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    I started teaching myself anglo concertina in 1999 or so. I also play French horn, Eb bass and Eb sousaphone. I am the organiser of the Arran Concertina Event.
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  1. Oh, I see..., had considered her as well... Well then I'll double with West Ruislip as the weather seems to be sufficiently fine for a wintertime picnic on the beach... ...
  2. It is with great sadness that I have to tell concertina.net that Henk van Aalten died on 8 March 2016 after a short illness. His funeral was today. I attach two images from his funeral notice: the quote from Henk, just a week before he died, on the card says “I am in a thousand little things”, and his family pay tribute to his warmth, peace, love, caring, wisdom and creativity which will be sorely missed. If you wish to share your own memories of Henk with his family you are invited to do so at the online remembrance book at http://www.uitvaartverzorgingkramer.nl/condoleanceregister/
  3. Posted Today.04.53pm First my apologies for spelling Nikolai incorrectly, and also note that my name is spelled Hayden. Первым делом, прошу прощение за то, что я неправильно написал Николай, и прошу Вас заметить, что моя фамилия пишется «Гаиден». It is a long time since I had Nikolai's prototype in my hands, but I will describe the few faults as accurately as I can. Я долго не держу в руках Николаин прототип в руках, но постараюсь описать недостатки как возможно подробнее. 1) The Hand-rest was not in the quite the right place. The correct place is a little closer to the button arrays.
  4. I've wanted to go to the ACE since they first started, but as Jim points out, I won't be able to leave that early. You'd be most welcome anytime!
  5. 94 views and counting. Obviously there is some curiosity out there. PM me to let me know what y'all think. Too expensive? Too far? Too complicated? Too soon to tell?
  6. Jim is right in pointing out that this event will be of interest not only to Enflish system players. I addition toRussian players of Anglo and other systems concertinas, it will, I'm sure, be possible to get acquainted with some of the myriad rural Russian squeeze boxes, many of which are bisonoric. And songs. And possibly dances. Having been involved in a Russo-Scottish folk musicians' meet-up a good few years ago where I was the only interpreter I can assure you language will not be a problem!
  7. I am beginning to put together a plan for an East-West Squeeze-In where Russian and Western concertina players can meet and share experience, knowledge and tunes. This would be a weekend in September 2016 (over a year away), at a woodland resort/holiday camp near St Petersburg (Russia). The cost for accommodation, food and transfers (local airport to site and back), Friday evening to Monday morning, would be capped at USD 300 - you will have to pay your fares, pay for your visa and arrange your own transport to St Petersburg, Russia on top of that. Visa support will be provided (but be aware
  8. That Tedrow mini looks pretty cool. Does anyone have an audiosample of it being played? I'll see what I can do ...
  9. Seen this? http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=371342660088
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