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  1. bellowbelle

    WILDLY Off-topic - Gluing paper to card...

    I don't know if it's the best option, but I like to use Mod Podge decoupage as a glue. I like the Dishwasher Safe formula, and I think I once used it as a glue (instead of a surface coating) but diluted it with some water first. The other Mod Podge formulas are good, especially a dilution of the one intended for use on fabric (but on paper). Best applied with a small foam brush.
  2. bellowbelle

    Social Media Circles?

    I don't like much social media involvement. But I have a flickr photo site, and I joined 2 "groups" there: Concertina, Melodeon, and Accordion -- and The Art Of The Concertina. Of course, they are for photo sharing, though I see there is a link for discussions, too.
  3. bellowbelle


    Thinking of you all, kind of wish I were there too! Haven't been to NESI in a few years at least. Maybe the next one... Nice weather I think, this time. I am near Worcester MA but I think it's about the same weather today.
  4. bellowbelle

    Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

    Ha ha, I like that one! Steam punk Cheeseburger... Ha ha
  5. bellowbelle

    Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

    Caterpillar a.k.a. woolly bear. I have a photo I call 'Similarities in Nature' that is composed of my EC and a caterpillar. I don't think I can upload it right now, though I do have it at my website and here and there.
  6. bellowbelle

    Playing Gypsy Jazz On The Ec

    Nice! Got it
  7. Aha, yes... that clears up some of my question. Thanks. Thanks everyone for your answers! Edit added... Geoff, all of your reply is a very informative answer...but I just mean that that bit in particular was very helpful re my own questions while muddling through something. I made myself some 'crazy little charts' that at the moment I don't want to present or explain (will get to that someday), but they kind of have to do with playing intervals. Does involve patterns, in a way. As I go along, using my own charts, and trying to figure out what I want to say about them, I am coming up with all kinds of questions. Like the one which prompted this thread.
  8. I'm just curious about what other English concertina players do when it comes to playing in keys where your fingers could choose one of the two same-sounding notes, like C# or Db, G# or Ab, etc.. I was playing something in the key of C# this morning, a simple tune, and if I was 'correct' and strict about what note to play, I had to consciously be careful to choose a d# (d sharp) when I encountered that note. What my fingers naturally wanted to play was actually the eb (e flat). At least in this case. I know it doesn't really make a difference, as far as how it sounds. And I'm guessing that if I were playing something very classical or complex, I'd probably find it more normal to play 'correctly.' But, with a simple tune, I find that my fingers just want to balance the distribution of buttons between my left and my right hand. Any thoughts on this?
  9. I am no pro on this subject but I am reminded that Michael Turner's Waltz (The Sussex Waltz) is said to originate from Mozart: https://thesession.org/tunes/7077 It was the TOTM for May 2014 (tune of the month) here in that forum.
  10. bellowbelle

    New From Me - Raggedy Rompin'

    Aww, thanks! I'll still bother with the ABC and I can share that. I just don't want to keep up the home recording. For me, it's more trouble than it's worth!
  11. bellowbelle

    New From Me - Raggedy Rompin'

    Thanks. I first have to work out whatever I'm playing on just the concertina -- no foot bass. When I've played it so much I could probably play it in my sleep, then I add the foot bass. I love the foot bass now, but for a while there I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it. Now I wouldn't want to part with it! I will keep playing, of course -- it's just recording that's difficult. My recordings have never been the best anyway, and now I should update my recorder and software and so on...or just forget it. Leaning towards the just-forget-it. More time to read my books!
  12. bellowbelle

    New From Me - Raggedy Rompin'

    Raggedy Rompin' (at bandcamp) This may be the last one I bother to add...recording has gotten a bit difficult around here.
  13. bellowbelle

    Using 'p' (Parts) In Abc Code...or Not

    Ha, love that! Yeah, this cat refuses to come inside unless he absolutely must (like when it's really too cold). Then if I try to just ignore him when he wants to go out, he won't quit meowing. I have made numerous outdoor shelters...anyone interested, I'll tell you about my best results, with that -- but the problem with the shelters is that they attract other animals. One winter, I housed a 'possum for a while! Animal Control said that onions will keep away the possums but I don't think the cat likes onions, either!
  14. bellowbelle

    Using 'p' (Parts) In Abc Code...or Not

    Okay, here's the link to the audio at bandcamp: Paying No Mind This links to the ABC code (rtf file) Or better yet, here it is: X:2 T:Paying No Mind T:for English concertina & foot bass C:Wendy Stanford C:(Play chords above staves; chords below are extra info.) M:4/4 L:1/4 P:ABACADDBAE %%partsbox 1 K:G P:A "G"Gda'/>g'/=f'/>e'/|1d'G[d2b2d'2]:|2(d'G[db-d'-]"_Gadd9"[abd')]|] P:B "C""_C6"[c2-a2][c-g][c-a]|"_(M7)"[c-b][c-a][c2g2]|"F""_FM7"[=F2-e2-a2]"_(M9)"[F-e-g][Fea]|"_(b5)"[=Fb]ag"_F6add9"[de]| P:C |:"C"[G,2C2G2]cd|"_Cadd9"[D4G4C4d4]|[G,2C2G2]cd|1"_C6add9"[C4G4A4d4]:|2"_Cadd9"[C2-G2-d2-e2-][G,2C2G2d2e2]|] P:D "F""_F(b5)"[=f2-b2][f-a][f-b]|[f-d'][f-c'][f-b][fa]|[c2-=f2-b2][c-f-a][c-f-b]| [c-f-d'][c-f-c'][c-f-b][cfa]|:"C"[c2-a2][c-g][c-a]|[c2-e2-][G2c2e2]:| P:E "C""_C6"[c2-a2][c-g][c-a]|"_(M7)"[c-b][c-a][c2g2]|"F""_FM7"[=F2-e2-a2]"_(M9)"[F-e-g][Fea]| "_(b5)"[=F2b2]ag|"C"[C4-G4-e4-]|[C4G4e4]|] Hmm....I'm seeing red lines....don't know why.... I have this as a PDF too....same thing...so Here's the PDF So now I know more about using the P field in EasyABC....good! I'd say more about the tune right now but my eyes are slamming shut. Awake late because it's been so cold and the cat (kind of feral) keeps insisting on going outside and then I have to make sure he comes back in....so far, so good, but as soon as I close my eyes he'll meow....