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  1. Try these...............I found them and included them in my book for the Toronto trad English session..............remembering that English sessions often contain music from all parts............. Ashgrove, already mentioned but it's a lovely set combined with the sweet Caerdoea. You will love Polca Cefn Coed paired with Ymdaith Gwyr Dyfnaint. We have two genuine Welsh musicians,Swansea and Cardiff, in our session and they can't pronounce this one so we just call it by the English name, March of the Men of Devon. Cheers Robin 13_Polca Cefn Coed set.pdf 22_Ashgrove _ Caerdoea.pdf
  2. Interesting, eh ! He describes himself as "not a concertina player "........ wish I wasn't a concertina player too !
  3. Anyone know what the two (machine ?) screws are for, on the side that would be closest the players body ?
  4. Hi Gary..........only just picked up on this thread. A number of years ago ( 5 or 6 ? ) you and I exchanged books. I had self-published a book of English session tunes for the Toronto English session I run. If you still have it, there are loads of G/D anglo and melodeon friendly tunes there, from easy to more challenging but still straightforward. I've updated it once with a few new tunes......I've attached a couple of examples of tunes that are great on the G/D ( or any anlgo of course) For our session I usually try to do a Youtube of the tunes as well..........most of us learn better that way..... Whifflers Ripponden Set Let me know if I can be of any help. 19_Whifflers _ Nottingham Castle.pdf 28_Ripponden Set.pdf 55_Egg and Cabbage _ Melody Iron.pdf
  5. I play 'em both as well, and Howard's thought is as concise as I've seen. Robin
  6. But maybe not.............piano accordions, like all free reed instruments, are great and might get him interested enough in to the extent that he wants to spend 150-250 pounds on a 2nd hand but excellent one. There are loads of them around; just do a eBay search......( not a really popular instrument just now) Worth making the point again that if your son has a gift for music ( but even if he doesn't ), trying to learn on a clunker is tough sleddin'. Now if you only lived in Ontario, I have one he can have for free.................you can come and collect if you like ! Stay over . Cheers Robin.....................
  7. ................also worth noting that for some odd reason it is often easier ( I didn't say better!) to play a tune new to you faster rather than slower. And thus are habits formed. In my case I think it's because playing slower needs more control not less. Robin
  8. Something looks wrong in the URL....../youtu.be/
  9. Wonderful......for an anglo player it's an inspiration too! We may not have the full access to notes as duet players do but it gives many ideas for the left hand. Thanks for posting. Robin
  10. Marching Band cape.....might work ? Or this..............Accordion cape Robin
  11. Pretty sure, given the raised ends on the anglo, he's playing his Dipper. Robin
  12. Can't easily get it in Canada either................but I'm curious to know about Roger Thomas. The name is not familiar to me as a concertina repair person. Robin
  13. I also play both..........and quite simply, I believe the answer is "No". If you are content playing melodeon, trying to learn an anglo will complicate your life. Robin
  14. Could you elaborate on this ? I have a number of concertina friends here who regularly cross borders ( national , that is !) Thanks Robin
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