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  1. Thanks for all the great replies!
  2. I've attached a snip of a song I'm working on - "High Barbaree" I'm a beginner playing an English Concertina - the 30-key Jackie. On the music you will see that it includes 3 guitar chords, starting with Gm, Cm and D7. I"ve seen the chord charts that show chord structure for the English and from it I see that on my Jackie, there are 3 different combinations of Gm. Same with the other two chords. Which one would I pick to play the first part of this song, and why? BTW - I have tried each of them and to be honest, none of them sound quite right.
  3. Hi fellow shut-ins! I"m a beginner English concertina player and one of the pieces I'm working on at the moment is Hedwig's Theme. I've attached a version of this I found online on a violin site. I would like to add some harmony/chords to this piece to jazz it up a mite - like on the A - F notes in measures 4 & 5. I've tried a few on my own, but it's just now sounding right., Any suggestions? Hedwig's_Theme.pdf
  4. I'm learning to play on a Jackie concertina. I've read in several articles that using wrist straps can make holding the instrument easier. Anyone know how they would be attached to the Jackie or know of a shop that could do this work? Pictures would be nice. I live in Port Townsend Washington
  5. I have English concertina scores arranged by Tam Blaxter for the Lord of the Rings songs "May it Be" and "In Dreams". I've been trying to find video or audio of what these sound like on the English concertina. I'm a beginning player myself and having examples to listen to would be a great help. Any suggestions?
  6. Sorry, but I don't understand - what is the difference between C-E-G and C-G-E?
  7. I'm a beginner English concertina player with a few questions about chords. Since most songs that I'm interested in only have 3-4 simple chords, I could jump start my ability to play by learning these chords. Similar to a guitar where you learn to play chords before you learn to fingerpick. First, the music I'm interested in playing shows guitar chords. I'm assuming I could play these same chords on the concertina? Second - how do I know which version of the chord to play? I found chord charts online. If I read it right, a C chord is formed by the C-E-G keys. On the concertina there are 3 different combination of these keys, starting at low C, middle C and high C. Which would be the correct one for any given situation, or do I need to figure this out via trial and error (which I'm trying to do now)
  8. I'm a beginning player with a new Jackie 30-key English concertina. I'm finding the bellows seem to be very stiff and require a good bit of effort to open. I sail a 31-ft boat by myself and have a good bit of arm strength, but I find I'm tired out after only a few bars. I've played with the concertina on my knee and have tried playing with a neck strap. Playing with the neck strap does seem to distribute the effort to both arms more than playing from the knee, but it still gets tiresome very quickly. Any solution to this?
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