave commented! correct but generates error msg %%titlefont Helvetica 22 %%subtitlefont Helvetica 16 %%composerfont Helvetica 16 %%wordsfont Helvetica 16 %%partsfont Arial 20 %%partsbox %%gchordfont Arial 16 %%barnumbers 1 %%MIDI program 40 % violin %%MIDI chordprog 0 % piano %%MIDI gchord fcc K:Dm clef=treble V:1 gchord=down P:A |:"F"A2c2d2c2f2A2|"C"G4E4B4|"F"A2c2d2c2f2g2|\ "Dm"a8 "C"g4|"Dm"a2g2f2c2d2f2| "Bb"d4F4 "F"A4|"Gm"G2A2B2c2A4|"C"B6c2B4::\ P:B "Bb"B2F2G2F2G2B2|"Bb"D6B2D4| "C"E2G2A2G2A2c2|"C"E6c2B4|"F"A2c2d2c2f2c2|\ "Bb"d6efg2d2|"C"e2c2A2a2f2a2|"F"f6g2f4:| V:2
  10. Pete Dunk

    Something For Christmas

    ABC X:1 T:Nancy C:Tom Clough M:2/4 L:1/8 %%titlefont Helvetica 22 %%subtitlefont Helvetica 16 %%composerfont Helvetica 16 %%wordsfont Helvetica 16 %%partsfont Arial 20 %%partsbox %%gchordfont Arial 16 %%barnumbers 1 Q:1/4=105 K:D A|dD FA|df/e/ dA|d/c/d/e/ g/f/e/d/|ce AB/c/|dD FA|df/e/ dA| Bg f/e/d/c/|d2d::f/g/|a>b ag/f/|g>a gf/e/|fe/d/ g/f/e/d/|ce AB/c/| dD FA|df/e/ dA|Bg f/e/d/c/|d2d::[L:1/16]A2|dcBA GFED| F2A2 d2A2|dcde gfed|cdec ABcA|dcBA GFED|F2A2 d2A2| B2g2 fedc|d4d2::fg|aAaA bagf|gAgA agfe|fdfd gfed| cdec ABcA|dcBA GFED|F2A2 d2A2|B2g2 fedc|d4d2:|
  11. Pete Dunk

    Something For Christmas

    Here's a version of Nancy Clough played on English concertina. I can put the abc up if anyone is interested. Nancy Clough
  12. Pete Dunk

    Something For The Weekend?

    Here's a lovely trad tune (Swedish I think) called Hårgalåten. Midi from the abc doesn't give the right feel for this hambo, as anything in 3/4 is treated as a Vienese waltz with the emphasis on the first beat and a very Oom, pah, pah, pulse. Here's a nice version on Youtube: Hårgalåten I have edited John Chambers' abc transcription to add chords and spread the notation out a bit as it seemed very cramped. PDF is here. X:1 T:H\aargal\aaten O:trad R:hambo Z:John Chambers <jc@trillian.mit.edu>. Edited by Peter Dunk 2017 N:There are several incompatible versions of this tune. N:It is played in Gm, Am, Dm and sometimes in major. M:3/4 L:1/8 P:(AABC)2 %%titlefont Helvetica, 22 %%subtitlefont Helvetica,16 %%partsfont Arial, 20 %%partsbox %%gchordfont Arial, 16 %%barnumbers 1 V:1 gchord=down V:2 Q:1/4=120 K:Am V:1 P:A |:"Am"e2 e>f e>d|d>c c>E A>c|"E7"c>B B>E ^G>B|1,3 "Am"A>^G A>B c>d:|2,4 "Am"Az A4| P:B |:"C"c>d e2 c2|"G7"d>e f2 d2|g2 g>a g>f|"C"f>e e4|c>d e2 c2|"G7"d>e f2 d2| g2 g>a g>f|"E7"f>e e4|"Am"e2 e>f e>d|d>c c2 A>c|"E7"c>B B>E ^G>B| "Am"A>^G A>B c>d|"Am"e2 e>f e>d|d>c c2 A>c|"E7"c>B B>E ^G>B|"Am"Az A4:| P:C |:"Am"A2 {BA}^G2 A2|"E7"B2 {cB}A2 B2|"Am"c>d c>B c>d|"E7"e2- e>d c>B|"Am"A2 {BA}^G2 A2| "E7"B2 {cB}A2 B2|"Am"c>d c>B c>d|"C"e2 f2 ^f2|"G7"g>f d2 (3def|"C"e>d c4| "E7"e>d B2 (3Bcd|"Am"c>B A4|"Dm"a>f d2 (3def|"Am"e>c A2 A>c|"E7"B2 B>d c>B|"Am"Az A4:|
  13. Pete Dunk

    Something For The Weekend?

    When suggesting the removal of vmp. from the Z: field, I wasn't including the name of the transcriber, who in this case should still be credited with parts A, B and C. You could also credit John Chambers for parts D and E and even add a note about your minor edits and idea of combining all of the parts, that all makes very interesting reading in fifty years time when someone unearths a previously unknown five part version of Tink A Tink.
  14. Pete Dunk

    Something For The Weekend?

    I think that sounds quite good and I'm tempted to play it A B D E C ! I'll be giving it a go later but at a more modest pace. Comments on the abc: (hope you don't mind) %%partsbox 1 - could be just %%partsbox . Also this should be further down in the header, perhaps after the L: field but nothing should come betweed the X: and T: fields The second T: field line ends in (D, E) and the comma forces the E to appear at the begining of the line (syntax error caused by the comma in that particular position - I'll give you a full explanation if you wish) I would remove vmp. from the Z: field as this is no longer a Village Music Project transcription. Edit: typo
  15. Pete Dunk

    Something For The Weekend?

    Roger this is folk music, if you wander off and change the tune entirely then it's Roger's Tink A Tink and ever more shall be so! Your ear will tell you if it's any good! Edited to add: Post a link to your version here, a live recording if you're up for it, but if not just a copy of the dots for others to try. Nobody will criticise you for having a go but they will post a 'gloves off' critique of your efforts!