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  1. Almost made for the job ! https://ardec.ca/en/p/1379/pointed-paintbrush-original-series-2012?variant=13678&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiApuCrBhAuEiwA8VJ6JgSrvFPoJQYtP5h8Ml9ZgnA6hFBdRrguzsRhywJcmBwG02gbb3jSoBoCqmIQAvD_BwE#&gid=1&pid=1
  2. These from my practice this morning. In the next day or so I will be posting the layout of my 36 key G/D Dipper ( thanks Luke !!) that enables me to pretty much keep the tune mainly in the right hand and let the left hand do the harmonic accompaniment. Hence I am playing across the rows on the RHS. It seems so but most Irish tunes are played on a C/G anglo. I play these tunes on a G/D anglo giving me far greater harmonic possibilities but at the expense of sounding like a traditional Irish anglo player. Thanks for posting this thread. Robin 1a.....Boys of Bluehill & Sligo Fancy.pdf 1b.......Harvest Home & Belfast Hornpiper.pdf 1......Hare in the Corn & a Tailor am I.pdf 4.......Plane of the Plank & Corofin Departure.pdf 11...... Joe Bane's & Gypsey P..pdf 4__Hewlett.pdf 8_Loftus Jones.pdf
  3. Thank you so much Wes for providing this information........ Robin
  4. Thanks Wes, are we assuming it is a Lachenal ? I'm afraid my knowledge of different end plates is minimal; are there any Wheatstones that Metzler re-badged, do you know? Mike....here you are. Is this sufficient for your interest ? Thanks again.... Robin
  5. Was given to look at today a 48 key Metzler English. Serial # 13106 I am assuming it has been re-badged from a Lachenal or Wheatstone. I wonder if someone would look at the end plates and offer an opinion. Steel reeds ( bar two replacement non-brass ) Very nice rose-wood end plates and buttons that are lovely......even pressure, excellent condition. It's not an abused concertina.........it has original pads, replacement valves, shrinkage etc........but oddly to me , 2 or maybe 3 different makes of end bolts. Any help appreciated. Robin
  6. True that but this is Jan Elliot playing...............the most astonishing English player. I think she is one-of-a-kind. I've never heard any other English player being able to do what she does.
  7. I have been following the news............. here in Canada have our own on-going issues....... I know you live in Hawai'i, Gary, but don't know where. Is this appalling fire confined to the one island.....are you safe ? Robin
  8. Thanks Roger for picking this up........( & David for confirming) You can proof read the same mistake a dozen times.............. !! I will correct the error and I need to edit some of the chords too. Robin
  9. Hope you like these tunes........................... Mrs.Belle's Square set ......a set of four Newfoundland dance tunes. Bill (Nesbitt) has a deep connection to Newfoundland. He is able to spend a small part of the year in Harbour Grace and is embedded in the rich session scene there. I worked for three years in Harbour Breton, Nfld, and both my children were born there. Here is the source collection of these tunes, compiled by Christina Smith.......we play them at about 75% the speed that they dance them in kitchens etc but we like it at this tempo and feel the tunes breathe a little more freely. https://inshorepublications.ca/wp/like-the-bird I've attached the sheet music.........interesting time signature changes..................it took me many dozens of times listening to the set until I felt able to try it on the anglo. Bill and I have determined that our next practice together we will work on more chording and additional smiles ! Thanks for listening ! Mrs. Belle's Square set.pdf
  10. And if I may add.....the people who responded above are spot on in their observations but it doesn't mean you mean a louder concertina. There starts the session arms race ! I have quite a loud Dipper anglo and frequently have the problem you describe........one trick that sometimes works is to angle the right hand end of the concertina around somewhat so it is pointing more at you than your neighbor and lean over.........only works for an accompanied style and looks odd !
  11. Has anyone found an alternative to MandolinCafe ? It was a great tool......I need to be able to export .pdf's. Thanks for any help. Robin
  12. I have always preferred six fold to five fold. But if the price is sufficiently attractive etc........Dave Robertson (on this site) made me a 6 fold set for an Aeola and they are wonderful. It's like have original 1923 bellows that are brand new. But Randy, with your superior ability, I doubt you would notice any substantial difference. Robin
  13. Really good, Ryo, fantastic playing ! ...............who made your anglo ? I did not recognise the end plates.
  14. Does it makes any financial difference to Cohen who we buy it from ?
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