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  1. Robin Harrison

    Preview ?

    Has the preview option been removed when posting ? thanks Robin
  2. Robin Harrison


    I seem to hear Amin as suggested in the seventh bar I know what you mean ,Wolf, but to my ears, the C-> Em-> Am-> is more interesting ? Small difference really, I think. I also play melodeon and if you are not careful you can end up playing the same chord over and over so I strain to change it up on that instrument and I bring that approach to the anglo. There’s a classic 16th c Italian renaissance progression called the passamezzo antico that fits the A section: Am–|G–|Am–|E–|C–|G–|AmE|Am–||. For the B section, I would use the “romanesca” variant (see both linked wikipedia articles) replacing the first Am with a C. Interesting articles, Dave. I do like the suggestion of changing the E minor's to E major in the first section. As it turns out, that is what I do anyway. I often play two note chords on the bass side which tends to be a neutral chord but very effective on the anglo when tapping/punching out chords without the beat note. But we agree on A dorian, with an F# in the key signature ? Thanks both. Robin Greensleeves.nwc
  3. Robin Harrison

    Munster Cloak

    Nice playing, Graham ! Ab ? What old friend have you got there ? Robin
  4. Robin Harrison


    Thanks wolf...............I'll check out those suggestions. Anyone else care to chime in?
  5. Robin Harrison


    I've recently found this version of Greensleeves, one I Like very much. Could someone have a look at the pdf and tell me if the B part looks right...........ie should I keep the same key sig. throughout and place the # signs as I have. And A minor dorian ? The chords I've indicated are ones I play but any other suggestions welcome. Thanks.................Robin Greensleeves & Polly the Lass Greensleeves.pdf
  6. Robin Harrison

    Tune name ?

    And here is a pdf for anyone interested......................... and Mount Pleasant, the tune I have paired it with. Robin Thrunton Woods.pdf Mount Pleasant.pdf
  7. Robin Harrison

    Tune name ?

    Alistair's name is listed as the composer. That's the answer I'm looking for; thanks again Robin
  8. Robin Harrison

    Tune name ?

    John, you are a pal ! However, I'm not sure it gets me any further ahead ! Reading the notes carefully , he appears NOT to mention the second tune, Thrunton Woods; assuming that the "polka I found in a manuscript etc" is the Hawk Polka . Is that how you read it ? Thanks again , Robin
  9. Robin Harrison

    Tune name ?

    And the answer is....................Thrunton Woods from Corby Crag, the Alistair Anderson album This from Novascotian who I believe may be a member both here and Mel.net. Thank you to him for a good memory ! Next up I would like to figure out where it comes from. I've tried enlarging images I can get off the net of the back of the LP but can't make it out. If anyone owns the LP, I'd appreciate an image of it. I"m pleased to have found the name but it's not one imbued with beauty for such a chipper tune.............Thrunton.....................but perhaps Thrunton Woods is a place of loveliness, who knows. Robin
  10. Robin Harrison

    Morse Ceili C/G Anglo for sale- 2nd Price Drop

    I've seen this anglo and played it...................nice instrument and well cared for. Robin
  11. Robin Harrison

    Peli Storm Case Strap

    Looks like 3/16ths
  12. Robin Harrison

    Tune name ?

    Thanks Mike...............more fun asking living, breathing concertina players ! So also an opportunity to remind people what a great tune this is ...... Robin
  13. Robin Harrison

    Tune name ?

    As I remember it from ?40 years ago......may not be exact after this passage of time but it came to me like this last week. It was on an Alistair Anderson record, the name of which also escapes me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsI8AVOvf2Y Any ideas ? I was looking for a tune to pair with Mount Pleasant and half a bar's similarity prompted the return of the tune. This is Mount Pleasant............just a great tune ! Mount Pleasant.pdf
  14. Robin Harrison

    Anglo Hand Straps wanted

    Let me know if you still need some.........I have some I have no need of that I was gifted and can send you. No cost to you but send the shipping to Paul who graciously runs this show ! Robin
  15. Robin Harrison

    More dumb questions about modes...

    Hi Roger......... This is my take on whether it matters; I lead an English session in Toronto so this is a subject I have thought about. If you are doing these abc transcriptions etc for your own purposes with no idea of sending out in either digital or printed form, then I don't think it does matter. If however, you are "sending them around" to fellow musicians then I think it does . This is already a complex subject to those of us without paper training and sending out digital versions of incorrect sheet music further muddies the water. If I am uncertain about anything, then I try to have it checked by someone who does know before sharing........this appears to be what you are doing, so well done . Robin