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  1. Hi Steve, I've just stumbled over your offer, and it sounds like a really interesting instrument. Could you please give me some more information, some pics of course would be great. Cheers Claus
  2. Oh dear, I'd love to buy this little darling! But I couldn't stand the thought of the German customs tearing it apart ... Cheers Claus PS: If anybody knows of some other less dangerous Mini thats up for sale ... please drop me a line, will you?
  3. Received my copy yesterday (PayPal worked out nicely), have listened to it several times now ... great, great stuff indeed! A real joy to listen to this inspired playing! If you don't have a copy yet, get one, you won't regret it!
  4. Now does that sound interesting - or what! Please let us know about your progress! Claus (in a rather midi mood )
  5. "Mouthbox" by James Conway is great stuff on the harmonica too. You can contact James here: harp3333@hotmail.com Cheers Claus
  6. Excellent advice indeed, Jim, it surely helped to keep my nasty tendon problems at bay. Thanks a lot ! Claus (So not only your jokes are first class...)
  7. Happy Birthday, dear Helen! Keep up the good work as founding member of the "Shepherds' Support Group" Cheers Claus
  8. Come on, Helen, I'd never ever let a founding member of the "Shepherds' Support Group" down, trust me . So check your mail and enjoy! Cheers Claus
  9. Thanks to Jim for mailing me the joke. So I've found my peace at last. But sorry, Jim, there might be a few requests more for the joke now - off the board of course ... (Come on, people, this is family entertainment here! ) Claus (big, big grin)
  10. AAAHHH!!! That poor Concertina! But nevertheless - a very Happy New Year everybody! Claus
  11. Great idea, Helen. How about singing and playing "Shepherds Arise" in the meantime - to raise the spirit. So come on folks, join us - or give us the joke ! Claus (proud member of the "shepherds' support group" )
  12. The postcard simply said "master from the 15th century". A humorous master he must have been . Claus
  13. Ok, he's not trying out the concertina - yet. But isn't this little Jesus with his musical interest too sweet anyway? Merry Christmas! Claus
  14. A very Merry Xmas to all of you! It's been my first year playing the concertina again after a long, long break, and you've been a great help and inspiration - thanks! Season's greetings Claus
  15. Ok, Jim, so here's an urgent reason to be back soon, right? Hey, it's Christmas time, and all I can think about, when hearing "shepherds" is "what's the bloody joke" ... Claus
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