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  1. Hi......? I'm Robin

        My main question is the 70% issue...............I just haven't heard this before (  I don't think)

              Actually bellows control is central to my anglo playing ......I have designed a layout and Colin D. has built 3 anglos for me. It's a somewhat changed standard  37/38 key layout such that MY anglo ends up playing a bit like a bandoneon, thus playing a lot more on the draw and less on the press to try to get longer legato phrases with less bellows reversals ( which I often try to avoid.)

         So, I often need to compress my bellow fully to get max. air for the phrase. Perhaps less so on my very responsive G/D, but the F/C needs lots of air for chords and my bass G/D Dipper could really use compressed air scuba tanks !.....I'm still coming to terms with this one.

                   THAT SAID..............I did try to measure my bellows use ( slow day in paradise here !) and pretty much don't extend the bellows over 70% most of the time. However , if I needed to I really wouldn't be troubled. I think new anglo players have other things to occupy their minds but I agree that bellows control is hugely important.......funny thing is I also play English and am rotten at bellows control, and melodeon, which I am great at bellows control because I keep the bottom strap done up to get more response from my reads.

        Did you mean 70% on draw and press ?

    Anyway, it's always a pleasure to chat with others interested in concertinas; I'm up here in Paris, Ontario.

                   Just added a couple of videos for interest.



  2. Well done Gregor.........less is more when holding keys down but well done. Seems like you're having fun ! you shouldn't extend or compress the bellows beyond +-70% of its range, Never heard this before.....obviously on compressing !......but extending, I don't agree. I believe bellows to be very durable and if you total them after 40 years, then replace....see Cormac Begley as an extreme example. And second, if I need air, then I need air and it's not because of lack of bellows control. Cheers.............and maybe a separate thread not to hijack Gregor's first recording ?
  3. Hi Bill..............I'm very excited to see your new anglo. Drones..............I'm not a fan of them for the type of music we play and in fact, for myself, think of them as a lost opportunity to have a note that I can use constantly. ie both the press and draw notes on my left hand thumb button I use in chords. But I also realise that is not the information you asked ! Robin
  4. Does it make any sense to return it to an anglo ? Robin
  5. On a river......a Dipper of course !
  6. Thank you both.......really helpful. Here is my photo-shopping with chords that appeal to me. Hope others might find it useful......also having it sung it for years ......a...... I didn't know it was Welsh and b...... I have always sung "Twelfth Night" whereas the translation is "Twelve Tide " Robin Please to See the King.pdf
  7. Thanks John...........the abc file seems to confuse the converter ? ie the pdf you attach is different from the abc file. Robin
  8. Certainly my preferred music ! and what I like a lot about this great twosome is there always sounds like there are at least three musicians playing. Thanks for reminding me ! Robin
  9. Anyone like to help here with chords suggestions...........I really can't figure this one out..... My first line sounds OK but I'm not sure.... Wishing Joy, Health, Love & Peace to all here in this place ! Robin Please to See the King.docx Please to See the King.pdf
  10. Hi Mud...........from reading your post, if you are looking for a "how-to" book, this will not help you as it will be a tune book. But Gary has already published what is arguably the best accompanied style anglo tutor available. Robin
  11. Try these...............I found them and included them in my book for the Toronto trad English session..............remembering that English sessions often contain music from all parts............. Ashgrove, already mentioned but it's a lovely set combined with the sweet Caerdoea. You will love Polca Cefn Coed paired with Ymdaith Gwyr Dyfnaint. We have two genuine Welsh musicians,Swansea and Cardiff, in our session and they can't pronounce this one so we just call it by the English name, March of the Men of Devon. Cheers Robin 13_Polca Cefn Coed set.pdf 22_Ashgrove _ Caerdoea.pdf
  12. Interesting, eh ! He describes himself as "not a concertina player "........ wish I wasn't a concertina player too !
  13. Anyone know what the two (machine ?) screws are for, on the side that would be closest the players body ?
  14. Hi Gary..........only just picked up on this thread. A number of years ago ( 5 or 6 ? ) you and I exchanged books. I had self-published a book of English session tunes for the Toronto English session I run. If you still have it, there are loads of G/D anglo and melodeon friendly tunes there, from easy to more challenging but still straightforward. I've updated it once with a few new tunes......I've attached a couple of examples of tunes that are great on the G/D ( or any anlgo of course) For our session I usually try to do a Youtube of the tunes as well..........most of us learn better that way..... Whifflers Ripponden Set Let me know if I can be of any help. 19_Whifflers _ Nottingham Castle.pdf 28_Ripponden Set.pdf 55_Egg and Cabbage _ Melody Iron.pdf
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