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    In addition to Anglo , I also play old-time and minstrel style banjo with my wife who plays mountain and "bowed" dulcimer.
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    lyons, colorado usa

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  1. Well, Mark and Hilary were right on, it was the tuner. Someone had managed to get it up to 447! It didn't make sense to me that two tinas would go out exactly the same but I never thought to check the tuner. Thank You All so much, what a great community this is! Mark
  2. Good Day, has anyone experienced a change in pitch due to a fluctuation in temperature or humidity, could either of these cause a change? My wife and I sat down to play some tunes, after she had tund her stringed instrument with an electronic tuner, we noticed that the concertina was noticably flat across all notes. I got my other tina and noticed that it was also a bit flat. One of the instruments is new and the other is an older instrument. Over a 48 hour period we had a significant change in temp and humidity. Any thoughts? Thanks Mark
  3. Well my current situation is pretty pleasing to me. My wife plays mountain and "bowed" (yes bowed!) dulcimer and I clawhammer banjo and Anglo tina. We do a combination of Irish, Welsh, Scottish and traditional Southern Appalachian music. The tina and bowed dulcimer really go well togehter and the mtn dulcimer takes on a zouk like sound when she flat picks it! Mark
  4. If you decide on the Anglo I can recommend the CD ROM from Mad for Trad. It starts at very beginning and goes through advanced techniques with lots of tunes. Have fun! Mark
  5. You could drive up to Birmingham and check out Bob Tedrow's shop. He probably has some of his upgraded Stagis in addition to his own. You could see them in person and play before purchasing. Mark
  6. My new Tedrow arrived yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful. Burled maple ends with bushed brass buttons in mahogany casework, black bellows with matching papers. It sounds and plays as good as it looks. If you are in the Lyons, Colorado area and would like to check out one of Bob's instruments email me through c.net. Thanks Bob it is wonderful. Mark Per a request this a 30 button Anglo, C/G and the wood is very similar to the Hayden Duet on Bob's site.
  7. Terry Bingham's Traditional Irish Music From Doolin continues to be one of my favorites. Mark
  8. mark

    Lachanel Case

    I have an old Lachenal 20b and am looking for a wooden case in good condition. Anyone know where/how much I might find and expect to pay for one? Thank You Mark
  9. Would some of you Morris Dance folks be kind enough to recommend some recordings, preferably with Anglo? Thanks, Mark
  10. I started on a 20b Stagi that was so bad I would have to stop take it apart and un-stick a button before I could get through a tune. But it was enough that I was hooked. I, like tomlaw90, have to make myself QUIT rather than make myself practice. Mark
  11. I have owned a Tedrow for a couple of years now and have been very happy with it. Fast, loud and nice looking - burled maple with ebony trim. The only North American instrument I have had an opportunity to compare it with was an older Herrington which was heavier and slower. Bob is great to work with and will do what you want. Mark
  12. Is there any information available for constructing an Anglo from scratch? Thanks, Mark
  13. Congratulations Alex and Bob! Mark Willey
  14. Has anyone out there attended the Friday Harbor Irish Camp? Thanks, Mark
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