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  1. cobby

    Playing Standing

    I also play Morris standing and have my fore arms vertical, but I tend to move the concertina around with the music style which allows my hearing a break from being that close. I have looked at neck straps but haven't found one which is suitable for me. If anyone comes up with other ideas to you please let me know
  2. I started on a Jackie and still use it as a change to my up grade lachenal. It's an excellent first concertina and the tutor book with it explains all the basics of the instrument. May I say welcome to the world of free reed music.
  3. cobby

    Poll: Tune Of The Month For April, 2014

    it's Zelda for me also
  4. malcolm

    just thought I'd add as a friend so you later on the 29th ken

  5. cobby

    A New Year Waltz

    Alan thanks for a really nice tune a joy to play. Happy New Year to all Ken
  6. cobby

    OT: the weather

    its cold but sunny here in somerset. But not yet ready for the REAL fire so dick van dyke can wait a few days. Although I rather be here than "up north". (only because of the weather, I must add).
  7. cobby

    Congratulations Members!

    I'd join in with the garden idea. I don't have a problem with the neighbours it's the dogs that worry me Ken
  8. cobby

    A Happy Bunny

    I have a similar instrument from Chris and had the same excellent service from him, he is also very helpfull with any little problems that crop up for a new player. Its now two years of trouble free playing Ken
  9. thanks for these, a joy to watch, makes me consider looking at a Duet
  10. Roo I feel I must add that I'm with the have a go at trying to learn to play team. It is a great instrument and would be worth a few weeks trying to see if you get on with it. Either way I wish you luck and if you do sell you get a fair price for it.
  11. cobby

    Manor Royal March

    thanks for these, wonderful tunes. I will have to work hard to get them right.