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  1. Thank you all that had a go at this tune for World Concertina Day 2022. We now move to 2023 and you are all invited to send your own recording in from players Worldwide. A great fellowship and World Friendship. THANK YOU ALL. Al
  2. Doing a back flip with a concertina is something I shall put on the back burner for a while. Your story reminds me of a video of a group that featured a concertina and the player on completion of the tune threw the concertina up in the air. There was a sort of silence as it descended from sky ,completely missed by the player and nearly knocked out one of the band members. Al
  3. It is strange that as a musical instrument concertinas have been used in many clown acts. I remember as a small boy with my parents on Clapham Common going to the Circus and the White Faced Clown played a miniature concertina. As tiny as I was then perhaps it started my love for the instrument. Al
  4. I appreciate the hell of a lot of work and practice you put into this. Well done Randy. Al
  5. I cannot get any sound from this posting. Al
  6. You have nearly a Month to do a recording or let us hear from you. Happy New Year. Al.
  7. Here is a lovely tune to kick this off.
  8. Hallo Richard I was not thinking of restricting the messages/ recordings to one site ,It will be interesting to see if we get a response. You never know with these things. There are two ICA sites for example and FB, Al
  9. I wondered if players Worldwide of all Nationalities would join me by saying HALLO What instrument you play and possibly send in a recording of your playing. There are many players that are out there silent on this site . Just for World Concertina Day 2023 let us hear from you. Al.
  10. If you go for the vintage Lachenal check to make sure it is in current pitch. The more modern instruments will be. Al
  11. Interesting subject . A few thoughts. To add to the above list ,George Jones of course , and many cheaper German imports, Lachenal were mass producing concertinas and were selling them to many outlets who sold under their own label. Around Manchester there were many concertina bands. The concertina is certainly gaining in popularity Worldwide. I suppose the only way to really check this out is to find out the total output pre Wars and now, but it would be impossible to obtain all this info . if the cheap Chinese imports were added there must be more concertinas produced now. Al
  12. Nice to hear from you Frank . I agree with your comments and of course setting the reed height too low causes the reed to choke and many a new concertina I have played this happens. Al
  13. Silicone is a superb non stick ,wood to wood, wood to plastic and plastic to plastic lubricant. It can be purchased from any large car component supply company such as Halfords and is sold in Aerosol cans. For application I would recommend that very little is sprayed into the lid and then applied by a very small brush in small quantities. It is very useful on cheaper models where plastic is used in place of leather. buttons etc. A Small brushing on the plastic buttons sticking on the wooden finger board may prevent the button sticking. (Wipe off any excess) I would not use it on the bellows as any future tear ,or repair would not take to it. Al
  14. I have just received my copy of Concertina World ,well put together ,very interesting articles and well written. Have you got your copy? Are you a member ? Why not join other concertina players . With the forthcoming World Concertina Day coming up ,why not be part of it. International Concertina Association with friends around the World Al
  15. A rare fault that could cause ghost reeds playing is when a corner support block becomes loose or drops off. This will create air flowing over the chamois leather seal and play the reeds, but it will happen in both directions ,not just in one direction. Al
  16. My thoughts were exactly the same as Alex Holden ,that when you push the air button it interferes with the valve next to it ,or even that the spring moves around a bit and lifts up the adjacent lever. Some good advice here it will be one of the ones suggested. Al
  17. One of my tunes I remember from the following words. "What are you doing out of the rain when you could be home in bed" Al
  18. What would effect the air pressure in the bellows is playing a tune in a lower key or with heavy base accompaniment due to the lower notes using more air. So for example using more notes on an Anglo or Duet left or right hand would effect the pressure per push and per pull. I find this an amusing subject that I cannot remember coming up before. Al
  19. I agree with David here , the sound that comes from the concertina must be equal to the pressure within the bellows. This pressure can be obtained by the force the bellows are subjected to by either hand ,or both hands together. Al
  20. With "Rosbif " I had the pleasure of playing alongside French Bagpipes ,Oboe, Cello, Viola and Hurdy gurdy. Later with Will Fly (Mike Ainscough) a superb guitarist I currently play at sessions alongside Rob Neal who plays numerous instruments including Duet and English Concertinas, but my favourite is Cello and when he joins in some of my tunes and adds the depth of sound ,it is a joy to play alongside.
  21. We talked recently about timing which can be done whilst out walking without the concertina. A further suggestion is to get two sheets of paper and write down against your button layout the key of every note (button ) you have push and pull if it is an Anglo.Left and Right hand. Get yourself a chord book and work out chord layouts for the buttons you have. Study the same notes you have but in different direction. With an Anglo is it possible to play on your concertina a complete scale on the push and on the pull ? Have you two notes the same on the push or pull in which case playing them alternatively may help you speed up triplets etc by using this method. All of these suggestions can be done without taking the concertina out of it's box but it will make you a better player. Al
  22. Lovely playing as usual Jim , great timing ,lift and you can instantly tell that you play for Morris Dancers. Al
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