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  1. Bravo, you guys ! What a terrific three minutes of music; especially on concertinas........really enjoyed it. It is inspirational too.........my mate, Bill N. who posts on this site, and I are trying to play some tunes on our concertinas together and a tune like this would be an excellent challenge. ( He may well hear this for the first time here ! !) Hoping for more tunes from you both and would love to see it on YouTube as well. Robin
  2. My shipping tip here for concertinas. I go to our local Value Village ( charity type store ) and buy a bag of 2nd hand towels for around $5-6 and use that as packing between the concertina case and the box. Robin
  3. ...................made me giggle; but I remember you as a young Morris dancer , Mike !
  4. Firstly, thanks again Adrian for recording and posting these Morris tunes. So much to enjoy just for listening and for learning. I have always thought that anyone interested in playing the anglo concertina in an accompanied style can learn a huge amount from how you play.......and in turn I know you have acknowledged Gary Couver's books in helping you. Jim B..............., I couldn't agree with you more on the two counts; the sometimes bizarre sound if you listen the music without the visuals and then the different pleasure from playing the tunes with no constraints (ie out of context). Both are wonderful......but quite different. I play Glorishears for the (aging !) Toronto Morris Men. It is such a totally satisfying Morris tune to play for them to dance to, but at the tempo you need to play it, even if the men were 19yrs old, borders on odd. Likewise, I play Mrs.Casey for the men…………it makes a great session tune when played non-dance speed. For interest, I put this set together and recorded it for the Toronto English music session, no concertinas played and not a Morris man in sight …..I call it the………….Joyous Morris set
  5. Just found these today...............just lovely anglo playing. He's going to be posting one a day. Robin Walk of the Twopenny Post man Trunkles
  6. Really nice playing.....thank you. Robin
  7. Pledged..............Loved your final concert at uni thar Adrian posted, loved your first album and now looking forward to the new album ! Thanks for asking us. Robin
  8. Just been directed a great "digital sing" on Face book......led by this gentleman. It's the "Revels Virtual Spring Sing" I had not heard of him but, boy, he has a glorious voice, a wonderful english concertina song accompaniment technique and a fabulous looking baritone treble concertina. Anyone know what he plays ? Robin
  9. I recall decades ago reading a book about Shackleton's journey to antarctica that referenced an English concertina and that it was an Edeophone. This morning a friend sent me this link to the BBC New magazine website......................and there it is on the shelf, above the picture of a penguin, image 5/15. Somewhat blurry but probably the metal-ended edeophone. Here is the link.....................reference was made recently on C.net to not posting links here..............I don't know a way of letting you know about this without giving the link. If anyone else can, that would be great. Robin https://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-34856379?fbclid=IwAR2wJ-oFJm_J3FoWACTPZnMdvIKGbniz2DEkM5IFIYVJ3d392-M6lF0qpSc
  10. William Kimber, I'm guessing, in Headington ?
  11. Mike says it is 17th Century in the written explanation......
  12. Yep, me too ! Maybe 15 yrs ago I taught myself to sight-read, on English concertina, just for this purpose. Robin
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