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  1. Robin Harrison

    Looking for octave (below) C/G Anglo

    Pretty sure, given the raised ends on the anglo, he's playing his Dipper. Robin
  2. Robin Harrison

    Jeffries Anglo Repair on BBC iplayer

    Can't easily get it in Canada either................but I'm curious to know about Roger Thomas. The name is not familiar to me as a concertina repair person. Robin
  3. Robin Harrison

    DG Melodeon to GD Anglo?

    I also play both..........and quite simply, I believe the answer is "No". If you are content playing melodeon, trying to learn an anglo will complicate your life. Robin
  4. Robin Harrison

    Rosewood Added To C I T E S Appendix 2

    Could you elaborate on this ? I have a number of concertina friends here who regularly cross borders ( national , that is !) Thanks Robin
  5. ..............this is from Steve's post. The trick (and it is a learned skill,) is to learn to play quietly. Robin
  6. Robin Harrison

    A Newbie With An Old Stagi

    Welcome to the site, Michael....and best wishes from Ontario too. Robin
  7. Robin Harrison

    Gap filling.....

    Tx all for the suggestions. Robin
  8. Robin Harrison

    Gap filling.....

    There is shrinkage between the outside veneer and the mahogany ( i think) action board. Everything is very solid but the veneer needs to be supported underneath. Just run some epoxy in the gap ? Can epoxy be diluted a little so it runs in rather than having to smear it in. Or inject it in from the bottom of the gap ? Thanks Robin
  9. Robin Harrison

    Jeffries in B/F# (really!)

    opinions Here's mine, Dave. Leave it where it is and when someone wants to buy it, let them choose. Robin
  10. Robin Harrison

    O'Carolan's Cup

    Very nice, Mike..........enjoyed it. What was the audio problem ? Robin
  11. Hi Robin it's Erik (wunks).  I was cleaning out old emails and I noticed that a message either from me to you or you to me was not sent/received concerning extra buttons.  My last post to you was my address and reason for wanting them, at your request.  If they've gone elsewhere that's fine,  but if you still have them I could use them to refurbish a  Lachenal EC and/or add notes to my Jeff duet.  If they're spoken for you can ignore this post.  If they're still available I'll re-send my address in a separate post.  It might have been the reason it couldn't be delivered. Thanx.



  12. Robin Harrison

    new bellows for EC

    Just this summer picked up a set for a Wheatstone model 22 made by Dave Robertson. In my view they are of original Wheatstone quality...........wonderful workmanship. Robin Can post images if required.
  13. Robin Harrison

    Buttrey manuscript

    And just to complete the picture............... Alistair Brown, who plays anglo/melodeon and lived in Ontario for 30 or so years, on the left of the picture. The tune, Waiting for Emily, composed by Brian Pickell who live here in Paris, Ontario. Robin
  14. Robin Harrison

    Buttons (keys) replacements

    Dave.............I'm looking to re-button a 38 key Jeffries. I bought the current buttons from Jurgen Suttner a few years ago (5 or 6 ?) and at that time he sold them in one piece or in two. I find them much too long for my playing style such that I've never really played the instrument much..... I imagine these buttons are still available somewhere as concertinas are still being built. I will give away the current buttons to anyone who could use them....they will be no longer useful to me. Thanks Robin
  15. Robin Harrison

    Buttons (keys) replacements

    Thanks John & wunks .....The first doesn't seem to do new and the second, not the right sort. Need to keep looking.....................I wonder if any concertina builders out there could point me in the right direction. Robin