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  1. I bought one of these through their webpage and promptly returned it. It does have a nice tone, the buttons do have quick action and it looked nice, but it is not an instrument that punches above its weight cost-wise. The bellows action is stiff, the air button feels like sucking through a tiny straw and there is a fair bit of empty air before a note is produced with the other buttons. Result, you really have to work and use a lot of force to play at speed with the Phoenix. It is a chore to play quickly. Also pay attention to the details of the button layout, I was expecting to find a F natural on button 30 but not so. Price wise it is about halfway between a Concertina Connection Rochelle and a Button Box Morse, and that’s exactly what you get. It is a lot better than the Rochelle and well short of the Morse. Great for a beginner or an early intermediate player but set your expectations accordingly.
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