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  1. I own and play a 48 key R.Carr Anglo.I was told by Tommy Williams in the 1970's that Carr worked for Jefferies and "acquired" parts for his own use,including reeds!Tommy also said he "acquired" parts from Lachenals.This information is born out by my concertina which appears to have a mix of Jefferies and Lachenal reeds and Jefferies rivetted and Lachenal hook action levers.I will try to post a photograph of the instrument.
  2. I have a 39 Key C/G Suttner with metal ends I may be prepared to sell.I am currently in Ireland( (Westmeath)Ring me on 07850475067(English number) if interested.Advertised it on this site some months ago.
  3. With raised nickel silver ends and seven fold bellows. I would want any would be purchaser to examine and play the instrument, so it only available to persons in the United Kingdom. However I am in Ireland(Westmeath & Clare) every fortnight so it could be seen there. In perfect playing order. Great action and sound, as are all Suttner concertinas. It was purchased by me new in 2008, so I am the only owner. £5000(Stirling).If you wish to see a fingering chart send me your email address via a PM. It's as per the layout shown on Jurgen's website. I am selling as I have far to many concertinas! If sold the usual donation will be made to the site.
  4. I have a 56 Key metal ended Tenor Treble Aeola if your were interested no 36613.In fine condition.
  5. Some more Jack Easy photographs. He was a great friend of my concertina playing pal from Haydock, Lancashire, Harry Hatton and I met him a few times.
  6. For sale to purchasers in the UK or Ireland(I can deliver to Ireland) In perfect playing order. Modern pitch. Steel reeds in aluminium shoes. Eight fold bellows. In Wheatstone case. All in in good condition.£3000( stirling ).No offers
  7. Great tunes. I have circulated them amongst my musical friends including Roger Digby.
  8. I visited Toni & Tina in the early 1970's after they had retired and have a few of their publicity photographs. I lnow live near Sheffield and Findon Street is not far from my home and I regularly pass it. Before they performed as "Toni & Tina" they were "The Concercordians" lead by father Potts. The finale of the act of Toni & Tina was to come onto the stage from opposite ends playing the "Bells of St Marys" on 3/4 size concertina with fairy lights inside the fretwork powered by batteries so the wires went up their sleeves and were secreted in their costumes.
  9. I have a number of photographs of Jim Harvey,which on did you want? I knew JIm fairly well as he was a great friend of Harry Hatton of Haydock,with whom I played the English concertina for many years before concentrating on the Anglo.Jim sourced my first 40 Key Wheatstone owned by Eric Holland of Swanage.I am in Ireland until the middle of June so cannot access my photographs at the moment.
  10. We are both very old Stephen!
  11. Tom Dukes was a great friend of Harry Hatton of Haydock,Lancashire a great concertina enthusiast and member of the ICA.I played with Harry Hatton( and with others) on weekly basis at his home and in local pubs for many years.I was then mainly an English player.Tom Dukes when I knew him was living in Wrexham and visited Harry Hatton regularly and gave me informal lessons.I think he had been a member of the Kensington Concertina Orchestra.I have photographs of him which I will try to post.I also think I may have some arrangements by him.
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