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  1. They should have bought the 8 sided Wheatstone Mini thats on e-bay at the moment, £200 more but a much better instrument.
  2. It is German, see new internal pics.
  3. The John Lewis store in Leicester. (nice fretwork!)
  4. The 'Rosewood' is wearing off and as for the hand coloured bellows papers
  5. All the papers sold by David Leese are printed litho with proper printing inks and not digitally printed. There are about six different golds in the pantone ink range. What is the true gold that you print your papers in? Originally bellows papers would have been printed letterpress from engraved plates. When I was an apprentice compositor in the 60's, this would have been possible but most letterpress printers have now been replaced by lithographic printers who, however, still use the same basic inks as in letterpress days.
  6. Here is a picture of a Dipper Franglo (right hand side) I took at Mark Davies's music weekend three years ago.
  7. A far more sensible arrangement for double reeds than the Lachenals I've seen, and much more tuner friendly I would imagine. Mike, is this a standard size body, 6 1/4" across the flats? Also wondering how yours is tuned; dry or tremolo? When I first got the concertina I think it was 'mussette' tuned and sounded too much like a melodeon, it has been re-tuned to a much dryer sound. It has eight fold bellows and is 7" across the flats No. 32389.
  8. I have a twin reeded Wheatstone 20 button Linota, the two reeds per note are in seperate chambers with one button operating a double pad on each lever.
  9. I thought the Largest Concertina in the world was made for the Brothers Webb by George Jones. The concertina is seen here with Arthur Jones, second son of George Jones on the factory roof of 350 Commercial Road.
  10. Will it fit your boot (trunk), I took this picture at Witney in 2007.
  11. If it was a Jeffries it would have C.JEFFRIES MAKER stamped into the wood on a side. The seller said he couldn't see any brandings on it, making it an early Crabb.
  12. The clue is in the ebay description. I read that but can find no reference to the maker? I meant apart from in the description of course The Cenal & Co. of course.
  13. Keith Kendrick plays both Anglo and English concertinas in his performances. Mike
  14. Hi, The extra holes drilled in the fretted ends would put me off. Mike
  15. My 30 button Lachenal Anglo with steel reeds in steel reedframes is No. 189667.
  16. Looks like a Nickolds with those half pillars.
  17. A very enjoyable weekend with good music sessions at The Royal, singing in The Horns, a ceilidh in the Village Hall and some excellent talks at the farm. The weather was so hot I felt like removing my clothes A very well organised event. Thanks again Mark.
  18. Here is a Crabb C/G Anglo concertina No. 18590 which the G/A buttons linked. It only uses two reeds instead of four and both reeds sound the same when either button is pressed.
  19. Here are a couple of pictures of my set of travelling tuning bellows. This set has four reed holders and a place on the right hand side where reeds can be filed.
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