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  1. Dave Leese has now added a picture of a finished set of bellows on his concertina-spares web site. They look good with the green & gold papers.
  2. It must be catching, I can see letters on my fretwork!
  3. I see our newest member (glo) is number 1066. If we have only 895 registered members and only one has been excommunicated, to my knowledge, where have all the others gone?
  4. I have a cassette tape of William Mullaly playing the ten tunes he recorded. It is recorded on the Viva Voce label, I bought it from Veteran, www.veteran.co.uk Stephen Chambers must have his computer switched off because inside the cover it thanks him and others for the information.
  5. Paul, It has five fold bellows with brown papers, comparing it to a similar mahogany ended older instrument, it is not as responsive, but the sound is similar.
  6. I have a Lachenal 30 button anglo No. 200704. It has plastic buttons, mahogany plywood ends and fibre inserts for the endbolts to screw into (which soon loose their holding power after the concertina has been opened a few times) and have to be replaced with threaded brass inserts. These were made down to a price.
  7. (QUOTE zimbotut) [my pet monkeys anglo playing sounds better] It must be the time of year, (sounds like the ramblings of an overworked postman to me).
  8. I have a Colin Dipper (Celebrated Acoustic Band Anglo) made in the latter part of 1987 with the serial number 163. There was a review on C-net of a Dipper Cotswold manufactured in November 1998 serial number 293. This makes 130 concertinas in 11 years - 12 per year if the numbers run in sequence.
  9. Chris - Your picture is Geoff Halford who plays for the Leicester Morris Men and it is a Harley he is playing.
  10. Mine is a Jeffries 20 button, wooden ends, no strings attached.
  11. Some years ago I was on the beach at Blackpool when I saw a man and a woman with a baby, having an arguement. The baby was thrown to the floor and the man hit the woman with a stick. A policeman intervened and the man hit him with the stick. then.................... The crocodile ate all the sausages!
  12. The last tune Richard played was called Downfall of the Ginn. Brian Peters plays a similar version on an Anglo, on his Squeezing Out Sparks cd
  13. I spoke to Andrew Norman at lunchtime and he has never been approached by or made any Concertina kits for The Renaissance Workshop. He does supply spare parts, but that would be an expensive way to make one.
  14. There is a reply from Mr Chesters himself in the News & Updates of the original forum
  15. The Jeffries Concertina has re-appeared on ebay, being sold by a new seller in Canada!
  16. Dave, I have a 30 button Lachenal Anglo with steel reeds in steel reedframes, its No.189667. The ends are mahogany, a bit fancier than normal but not as intricate as the rosewood ended models. The reeds and frames were both rusty but now it's been de-rusted and tuned the sound seems more strident than a brass framed equivalent. Mike
  17. Is that a picture of Geoffrey's - Jeffries or his Tetleys?
  18. If you want to see air concertina being played look at 'Grock the Clown' on www.britishpathe.com
  19. On the Concertina Connection site "Rare" Concertinas - a picture gallery, there is a "New" Lachenal Edeophone with green buttons and what looks like plastic ends. They surely don't come any newer!
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