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  1. I think this would count ! A double-reeded English concertina........... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S95GjBQkS7w&ab_channel=RobinHarrison
  2. Robbie, I used to own one and my experience was the complete opposite of yours perhaps. I walked into Hobgoblin on Oxford St. London and there it was on the shelf ! Mine had the interesting provenance of belonging to Peter Kennedy's wife who played in their country dance band , the Haymakers. (Peter Kennedy, son of Douglas Kennedy of EFDSS renown, apparently imported Hohner melodeons into England tuned in D&G when most were at the time tuned in C&F. This led to those two keys becoming "standard" in sessions. I am happy to be corrected on this.....my information is from decades ago.)
  3. Chris...as Don pointed out....I find it has tendency to fracture if bent too tightly or too quickly. Should I simply be bending much more slowly ? Tx
  4. I wonder how relevant the type of case is. How you store the case with the concertina inside is the relevant part. If you use it to travel on vacation, to a session etc then the time period it is in the vertical position is surely not enough to let the valves take on a curl. ie if you want to store your Jeffries inside it's jug type leather case, store it on its side.
  5. Nice playing there, Jake, plus great name for you group. One of the great trad.songs to be sure. Robin
  6. Felix, let me respond to the video you posted without overthinking it. My immediate response is that it is completely joyous music.............such a pleasure to listen to. Naturally I loved the parts with the Anglo concertina lead !!, but just so engrossing to listen to and to see how much you all love the performing of it. Boy, the bouzouki player, Cástor I think, has this huge smile from start to finish. Wonderful and thank you for posting. Robin
  7. Has anyone on this site ever played one ? I'd love to know how it sounds compared to an Æola. I wonder if it has anything of the "honk".
  8. Really nice, Alison .............A sad year well spent ! Firstly; love the common-sense air lever....and second, you wait till Alex makes you a G/D ! You'll love those top notes mellowing out ! Robin
  9. Me too, Connie. I wonder if the error we made is to confuse "cello part" with "third part". The image I have attached is from a Piccolo Press set of concertina marches for concertina, all written in the treble clef. So the "third part", taken here by a baritone, would be a cello in a string quartet. So in the context of treble concertinas taking what would be "violin and viola" parts, the baritone takes the "cello" part. This has been my logic...... Robin
  10. Jim.......on the serial number side, at the very bottom mid-way between the two bolts ?
  11. Don't know if this has it's own thread but it's a great looking concertina. Right hand side has an inscription "Aola" ? Serial # 22663 date ? Wheatstone on eBay..
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