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  1. Does it makes any financial difference to Cohen who we buy it from ?
  2. I have not heard of gold reeds................have you ever seen them Stephen ? And how do they sound ? Tx
  3. Well thank you Paul for the explanation. I've never seen 4 folds on an Anglo before so a customization makes sense.............4 folds on vintage English concertinas is common. He does come across on any Youtube videos as a nice bloke. Thanks again Robin
  4. I think you are right and thank you ! What a haunting air, eh ! Any comments on the 4 fold bellows ?...........seen it lots on vintage English concertinas but not on a more recent anglo. Thanks again.................
  5. ..........just discovered this anglo player in the UK on Youtube; great concertina player. Can anybody name this tune ? He does but it is hard to hear what he says. It's just lovely tune; does it have snatches of the King of the Fairies attached below ? Music starts at about 1.08. Thanks Robin I think he is paying a Wheatstone anglo with 4 fold bellows ..........unusual, no ? https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=StQkZwXJv7g King of the Fairies.pdf
  6. I am a small sample but he is well known to me !! For his fabulous playing, his fabulous voice, his fabulous concertina and his fabulous talent. Triple threat +1
  7. May I ask who the gentleman is, in the right of the image; he looks a lot younger than the two "elders".
  8. It is indeed John and he plays a 38 key C/G anglo Jeffries.
  9. This is a topic close to my heart............I have been attending this wonderful event for 20years or more as the Toronto Morris men musician. For the past few years the attendees have pretty much been confined to the hosts, Bowery Boys, Newtown MM and Toronto MM. There are concertinas around. However my experience is the the dancers prefer a melodeon ( button accordion) to dance to..............it is a louder and richer sound. I've attached a video of us dancing at a very noisy event some years ago. I am the melodeon player here.............and anglos gets very lost. The dance we are doing is the Binghamton stick dance and the tune is a Cuckoo's Nest variant. Attached is a Gilbertsville poster, the iconic image of William Kimber dancing .Binghampton stick dance
  10. I meant to add a line at the end of my post yesterday saying I would love to hear any other stories about how he has impacted, lightened, enriched anyone's life, as he has mine. Please tell us a story about him. Thanks Robin
  11. And what a fine man he is too ! The largest influence on my trad. music life both for anglo and for singing. My personal "holy-macaroni" moment was listening to the album where he sings "Rambling Comber"; unaccompanied. It is with me to this day, it has everything I love about folk song. Robin
  12. Angler......this post won't help your search but I would like to say how much I love some of her compositions and totally get why you want to play this tune which I had not listened to ( thanks !!) I have spend much time learning the tune linked below which I just about had under my fingers until the sunny weather came...................... Roll on Fall and cloudy days ! Robin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzSGr3Lq7sM&ab_channel=ITMAVideos I
  13. Second request here to see how you saw them up etc. please Alex. By coincidence, last month I secured a Lignum Vitae bowling ball here in my bowling club in Paris, Ontario. I asked if I could have one from the many unusable old ones and most of them were melamine material but managed to find a wooden set....maybe two more to follow. I am interested to see how you deal with them. Thanks Robin
  14. I had two of John's bellows and although maybe heavier, they were wonderful quality and I am not sure I noticed any real difference compared to the Rosalie dipper bellows I have had. They would not affect volume at all and I would be very happy to have them on any anglo.
  15. Sorry I can't help except to say that my whole approach to playing EC is based on having listened AA's playing for hours on end as a new player all those years ago. I loved his use of the word "stotty" when describing air management. You are totally on the right path by referring back to his playing. I'll be interested to hear any replies t your question. Robin
  16. Well done P. It is so cool to buy a concertina that comes with documentation esp . photo's. Robin
  17. I like this, Jim. I think you could re-interpret it what she said more generally and say.........." Jim, the way you play that tune makes me want to dance". For the music that we love to play, this is the.......... "it's-all-been-worthwhile"......... comment. When I lead the English Trad English session in Toronto for 15 or so years, when we had settled into the Caledonian pub, it could be quite noisy some evenings. I was always looking around at the pub's patrons and if I saw a group deep in conversation but unconsciously tapping their feet, I would think............"this is working, this is why we are here " !
  18. ......................boy those first few bars took me back to 1976, Plain Capers, John Kirkpatrick and my youth ! Nicely played.....interesting basses, I really enjoyed it. Personally I did not find it "non-morrisy" other than the tempo ! Thanks for posting, Jim. Robin
  19. Don, as an aside...I emigrated from England to Canada for the love of a good woman and Robertson head screws........
  20. Over the years I've been to a few concertina weekends in England and was always amazed to see that the Irish\English folk music contingent were in the minority. Others on this forum can expand/contradict etc that view.
  21. Hi Joey.........three of the end bolts are missing from the image ?
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