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  1. fyi....Brian, Frank makes lovely concertinas.
  2. Really enjoyed these postings , Kevin. Do you have a higher res. image of the record label ? I can't read it am interested to see . Tx Robin
  3. Wonderful stuff, Simon !!..........I love the intersection of classical and folk music. Here are a few that HAVE made it into the folk canon that immediately come to mind. Hole in the Wall...attrib. Purcell. Huntsman's Chorus.... Weber Sun Assembly & Sunbury Common.....Handel ( Harmonious Blacksmith) I'd love to hear your take on these two last Handel tunes! Thanks Robin Sun Assembly.pdf Sunbury Common.pdf
  4. Very nice , Christian.....well played ! Loads of fun this tune, eh ! Robin
  5. Here's the follow up......cost Cnd $ 56.00 ( £31.00) I thought this was quite pricey; in hindsight I should have taken it to a small independant jeweller rather than a province-wide chain. Nice job though............the bottom key, with three dampers, is the repaired one.
  6. And how appropriate today as well.........an homage. Doreen Lofthouse, who has died aged 91, made Fisherman’s Friend cough lozenges into worldwide bestsellers and became one of Britain’s richest women in the process
  7. ...................that's what I thought; but he explained there is very little heat transference up the key....very localised application of heat. I am curious to find out how much I will pay for this modern technology........
  8. Could do Gary, but this is a restoration so got to do it right! Thanks for the help everyone.....just took it to a jeweler who will laser weld a cap on. Will post the result when complete Robin
  9. Dave......all metal and the lower one is a complete unit but the attached image maybe easier to see. Diam =4.5mm
  10. I have a friend living here in Paris who is a very fine composer of tunes in the Ontario fiddle style. I asked him the question about how he felt about other people's interpretations of his tunes. He replied that when he released them they were free and he was intrigued how others would interpret them and flattered that they would. Robin
  11. Can anyone help with the issue of replacing the missing button cap..... I do not have it. (Also never noticed the little holes on the side of the shaft, they are from a Lachenal tenor.) Thanks as always. Robin
  12. This a recording I just did with my melodeon...............it was always our opening, finger - loosening tune in Toronto. There is a majesty to this tune...we played it at a fairly measured tempo. I think it's a glorious session tune ! Robin Chain Cotillion
  13. Haha Jim.........yes , it's #1 in my Toronto trad. English Session book which I know you have ! I heard it first 20 or so years ago here in Paris, Ontario played by an anglo player who lived in Sussex and was visiting............ and he played the 2 part version. During the course of some online research for my session book I discovered the 4-part version on a page of French Cotillions. I was most surprised........and the pleasure comes from the nature of the second two parts. To my ear they give it a Baroque feel to the tune. I was never
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