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  1. I would suggest holding it between both hands,if you keep both hands on one end you will have a lot of switching to do,and this may somewhat interfere with the timing of your set piece
  2. Hi,Last one went out today ,unrestored . Many thanks to all the well meaning folks who responded to my postings.The amount of humour at large in the honking world is unquantifiable,and my sides are still aching,as indeed is my brain ,from the endless stream of goodwill and mirth that poured forth.If I have offended anbody ,in any way,by being overtly politically correct,please accept my apologies,and,as many people may observe, from my sensitive approach to honking topics,it can be assumed,correctly,that I am a totally unopinionated,modest observer,speaking from the sideline,handsome,brave ,and gallant and waiting patiently for the learned observations that constantly enrich this forum,and my life. It was particularly pleasing to hear from Stephen Chambers,that grand old man of the concertina, who is the greatest living expert ,having selflessly devoted most of his life to research and propagating the instrument,in all its forms,and glory. He is pushing on in years,but ,apparently ,still has all his facultys ,and can still tell the difference between an anglo and an english,within minutes of taking it in his hand.Truly remarkable,undoubtedly his like will not be seen again,and long may he prosper. My final piece of advice to all you persistent posters ,if you have a good instrument and you are not making a go of it,so to speak,make it available to somebody who can play it.The gods of Honk will be pleased,and may well compensate you in your other leisure activites,and it makes cosmic sense!!
  3. Just a note saying the 38 key Jeffries only lasted an hour,bought unseen by somebody whose friend dealt with me before,having bought something similar,and the Lachenal piccollo has also gone today,to a repeat customer .I have also sold,provisionally, the 30 key rosewood Lachenal,pending satisfactory end product approval,after retune,etc. My only outstanding box is the 32 key,ebony ended, with 6 fold ,gold tooled bellows,which is ,at present,in unrestored condition,but still plays well in c/g, however ,this will probably be gone by the time you read this,as I seem to sell my boxes as fast as people get to know about them, probably due to the number of top players who have found what they wanted by contacting me.Bono ,being particularly difficult,still has not found what he is looking for,but, given time!!!! Anybody thinking of getting married over the holiday period, BEWARE,take time out ,and remember that a dog is for life,and not just for Christmas!! I normally charge for this type of profound advice,being a part time professional " viber",but given the time of year, out of the goodness of my heart ,and in the spirit of the season, no charge .P.S Donations can be sent,cash,by registered post,personal cheque accepted, ( do not use advise until cheque has cleared) ,or paypal,ticking box -goods-(refused due to advise taken!) Keep the faith, and have a good good honk,rather than a good wonk,over the holidays, you will not feel so tired ,and St Patrick may well stop crying !!:
  4. Yes ,Stephen,unfortunately my medication has run out,and my shrink is in therapy at present,so is unable to prescribe. Could you possibly lend me 14 of your capsules?,as they seemed to work well last time,and most my teeth have grown back ,maybe not all in their origional positions,but I am getting used to them,and no other side affects were noticed, however, my pet monkeys anglo playing sounds better,and I seem to be adapting slowly to his style,which is something south of Clare,in my opinion,and worth serious consideration The burned oil flavoured capsules were particularly appealing,and would be my first choice,but any antihonk slow release product would be most appreciated,this, hopefully would improve my overall demeanour at this trying time of year, and might even help me with my anglo lessons.I will return them when my man gets back his pad and biro.( he says bright coloured ones work best) Will be in sunny Mayo over the holiday,so can safely say,with all sincerity,-I have played for you at Knock- Ferry Merry Christmas
  5. Hi,a virtuoso squeezer wanted to buy my small 30 key rosewood Lachenal piccollo,which is being tuned for me at present,ready sometime late January/Feb. A very clean and dainty little instrument,about 5.25/50inches across,fine fretwork,undamaged,and hard to find .I will expect this to fetch more than a standard model. I found Greg Jowias a similar box last year,but they are quite scarce overall. I bought a fine ebony ended 32 key Lachenal last week.181---,lovely origional condition,with gold tooled bellows,nice fretwork,the baffles still there,and a lovely unusual uniform fretwork pattern on the top of both sides,on the woodwork,going through the wood completely,near the outside.Discreet,arty,and origional,and certainly adds to the overall appearance of the box.The handstraps have Lachenal&Co,in gold tooling,and overall a very pleasant box in concert c/g,but has not been played for along time ,so needs repadding etc.,highly responsive,and will be a belter after the small amount of work is completed.I also have a nice rosewood 30 key,which should be ready in February,and a cracking 38 key Jeffries,available early Feb.I was thinking of taking up the anglo,but I am not gay,and I have been told that this condition/lifestyle is more or less a prerequisite to be a successful virtoustic performer.Maybe I could start off by either learning the basic scales,or maybe by having some of the bones removed from my wrist,but I am unsure as to which task to perform first.Perhaps then I might stand a slim sporting chance of mastering the instrument,and joining the club ,so to speak.Was Mrs Crotty the last real genuine female player?,apparently there is one more out there somewhere amongst the borderline cases,but I cannot vouch for this personally,as it is only hearsay,at this point in time,but hopefully somebody may discover,one day, if one actually exhists for real,and let us know,as it would be a great boost to humanity,in general,if such a person exhisted,and perhaps start a new trend,with maybe a second,and, dare I say ,a third woman converting to the instrument in all its glory. Happy Honking
  6. It is rumoured that he was a travelling shoe-shine boy,who worked outside the Durkin Daenuts shop in Aberdeen.He carried his wares,it is said,in an old Edeophone case.This is supposed to have inspired Cliff ,when he sung Travelling Light,after obtaining a good shine administered by the obliging Moresheen. Hope this helps
  7. If unsure,it is advisable to have a brain sample taken,(do not do this at home),and use a wood of a similar density,depending on availability, to that which shows up in the sample. Best leave the matching of the wood until the next day,let things settle,so to speak.By the way,I will have a few top quality rosewood ended Lachenals,a 30 key,and a 32 key,both completely rebuilt, by A .Norman ,both c/g and available sometime in the new year. A good metal ended will be available in about 10 days,again completely rebuilt,with new Norman bellows.Offers ,if you like,but these do not hang around very long.Meanwhile ,all you squeezers,compress as much hot air as your instrument allows,and put it away in a safe place,just in case you are ever hitching,and you get a lift in a Canadian sub,especially if it has a 1955 English reg. Regards to all ,rich and poor alike,but especially rich and leaning towards the concertina,if even from the floor of your padded cell.
  8. a fine 30 key Wheatstone,no30422, lot 75,is coming up for auction in England on 2nd April,also miniature Wheatstone 12 key. The email of the auctioneer is auctions@gardiner-houlgate.co.uk.Good luck tel no. is 0044-1225-812912
  9. I have just found a lovely small Lachenal piccolo concertina,with rosewood ends 26keys, and 6 fold green bellows. It seems to be constructed to a higher than normal standard,and comes with a lovely rosewood/dark mahogany case.Andrew Norman had a look at it and tells me it is in ab/eb or thereabouts,and would,when tuned,make a very nice punchy box,which,using irish fingering,would play in Bb. .This would be a very interesting combination with flat pipes.It would also make a nice g/d box.It will cost me about £200/220 to have restored to peak condition.I also have a 30 key c/g Salvation Army Lachenal being tuned at present,these are always cracking boxes,although the fretwork is quite plain on them,so he must have had a soft spot for the SallyAnne.Both boxes will be for sale ,at the going rate,in the near future,and any enquiries are most welcome.
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