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  1. Ok. Found it! Looking forward to leaning this song
  2. Hi All - Hear someone playing the hymn "Lone Wild Bird". unfortunately they didn't have the score for this. Anyone know where I could get a copy that is written for a concertina? Found a few scores online, but they are written for piano and as a beginner I'm not sure how to pull out what to play.
  3. I'm a beginner learning to play with Gary Cover's book "Easy Anglo 1-2-3" I've reached the part where the music looks like this. Here's my question - how do I go about learning to play this? I got the melody line down - it's simply the right hand notes. Adding the left at the same time is giving me fits. Suggestions?
  4. Hi all - I'm a fiddle player that is just getting into the concertina. On the fiddle I like to play slow tunes with long phrases - tunes like "In the Bleak Midwinter" - not into ompa music. These are the tunes I would also like to play with the concertina. I first started playing with an english version and found it to be fun, but exhausting. The bellows were very stiff and did not seem to loosen up with playing - and I'm a big guy, so strength is not really the problem here. I've recently exchanged the english for an anglo. This one has bellows like butter! I can play for an hour and not feel tired. The problem is how to play the type of music I want - seems I'm always out of air! Is this just a matter of practice? I'm told that a player can use the air button to take quick sips of air as needed, but I've not figured that process out yet. Are there any practice routines I can do to master this or videos out there that show how to go about getting more air? Or do I need to go back to the english - but a better quality instrument.
  5. I'm new to the anglo and I"m having trouble understanding just how to play simple chords along with a song. I've attached the song I'd like to play. I know the fingering for the chords shown and can play each of them. The problem comes from trying to play them with the song - always run out of air and the result sounds choppy and disjointed. For example, in the song I've attached, the chords go C - F - C - Am - C - F - C - G7. That's six measures on a push! I was wondering is anyone could do a quick video of this up to the G7 chord so I could see and hear how it should be played. BTW - I've gone thru all the technical talk about playing chords and I'm sure that will all be clearer to me as I get more experience. Right now I'd just like to know how to play chords as background to a song.
  6. Thanks for the idea. It got me looking around a bit more and it looks like use the 4a key anytime I use the 5a is going to be easier. Now for adding some harmony notes... Thanks again!
  7. Hi All! I'm a complete beginner on the anglo and have a question on how to play a song. The song contains a B-flat (key 5a). There are a number of runs where it goes from B-flat to G then A. I've found it smoother to use Key 8 for the G/A in this case. Further along in the song, it goes G-F-D-F-G-Bflat and this is where my fingers get braided together. How would you play this run? BTW - song is Misty Mountains, from the Hobbit movie. Couldn't find this already scored for the concertina, so I'm doing it myself.
  8. Rawhide - Rawhide Season 7 Episode 27 The Calf Women - YouTube
  9. I was watching an old western the other day and they snag this lovely song around the campfire. I would love to learn this on my anglo - does anyone know of the song "Green Grows the Laurel" and where I could get the music for it?
  10. My Thanks for the pdf and great suggestions on chords!
  11. Can anyone direct me to a harmony version of The Parting Glass. I'm a beginner on the anglo, and could really use a tab version of this song.
  12. Thanks for the great tips. One thing I'm confused on is using the air key while playing other notes - not sure how this helps. When playing the C chord, I'm on a push and running out of bellows space. Using the air key at that time simply makes the bellows run out of air quicker. Or am I doing something wrong?
  13. I'm a total beginner on the anglo, working my way thru Gary Coover's instruction book. I sing shanties and would like to get started on Fiddler's Green. This seems simple as there are only 5 chords - C - F - Am - G7 - Dm. Gary's book lists how to play theses in a couple of ways, but only for the left hand. The chords do seem to alternate nicely with pushes followed by pulls. but in a few spots there is a long time between changes of direction and I"m running out of bellows. Is there another way to play a C on a pull? BTW - I have found charts showing C on the right side, but it's much higher then the C chord on the left. I also know I could use the air button to get more bellow space, but that makes an annoying break in the songs rhythm.
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